Bigg Boss 11 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas wins secret task and arranges party for inmates only on

Day 89
Inmates wake up to song lat lag gayi. They all dance and enjoy. Puneesh, Aakash and Shilpa laugh. Puneesh says we are mental.

Hina says now I understand this show, how to play. Luv says we gave our wins to Vikas, he was called mastermind because we gave him chances. Hina says in barn task, he started beating, in egg task he jumped, he becomes giant mental, crazy person in task, Shilpa talks against him too. Luv says picture is bigger than that.

Vikas is in confession room, Bigg boss says you all must want to celebrate new year, so you have to plan a party, a big party but this is your secret task so no one should know about it, you have to plan it, you will be given a phone and BB’s number is stored in it, you will be given calls
and you will be given challenges, you have to fulfill all challenges secretly, you will win things for party by doing challenges so you have to do challenges in order to win food, decorations and other stuff for party. He asks Vikas to read instructions to others.

Vikas comes in house. Vikas reads instructions, Hina’s time for captaincy has ended and since Shilpa, Hina and Luv got most points in relatives’ task so all the three of them will run the house and make sure rules are maintained.

Vikas is hiding phone in his pocket. He gets call from Bigg boss, Bigg boss says soon we will ask inmates to choose who they want to send to jail, you have to make sure that Aakash doesnt go to jail, this is your secret task and inmates shouldnt know your intentions, if you succeed in this challenge, then you will win food for party.

Bigg boss asks inmates to choose who they want to send to jail. Luv says Aakash kept sleeping in task, Vikas says but he did task very nicely, thats why he is not nominated. Aakash says but I didnt even count time in dome task but I won. Vikas says we can choose someone else, Luv says Aakash breaks most rules. Vikas says Priyank, Puneesh or Luv can go. Puneesh says this is not holiday. Vikas says Aakash wont go everytime. Aakash says Priyank, Luv doesnt do house work too, I dot it. Priyank says but you do it at your will and time, you dont listen to anyone. Vikas says Aakash becomes a little more crazy in jail so I thought to not take his name, it didnt affect him much when we sent him last 7 times so send someone else.
Aakash says to camera that I said to inmates that they can meet their families so I broke the rules and slept so they can win and meet their families. aakash says to Vikas that dont fight with them, I am okay to go to jail, I will have exit from jail too. Hina says Vikas you want Priyank to go to jail? Vikas says I think someone else can go this time instead of Aakash.

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Puneesh says to Aakash that Vikas wants to send Priyank to go to jail because he wants Priyank to get footage, he doesnt want you to get footage, thats why he is taking Priyank’s name.
Luv says to Hina that Vikas doesnt want to give footage to Aakash. Hina says all this ruckus for that?
Vikas comes to Puneesh and says just listen to me once, dont send Aakash to jail, Puneesh says then go to jail, Vikas says yes give my name, I am ready to go. He leaves. Hina says why should we listen to Vikas?

Vikas comes to Aakash and says bad image goes out when you go to jail so many times, just listen to me and tell inmates that you dont want to go jail and you will try to change as a person.

aakash comes to inmates and says I dont want to go to jail, my mom came and cried so please dont send me to jail, all yawn.

Aakash acts like crying and says dont send me to jail, Puneesh says you will become bigger gangster.

Vikas says to Luv that when Aakash goes to jail, he goes crazy and you know what image of his goes out of house. Luv says yes and competition is between me and Priyank, Aakash is not nominated so he doesnt need attention. Vikas says yes you people should take risk and be bigger person. Vikas asks Puneesh to give reason to send Luv to jail, Puneesh says sorry no reason. Puneesh says this is Bigg boss show, not Vikas Gupta show, make your show outside.

Aakash says to Hina that I dont want to go to jail.

