Bigg Boss 11 29th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 29th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jyoti is eliminated only on

Elimination Day
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone to Bigg boss. Salman says people have asked some question and we will talk about them. He calls devil. He says first question is that if they send hair dressers in house? and how do they wax in house? Salman says let me show you how they do it. Salman takes waxing strip and waxes his hand, he says ladies in house help each other with waxing, Salman says next question is that how inmates wash clothes, he says there is washing area in house, Salman says next question why India have so much population? so solution is bigg boss house as you have to control emotions in infront of camera. Salman says lets see whats happening in house.

In house, Hiten and Hina talks, Hina says Arshi uses too much mind, Hiten says all are playing.


says that whole India should understand her issue.
Mehjabi says to Puneesh that Sapna sleeps whole day then wake up for sometime. Vikas says Sapna acts like she doesnt care about show and public but she uses language that public like my mom will like, she is doing everything for public, give her time and everyone will understand her game, be careful of her.

Salman says there was task this week in which Blue team won so Bigg boss asked them to choose three contenders for captaincy from blue team. Lets see what happened.

In house, Bigg boss asks inmates to choose three inmates from blue team and Luv whom they want to make captain, they cant choose Vikas, they have to choose three contenders mutually. Sapna says I will choose Luv, Jyoti and Bandagi. Shilpa says we can choose Luv, Hina says I dont choose Aakash as captain, its my vote so I wont give him. Inmates choose Luv, Sapna says Bandagi did task nicely. Mehjabi asks Hina to give chance to Aakash, Hina says you vote for him but dont ask me. Arshi says I vote for Bandagi, Aakash and Jyoti, Aakash chooses Bandagi, Arshi and Puneesh. Ben chooses Bandagi, Sapna and Jyoti. Vikas and Sabya chooses Luv, Jyoti and Bandagi. Hina says Bandagi and Luv are confirmed? Aakash says I got votes too, Hina says Jyoti got votes too, Aakash says I got 5 votes. Vikas says Jyoti got more.

Hina says to Vikas that you are very clever, I dont care who become captain because I work, it will affect person who doesnt work in house.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says you all are looking nice. He asks Pooja have crown on head? he sings like her, all laugh. Salman says to Aakash that Luci didnt give you attention but now you are rapper, all laugh. Salman asks who they chose for captaincy? Aakash says Bandagi, Luv and Jyoti will be contender for captaincy. Salman asks Hina why she doesnt want Aakash to be captain? Hina says my vote is not for him for two weeks. Salman asks Arshi that are you less than Luv and Jyoti? Arshi says they think that she wont able to survive in house if she becomes captain. Shilpa says she cant keep care of her things then how can she become captain? Arshi says Puneesh is better than Luv and Jyoti. Puneesh says I didnt become captain. Salman says Puneesh did task nicely but Bandagi became contender? Puneesh says I tried but they rejected me. Mehjabi says Puneesh gets angry suddenly. Salman says you havent done much too. Salman says now I will most sensible person in house, all say its Vikas, Vikas smiles. Salman says no Aakash.. all laugh, Salman says Aakash I want to talk to Vikas. Vikas says Puneesh is aggressive, Bandagi can be coll captain. Puneesh says this person have beat me and I didnt do anything, look who is talking about aggressiveness. Salman asks Hina that Luv is weak performer and now he is contender for captaincy? Hina says Luv tries to play fair, he put in very much efforts. Priyank says Puneesh is not stable, Luv can control anger. Salman says look who is talking, who went out of house for beating, all laugh. Salman says Priyank you said Sapna is better than Bandagi? Priyank says Bandagi doesnt take her decisions, Sapna has quality that she says things on face, she doesnt take opinions. Bandagi says I take my decisions. Salman asks Priyank if he is living in house? all laugh. Salman says you will get captaincy task soon, he ends call.

In house, Aakash starts chanting for Salman. Arshi says to Hiten that let her have some more sadness.
Puneesh says to Aakash that I get angry. Bandagi says to Priyank that I have my thinking, not even my dad can impose decisions on me, we have connection but that doesnt mean he can impose things on me, Hina says fair enough.

