Bigg Boss 11 29th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 29th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Shilpa’s team wins task only on

Day 58
Hiten says I am going mad, he wears shorts, his legs are cleaned and shaved,all hoot. Priyank says what legs. Hina shows her legs.
Puneesh says Hiten must be angry.
Aakash touches Hiten’s legs.

Hina asks Luv to take Puneesh’s trimmer.
Luv comes to Priyank and says we have to hide Puneesh’s trimmer. They come in luggage area and hides Puneesh’s trimmer in their shoes.

Day 59
Inmates wake up to prem ki nayya.. they all dance and enjoy.
Shilpa pours eye drops in Vikas’s eyes.

Hina says to Aakash that they have hidden things for task, its just one hour, we can bear it. Aakash says I will vomit everythin. Hina says they can chop my hair and I want it.

says Shilpa to not play like them, Vikas asks Bandagi to not fight with Luv alot,make them scared, show them things but dont use it. Vikas says dont use spice. Bandagi says I will use it but I will not put in eyes.

Aakash bleaches his whole legs, Hina says he is scared of waxing so much that he is bleaching, Aakash bleaches his stomach and chest too.

Puneesh says someone took my trimmer, this is personal thing and I will bring things out too. He shows Luv that his trimmer is missing. Bandagi see Hina’s makeup, Hina says you can takeit and throw it, it will show what you can do. Hiten asks Hina if they took Puneesh’s trimmer? Hina says we didnt take it.
Priyank says to Luv that this would happen. Hiten says to inmates that you took my trimmer too, if you people took it then give me back, I want it back, eh says to Priyank that if you took it then give it back otherwise there will be fight. Vikas checks shoes and finds trimmers there. He gives Hiten and Puneesh their trimmers. Aakash says I didnt do it. Hiten shouts on Luv how dare you put hand in my bag? I was not here. Hiten says I kept in my bag, how dare you touch my bag? dont talk to me, he pushes Luv away. vikas asks Luv to move away. Hian asks Bandagi to throw her makeup, Bandagi throws it inbasket. Hiten shouts on Luv to not touch my things,it was wrong. Arshi says dont scold us. Hiten says I didnt touch anyone’s things, he asks Hina why you people are not stopping them for touching things. Hina says Bandagi is throwing my things too, I didnt know they touched your things.

Aakash says to Arshi that Hiten can do anything. Hiten says I wont do anything. Aakash hugs him. Hiten says so much love before task? I will show love in task. Aakash I bleached my whole body. Vikas asks Hiten to not say a word. Aakash keeps hugging Hiten and says my bums burned with bleach, they all laughs. Hiten says to Aakash that dont mess with fire, water and tejwani, you took it. Bandagi brings scissor and says Arshi you didnt hide it? I will just cut ponytail. Hina says do it.Puneesh taunts that call Hina madam only.

Vikas says to Hina and Priyank that they wont plan worst things, Hina says I have lungs problem. Arshi says to Vikas that they cant use scissor, we didnt use it. Vikas says you people used it on Shilpa,Hina says it was just a strand.

Task starts. Bandagi says our first target is Arshi. Arshi lies on plank and says I did wrong with her so she has right to wrong with me. Vikas says why they have brought veet cream? Arshi says use it but not on my face, Puneesh says no, they did everything with me. Vikas says to Arshi that get down if you want Arshi. Bandagi says I will cut hair and do everything. Buzzer plays, task starts. Bandagi brings scissor. Aakash and Luv starts running boat, Aakash says I am scared. Vikas says to Bandagi that you cant cut her hair, Priyank says girl’s hair wont be cut. Vikas says dont do it. Arshi gets angry and rings bell, she gets down from plank and says vikas I wont spare you now, Vikas you are not going to be saved. Bandagi calls Aakash and straps him to plank. Aakash lies down, Hina and Luv runs boat. Bandagi, Shilpa and Hiten applies wax on his body, Bandagi uses yesterday’s strips and puts one strip on his head too. Hiten waxes his leg. Puneesh makes him eat garlic, Aakash coughs. Shilpa shows old strip to Aakash and says these are Puneesh’s hair, we will use it now. Arshi says Aakash we have to go for captaincy so stay strong. Puneesh applies garlic on his face, he says dont put in eyes. Hina says to Luv that we dont give up. Arshi says this didnt happen before, this is cheapness. Priyank asks her to not say all this, Arshi says I will save people who saved me. Shilpa makes aakash eat garlic, he asks her to not put in my eyes, Shilpa says it happened with me too,Aakash says I will vomit on your face Shilpa.Shilpa forcefully makes him eat and says if you have guts then spit on my face, Priyank says you cant hold Shilpa’s hands Aakash. Shilpa forces garlic in his face. Priyank brings water, Bandagi says we didnt get water. Hina says you gave water to Puneesh. Aakash is screaming in pain, Puneesh says this is too much, Aakash get up. Shilpa says we are not doing anything, Bandagi says they are mean. Hina says you people are doing everything, we didnt do anything. Puneesh says Hina I will apply wax on your face. Aakash says Shilpa is worst woman. Vikas asks him to get up from plank. Aakash looks at his face in mirror and says seems like I have botoxed my face, its not Shilpa’s fault. Buzzer plays, Aakash gets up, all clap, Aakash says I want captaincy, his eyes are not opening, Arshi asks him to go to washroom, he leaves. Shilpa says to Vikas that I was making him eat garlic not put in his eyes but he moved too much. Aakash goes in washroom and says to Hina that you wanted this. Hina cries seeing his state. Bandagi says their friends were asking Aakash to not get up from plank.