Bigg boss asks inmates who they want to send to jail? most give Aakash’s name. Shilpa says we have chosen Aakash to send to jail, he breaks rules, doesnt listen to anyone. Vikas is sad hearing it. Bigg boss says Aakash will be locked in jail till next order. Vikas makes grumpy face. Puneesh asks Aakash to get his jail backbag. Shilpa says doctor is coming to check Vikas, his heart is melting. Vikas says I tried to do something different. Puneesh says you wanted to show you are top 4th, Vikas says I just tried to reason, I didnt want to send Priyank to jail, I didnt take his name. Puneesh says what can I say, you giyrs are still fighting but friends too, dont know what to make of it. Vikas says you guys are mean and selfish. Puneesh says you were not selfish to not send Aakash to jail? Vikas says I was ready to go to jail. Vikas says I didnt take Priyank’s name. Puneesh says you took his name. Vikas says Puneesh you are playing dirty game, trying to make Priyank fight with me. Puneesh says Vikas dont play if you dont want to, go home. Vikas says I am not going home, we will see who goes. Puneesh says we will see how egoistic people leave. Vikas says I dont fight, Puneesh says you keep saying that others will leave, Vikas says you asked me to leave house, Puneesh says you are egoistic.

Aakash says to Vikas that you are very smart, you took my side and you would look like gangster.
Puneesh says Vikas doesnt have any guts. Puneesh comes to Vikas and Aakash near jail. Aakash says I am setting jail. Puneesh comes there and says Vikas is coward. Vikas hugs him and kisses him, Puneesh says dont touch me, Vikas says I can slap you too, Puneesh gets angry and says move your hand away from me, Hian comes there and says Vikas dont do it if he doesnt like it. Vikas moves away and says I dont want to fight, Puneesh says I dont like it, Vikas says dont fight, Puneesh laughs and jumps on him, he hugs vikas.

Vikas gets Bigg boss’s call, Bigg boss says you failed in first challenge, in next challenge you have to make someone cry and if you succeed in challenge then you will win music for party. Viaks ends call and says its difficult.

Vikas says to Luv that you are a good actor? Luv says I am a good actor, Vikas says can you cry for acting? Luv says I can get tears in eyes but I cant spill them. Vikas asks Hina if she can get emotional and bring tears out? she nods, Vikas says lets all try. Hina gets emotional, Vikas acts like crying, Hina says I cant cry seeing you Vikas. Hina gets emotional, she gets tears in her eyes, Vikas says I am impressed, Hina says it was fake crying. Vikas asks Luv to think of memory and then get emotional. Luv gets emotional and tear falls from his eyes, Puneesh asks why he is crying? Vikas says we were exercising as actors.

Vikas silently requests Bigg boss to give him another chance to win food, its important in party. Bigg boss calls him and says your next challenge is to put blame of stealing on someone and you want to win food again? so if you fulfill this challenge then you will have option to win food or decoration for party. Vikas says okay and ends call.

Puneesh says Vikas has so much ego saying that we will see who goes out first.

Vikas takes out coffees from his and Priyank’s jar and puts it in Aakash’s jar and hides it in his drawer.
Vikas comes to kitchen and asks Luv if he can give him coffee from his jar? Luv opens Vikas’s drawer and says your jar is empty, Vikas says what? it was full. Luv says its empty now. Vikas says who stole it? Luv checks Priyank’s drawer and says his jar is empty too. Vikas says Priyank someone stole your coffee too. Priyank says I dont know.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that why Vikas is making issue of a coffee. Shilpa says who could steal it? Puneesh says he must have drank it, everyone has coffee,nobody would steal it.

Vikas says lets check drawers, Vikas opens Aakash’s drawer and shows that his coffee was hidden in Aakash’s drawer. Puneesh says Aakash stole coffee and you wanted him to not go to jail?
Priyank comes to Aakash and says you stole our coffee? Aakash says no, I keep my coffee in open, Priyank says swear on your mother that you didnt steal it? Aakash says I didnt steal it, swear on my mom and grandma.
Luv says Aakash swore that he didnt steal it, Vikas says he can say anything but we all saw he stole it, Hina says someone else might have done it, Vikas says why would they do it? Shilpa says this is weird.

Vikas comes to camera and says I am sorry Aakash and his mom, I had to do it.

Bigg boss calls Vikas and says you won this challenge, what you want food or decorations? Vikas says food. Bigg boss says your next challenge is that you have to fight with someone and then angrily throw that person’s three clothes in pool, if you succeed in this challenge then you will win appy fizz.