On stage, Mrs. Bigg boss comes there. She sings like Pooja. Salman says what have you become? he mimics Pooja too. Mrs. Bigg boss says its fun to talk like this. Salman says this is Dhinchakitis, its illness. Salman says now you are Dhinchak Dimpy? she says yes I have swag now, Bigg boss have become jolly too, he was singing like Pooja and said come one Dimpy have some cuties with me, all laugh. Dimpy says I want to find good guy for Pooja too. Salman says Vikas can be good for her, she says no he taunts like mother in law, Salman says Aakash is good match for her. Dimpy says Aakash have so many links with girls in house, I have one guy in my mind, she eyes Salman. Jag ghoomiya plays and says you do dhinka chika and she is Dhinkchak, I can talk to her parents. Salman says I have one more guy, he calls devil. Dimpy says no no I am going away, she leaves.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says Luv, Ben and Jyoti must be tensed as they are nominated and one will leave today. Salman says you people have been in house and we will take chemistry test, you will take one envelope that her your name, one inmate’s name will be written inside envelope then you have to show playcards to inmates that defines the qualities of that inmate in envelope, if inmates guess whose name your got in envelope then you win. Salman calls Vikas first. He takes envelope and gets one inmate’s name. He shows first card about her that she is s*xy, second quality that she is lazy and beautiful, all guess that its Ben, Vikas says right guess. Salman says now next is Hiten, Arshi asks him to be careful, he says I am not scared. He opens envelope and tries to show qualities of that person and says I cant find qualities that can even match her, Hiten shows that she is shameless and crazy minded, inmates guess that its Arshi only, Hiten says right. All laugh. Next is Arshi, she opens envelope and gets one name. She shows quality that person is fox, clingy and chameleon. All guess that its Hina, she says absolutely right. Salman asks Shilpa if she could guess it was Hina or only Aakash? Shilpa says not at all, Sapna thought it was her. Hina comes next, she opens envelope and shows qualities that he is egoistic, buttering person, all guess its Puneesh. Next is Shilpa. She opens envelope and says its very difficult. She shows quality that he is jerk, all laugh. Shilpa says he is Kamina/jerk, clever and lazy. All guess its Vikas. Hina laughs. Shilpa says he has done antics from outside only, all laugh. Salman says Shilpa and Vikas have planned this before. Salman says I said it yesterday and some people actually believe it, I was joking. Salman says who thinks what I said yesterday about Shilpa and Vikas was right? all laugh that its Arshi, Salman says genius, I dont have that much time to hear you. Salman says now I will say that Vikas and Shilpa love each other so much, all laugh. Salman ends call.

Salman says I know fight will happen in this house. Lets see.

In house, Hina and Shilpa talks, Hina says you could have called Vikas wet cat, Shilpa says jerk was very bad. Arshi says to Hiten that you called me shameless and crazy minded? you can call me shameless but crazy minded? Hiten says I asked you to become captain but you didnt hear.
Ben says to Luv that if I stay here then I wont spare them, Luv says they are entertaining. Ben says being good person is needed for winning, Priyank is my strength which Hina doesnt have, you cant break someone who has support.