Luv lies on plank. Arshi and Hina are running boat, Hina says I was sad to see Aakash’s eyes. Luv lies on plank and puts hoodie on his head, Puneesh says you cant do it. Puneesh bring trimmer and says you cut my hair without any thought too. He attacks him with trimmer. Bandagi applies wax on his tummy and waxes it, he cries.
Aakash sings bigg boss song in camera while his eyes are not opening much.
Puneesh trims more hair of Luv. Aakash comes there and says I want to go to doctor, Shilpa’s nails did it. Shilpa says you were moving a lot.Aakash says you are very nice. Puneesh trims Luv’s more and more, Luv moves and tries to shove him. Hiten tickles Luv. Lu says I wont spare you, Puneesh keeps trimming his hair and says shout more, more.. Luv screams. Hiten asks Puneesh to stop it but Puneesh goes on. Arshi says we will Aakash what Puneesh and Bandagi are doing. Luv asks Puneesh to trim more, more.. Puneehs says let me do it, Luv keeps hand on his hair, Puneesh says you are threatening me? Luv says yes, he shouts at Puneesh, Puneesh attacks him with trimmer. Hina says how Puneesh is attacking him. Hina asks Luv to not get down from plank. Aakash asks Hina to make him contender for captaincy, she nods. Aakash says I cant do more than this.

Luv is still on plank, Bandagi is tickling him.
Arshi says to Aakash that I wont spare them, dont forgive them. Aakash says I wont listen to anyone.
Bandagi brings scissor and says let me cut your hair, for once. Luv says you people are devils. Bandagi says you were.
Hina says to Arshi that if they cut my hair then I will feel really bad, I am growing them for one year but I wont get down from plank.
Bandagi applies crams on Luv’s hair and face. Luv sits on plank and says what is it? Hina says its nothing. Buzzer plays and Luv has passed task.

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Hina lies on plank. Bandagi asks if I should cut your hair? Shilpa applies wax on her face. Bandagi says you did a lot with me. Hina throws away waxing strips. Bandagi says you made me cry blood tears. Hina says look at Aakash’s face, Bandagi says I want to see your face. Bandagi applies used waxing strips on her face. Hina says in next task, you wont be saved. Bandagi brings scissor, Hina says she cant cut it. Bandagi cuts her small strand. Hina says if you have guts then cut all hair, one girl is cutting hair of other girl. Bandagi says one girl can apply spice, potty, *** on other girl’s face? Hina says do it, I am not crying like you. Bandagi cuts small strands. Hiten says dont do it, Hina says whole India should see what she is doing, I cut my hair, didt cut her hair. Bandagi says are you crying? Arshi asks Bandagi to cut her hair. Vikas asks Bandagi to not do what they did. Bandagi says she applied ******* in my eyes but I didnt. Puneesh says you just lie here on plank, Hina says you are scared? Puneesh says oh too scared. Hina says I am rough and tough, daddy strong girl. Bandagi shows spice and says you made me cry too. Arshi says you keep repeating it. Puneesh says Arshi why did you runaway? Hina says to Vikas that you let her cut my hair, Vikas says you allowed your team to cut Shilpa’s strands too. Hina says she cut a lot of my hair. Arshi says I wont spare Bandagi. Luv says I wont spare Puneesh, you wont be able to save Bandagi, Puneesh says come on, get ready, I will handle you. Arshi says Sapna left because of Puneesh but I curse Puneesh to cry tears here.

Bandagi applies cream on Hina’s hair, she says there are split ends, should I cut it? Hina says you handle your curls. Bandagi says just be silent, you are my spa, I am massaging your hair. Hina says I am loving it. Bandagi tickles her face with her hair. Luv says to Puneesh that you are teethed wolf, Arshi laughs. Shilpa mops whole house and brings it to garden. Bandagi blows air on Hina’s face, Hina says bad breath. Vikas sees Shilpa with mop and says psycho alert. Bandagi throws insects on Hina, Hina throws on Shilpa. Shilpa asks her to relax. Shilpa throws waxin strip at her, Hina says you do this outside too. Buzzer plays and Hina has passed task too. Bigg boss says to inmates that task between hobbits and humans are done, both team’s three-three participants remained in task till the buzzer played and won their rounds so its tie and winning team will be decided on the timing of fourth teammate who got down from plank, the team whose player remained on plank more than the other one will win. Arshi and Bandagi got from planks. Bigg boss says Arshi got up within 5 minutes while Bandagi remained on plank more than 30minutes and then got defeated so Shilpa, Bandagi, Puneesh and Hiten’s team won the task. Puneesh says to Aakash now become captain. Bandagi dances and enjoys their win. Shilpa thanks bigg boss.

PRECAP- Bigg boss asks inmates to choose two inmates who will to go to jail for bad performance. Hiten and Aakash says its Bandagi and Puneesh. Bandagi says we will not go, Arshi, Hina and Luv should go. Aakash says Puneesh is Om Swami(last seasons swami) of house. Puneesh says you are Om Swami. Aakash shouts that they threw things in my eyes. Puneesh shouts at him. Aakash says he is spitting on my face. Puneesh says I will beat you. Aakash says beat me if you cant.
Bandagi says even if announcement is done for me to go to jail even then I wont go, they cant put me in jail. Puneesh says I will crack open heads if they put me in jail.


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