Vikas says to Priyank that I think you are not playing game nicely. Priyank laughs and says why game came out all of a sudden? Vikas says I am trying to talk to you and you are laughing? you think you know it all?
Hina and Luv hears Vikas fighting and says show is there. They come there.
Vikas says to Priyank that you keep thinking that everything is funny? Priyank says you deliberately want to fight? Vikas says you are trying to fight. Puneesh says Vikas you deliberately create fights. Vikas says Puneesh why you are provoking Priyank? Puneesh says Vikas you have started your show. Vikas says to Puneesh that dont mess with him, he will get angry and do something bad. Puneesh says now real vikas is coming out. Vikas says I dont want to talk, he walks away. Priyank says he is doing drama. Puneesh says this is reality show in a reality show.

Vikas comes to bedroom and says I cant fake cry like Hina. Vikas acts like crying.
Puneesh says to Priyank that Vikas is acting now. Shilpa says go and see, why he is crying? Puneesh comes to Vikas and says why you are crying? Vikas says you all say anything. Puneesh says you dont have one tear.
Priyank says to inmates that Vikas is doing to fake acting. Hina says what the hell is Vikas doing?
Vikas says to Shilpa that they dont respect me, I was talking to Priyank and he was making fun of me. Vikas acts like crying and says this Puneesh is saying rubbish about. Puneesh says you are looking very fake while crying. Shilpa says no this is not fake. Puneesh says this is fake, beat us and throw us out. Vikas says I dont want to cry, Puneesh says you are a cry baby. Vikas takes Puneesh’s clothes and leaves. He throws Puneesh’s clothes in pool. Puneesh laughs and says now you fine?

Vikas makes funny face in camera.

Puneesh pulls out his clothes from pool. Puneesh says to Vikas that now you are not angry? vikas says I was angry that time.
Shilpa says to Aakash that I dont know who is doing what here, who is fake and who is real.
Luv says Vikas played reverse psychology, he sent Aakash to jail and got footage for him.

Aakash is shouting from jail that Shilpa you are flip. Puneesh says Aakash is doing all this thinking vikas is getting more footage. Puneesh says Vikas you are great, Vikas asks him to not mess with him, I fold my hands. Puneesh says I touch your feet. Aakash shouts from jail that Puneesh why you are touching Vikas’s feet? Shilpa says now Puneesh is in top 4 and Aakash you are not. Puneesh says I went to mount Everest and put hair band there. Aakash says Vikas did big drama here but Puneesh why did you touch this feet? Puneesh says to do bigger drama, all laugh.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its christmas time but you people still fought, you people put blame of stealing and throwing clothes in pool.. but congrats Vikas you won three challenges out of four for party. Bigg boss says to inmates that we gave secret task to Vikas and he won three challenges so they will enjoy party tonight, he asks Vikas to send phone to store room, all are stunned, Bigg boss says Aakash is out of jail now. Vikas says sorry to Aakash, Aakash jumps on him.

Inmates get ready. Song Aavayin Aavayin plays. All inmates come in gaden and dance to it. Hina is sitting in lounge and watching them. Vikas runs behind Shilpa. They all dance. Aakash brings Hina out of lounge too,they all dance and enjoy. Shilpa thanks Bigg boss. Hina says happy new year, I miss you Ro. She sadly sits in corner.

Puneesh says to Aakash that I am scared of going out. Aakash says I am happy here, I feel safe here. Aakash says I am fine here, I am happy here, I dont have enemies here, Puneesh says yes do anything here, tease anyone here and nothing would happen. Aakash says I am scared of what we will do outside, I am okay with no smoking and alcohol here, first time in life I am happy, dont know what will happen. Puneesh says me too, like how will be the reaction. Aakash says we are celebrating new year here so I have no problems.

PRECAP- Relatives that came in house comes on stage. Salman welcomes them. Relatives will ask questions from inmates.
Aakash’s mom says to Puneesh that he gave up his hair for you and you spit at him, throw slippers at him, how are you a friend? Puneesh says you will see my friendship when time comes,he is my best friend. Rocky says Vikas you said that you did everything for camera. Vikas says it looks like that she acts for camera and does things for camera only.
Bandagi says to Hina that you have commented on Puneesh’s looks and face. Hina says I never commented on looks. Salman says you keep changing statements Hina. Hina says I dont want to talk about it now.
Priyank or Luv will leave be eliminated in weekend ka vaar.


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