On stage, Salman calls Lopamudra and Manu Punjabi. They come there. Salman asks where is Manveer? Manu says he is big star now and he is busy. Salman says good. Lopa says I am good. Salman asks if she meets Bani? she says I meet her daily over cofee, just kidding. Lopa says I couldnt stay in this season, Manu says we didnt have fights like that. Manu says if I talk about commoners, they are not wrong, they have pressure as they are not celebrities, they have to plan, they are innocent. Lopa says they are putting celebrities down, intensity is a lot. Salman says lets meet them. Call is connected to house. Salman shows them Lopa and Manu, all greet them. Salman says they were praising you all, all laugh. Lopa says show is entertaining, Hiten and Arshi’s angle is entertaining, I love Arshi and Aakash, Aakash is funny. Aakash says whats up beautiful. Lopa says to Shilpa that you are entertaining without any efforts, Salman says she couldnt do it without Vikas. Manu says to Vikas that I love you, you are playing nice game. Shilpa says did you write it in script? Manu says he doesnt need script, he is great, Manu says to Hina that you are so nice, I am flat, really looking nice. Salman says Manu is flat, all laugh. Lopa says to inmates that I feel you all are getting mean, this is a journey and you would know later about relationships and their importance. Manu asks Sapna who is her friend? we all like you but you dont put efforts to make friends. Sapna says now all friends, this is new for me so maybe I cant trust people. Lopa says win trust of people, if you make brothers then keep it up. Manu says show goes on. Sapna says I will try to understand. Manu asks neighbors what they did? you came to bang inmates but you are nowhere else? Luv I thought you would be great but what happened? Luv says I took time to open up here. Manu says you called yourself slow, 4 weeks are already passed, you can talk on phone only. Luv says I will be careful. Manu asks Priyank what is his plan now? Priyank says I didnt come with a plan, I didnt do anything after coming in. Manu asks Sapna if Priyank whispered something in your ear, you believed it without thinking? you done have to think about outside. Lopa says being a lady you shouldnt have done it. Manu says Priyank it was not nice what you did with Arshi. Salman asks Priyank what Bigg boss gave you instructions? Priyank says he asked me to not tell about outside world, Priyank says they keep asking me. Salman says Sapna didnt ask you about Arshi, you have brought personal, cheap things, you were finding filth on people? what does this say about your personality? you have nice clean boy look and do these antics? you thinks bringing things from outside and using them against them is good? Arshi cries hearing it. Salman says to Priyank that you have started this fire, I have been seeing this for four weeks, no one will go on brother, mother, sister or father, there will be no personal comments, if I hear about personal comments then I will throw them out, nobody will do personal attacks, I wont bear it, problems will be inside house, Priyank have that much sense in your head. Priyank says I had anger from first week. Salman says you have brought filth in house, this is your personality, looking beautiful is not at all good when you throw filth at others, you were thrown out of house, you broke a rule, we brought you back, you should have come as a bigger and better person but you have stooped low. Priyank says I am sorry, thank you for making me realize. Ben says he is not like that, he was angry and got carried away. Salman says you are taking wrong side. Ben says I told him that he is wrong. Salman says you are not seen in house and when you dont have to say something in matter, you choose this time to talk? Arshi says Shilpa,Hina, Hiten keep talking about it. Manu says dont cry, your makeup will wipe away. shilpa says what Arshi does is not talked about? Arshi says they dont know that reality. Priyank says I didnt tell full story, I just said three words. Salman says dont talk about that topic, nobody will comment on that, Priyank you started it, Priyank says people have talked about casting couch too. Vikas says they started in first week when they talked about s*xuality and casting couch, Priyank was angry and did wrong. Priyank says I am not like that, Vikas says I dont have happy fight with Shilpa but she says so much filth, Gauhar told me to win but I dont want to be in house because so much filth is said in house. Salman says I am saying this one last time that no personal comments, no s*xuality and no cast and other things. Mehjabi says I want to ask that Shilpa commented on me that I left my small kid and came in house, what kind of mother I am, so tell me did I do wrong? Salman says all women go to work leaving their kids, my sisters go to work too, Shilpa will go to work too, how old is your kid? she says 1.75 years, Salman says how could you left that kid? all laugh. Salman says Shilpa didnt say it in that sense. Shilpa says thank you, I used to say that Mehjabi have guts to leave kid and come in house, I couldnt have much guts, Mehjabi says no everyone agrees that you taunted me. Hina says when Salman is saying that Shilpa said it in positive way then believe him. Salman says if things come up like this then clear it directly. Salman says to Mehjabi that you are not seen on TV then how will that kid see you on TV? I have adopted a kid and his name is Salman, all laugh. Salman says you have come here for work so work. Salman says tell your kid and husband that you love them, she says I love them, Mehjabi says my husband looks like Manu. Salman says now caller of week. Call is connected, caller asks Aakash that when Hina held your hand, you asked her to leave your hand got nominated, why dont you take nominations seriously?Aakash says I will think about it. Manu says Aakash take it seriously, there are established people there, Hina has been in industry for 8 years, she has fan following so if you get opportunity to et saved then do that, Salman says he is quitter, Aakash says no. Lopa asks him to not be overconfident. Slaman ends call, Lopa and Manu leaves.

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In house, Arshi hugs Mehjabi, Mehjabi says today justice was done.
Priyank cries, Hina hugs him and says dont do it, dont show them that you are weak, we will play nicely. Bandagi says he wont like if he has come from outside, she asks Shilpa to be careful. Shilpa says I will do it even now, who are you to tell me to not speak up? they can say filth but when Arshi says filth, what about that? Sapna was called dancer as taunt then nobody called out to her? she has been saying filth since day one but nobody called out to her and now when it came her so anger is thrown out? I am happy for her, her crying was nice, she have said so much filth.
Arshi says to Sabya that we are strong but not about parents, we are here and cant clear to parents.
Vikas says to Priyank that Shilpa said filth but dont become weak.
Hina says to Shilpa that they dont know how they are looking outside, Shilpa says Salman insults them every weekend but they take it with pride.
Bandagi says to Priyank that Puneesh’s kid thing was lie? Priyank says I met Puneesh’s friend and he told me that Puneesh have kid, Puneesh says and you believed him? Priyank says I asked Bandagi to talk to you. Puneesh says it was not true but still its personal thing and you are talking about it on TV? end these personal things. Priyank says I did mistake.

On stage, Salman says innmates have chosen Luv, Bandagi and Jyoti for captaincy.

In house, Hiten reads captaincy task, all three captaincy contenders will be tied to a ring, they have to make other two contenders leave ring without using force, they have to use their mind to make others leave ring, Hina will be referee of task. Luv, Jyoti and Bandagi are tied to a ring around their waist, they sit down.

On stage, one kid Divyansh comes on stage and mimics Salman. Divyansh says I am mimicking you so you wont say anything right? Salman says not at all, Divyansh mimics his pants stretching action and says diaper is itchy, all laugh. Salman says you can take my place here, Divyansh says you tell this every year and make them raise your pay, all laugh. Divyansh says now we will go in Sultani ring for Arshi and Hina’s fight.
Divyansh goes in Sultani ring, Arshi and Hina’s dummies are there. Fake Arshi is actually a Balraj, he has beard and says my hair stood up seeing Salman, she spits and says I am giving audition for Naagin show. Fake Hina makes face at her. Divyansh asks fake Hina why you want her out of house?Hina says she is so filthy that washroom flushes himself seeing her, throw her and Pooja out of house. Fake Arshi says she has so many lice in Pooja’s hair, when they got to know about that they are in Pooaj’s hair, they ranaway. Fake Hina and Arshi start fighting. Salman laughs seeing all that. Divyansh promotes his show.

Salman says captaincy task have started in house. Salman connects calls to house. Salman says Luv and Jyoti are captaincy contenders. Salman says to Ben that you are not seen on TV, come on, everyone told you, Ben says I understand, Salman says these options dont come like this, Ben says its my fault, Salman says you were correct but still going out, she played well, Priyank is in tears. Ben starts hugging everyone, Ben hugs Priyank and says dont cry. Salman smiles. Hina says he smiled. Salman says that doesnt mean she is not out. Luv and Jyoti are in shock. Ben asks everyone to play nicely, you all are nice. Salman asks them to come in house. Ben says dont do that, its not a joke, I can leave silently. Hina and Priyank brings her in house. Ben goes back to gate and wait for doors to open. Jyoti says she is safe. Salman says then tell me who is evicted? Jyoti says me or Luv. Salman says to Luv that you get votes from outside, call Ben inside and go out. They all come in garden. Salman says Luv is going to Ben will be attached to ring. Ben says dont joke sir, I will have heart attack. Salman says but BEN YOU ARE SAFE, Ben thanks him. Salman says Luv is going. Hina says not Luv cant go. Salman says Luv is going to send Jyoti to gate. Vikas say dont do this sir. Salman says Ben was going but then she was not going then Luv was going but then not going, Ben says no one is going right? Salman says wrong. Vikas says please dont do this. Salman says I am saying that Luv is sending Jyoti to gate, Jyoti got least votes, Luv is in house. JYOTI IS UNSAFE. He ends call. Vikas hugs Jyoti. Jyoti cries, he says no dont cry. Bandagi says to Luv that you have got fourth chance. Vikas says to Jyoti that I promise I will be with you when you are out of house, I dont promise that, now you will happily go, I love you. Shilpa hugs Ben and ceries. Ben thanks her. Vikas says to Jyoti that everyone will leave, we will meet after show, dont cry. Vikas brings her to gate. Everyone hugs her, Vikas says I love you a lot, I promise you, you are so nice girl and I will be there with you, Jyoti says I am not illmannered, all agree. Vikas says we wont cry, Jyoti says dont react to people, Jyoti leaves house, all clap for Jyoti.
Vikas comes in bedroom and cries, Priyank comes to him and hugs him tightly, Vikas says she was so nice girl, she loved me so much without any bad intention, this is weird show.
Hina hugs Luv and says you have got another chance.
Ben hugs Priyank.
Luv says to Bandagi that I can pee in my pants, Bandagi says I dont mind, I can pee if needs be. Luv says I dont care.

On stage, Salman says captaincy task has started, Ben and Luv are safe, you remain safe in house too, he signs off from show.

PRECAP- Luv and Bandagi are tied to ring. Luv says you are playing behind veil, come out in open, Bandagi says you dont have any topic to fight so you are trying to create one. Luv says dont tell me what to do.
Nomination task will happen in pairs. Each pair will go in confession room and mutually decide who will get nominated.
In confession room, Mehjabi says to Sabya that I want to bring real faces of people out. Sabya says there is no time to do things again and again.
In confession room, Hina says why shouldnt I fight for myself? Puneesh says please save this kid?
In confession room, Sapna says to Vikas that I wont go, he says so much overconfidence? Sapna says this is not overconfidence at all.


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