Bigg Boss 11 2nd December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 2nd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Salman scolds Hina and Puneesh only on
Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage, he welcomes everyone on show. Salman says inmates do whatever they want, you saw what Aakash and Arshi did with Shilpa. Let me show you more.

Clip plays, in house. Aakash says Arshi I work a lot.
Hiten says to Shilpa that they have gone mad. Shilpa says they just want to show that they work more, Aakash said to Puneesh that if Bandagi left then he has Shilpa, I have a lot of patience. Puneesh says they will regret what they are doing with you. Bandagi says no they wont, they wont even think about it. Shilpa says when I work more in lifethen they will regret. Bandagi says you are strong, you made Vikas close his mind. Shilpa says he is nice with me now.
Aakash says to Arshi that if Bandagi leaves then Puneesh and Shilpa will have love

story. Hiten says dont say that. Aakash says Puneesh have told me he likes her a lot. Hina says even then dont tak lile that.

Arshi asks Shilpa why you are angry with me? Shilpa says dont talk to me about things you dont understand. Arshi says we had relation so tell me. Shilpa says it my request to not talk, I am sorry, its not time, I dont want to mess things more, I wand to do things nice. Arshi says what I did? Shilpa says nobody talked to me liked that, I have to stay here but its my Karma to hear you all.Arshi says I just came to ask for food, she leaves. Puneesh says to Shilpa that you are like sister and Aakash is saying that you and me will have relation? Shilpa says I wont forgive them, clip ends.

Salman says Aakash said such bad thing that Puneesh and Shilpa will have love story. Salman connects call to house. Salman asks Hiten to wear shorts, Hiten says all my hair are gone, Salman says you have to wear shorts. Salman says to Aakash that you said if Bandagi leave then? Aakash says then Shilpa and Puneesh’s love story will start. Puneesh says its out of limit, Shilpa is elder of me, she is like my sister. Salman says so you like elder girls, all laugh. Salman says to Aakash that do you need to say all that? Shilpa says they think what they want, they say that I wanted to be devi and it was written in my contract. Hiten comes there in shorts. Salman says you can do hair removal cream ads, item songs too, all laugh. Salman says now Hiten will dance. Priyank and Hiten starts dancing to jalabi bai, all cheer for them. Salman says Luv, Bandagi and Puneesh are nominated, one will leave. Salman says its clear who was villain of house this week but I want to ask you have same thinking. Salman asks Hiten, Hiten says it might be Puneesh, Vikas says Aakash did task nicely but he might be villain, Shilpa says Hina and Arshi used spices in task,its Hina. Bandagi says its Hina, Puneesh says Hina, Luv says its Puneesh, Priyank says its Puneesh, Hina says its Puneesh for throwing food, Arshi says Puneesh for cursing, Aakash says its Puneesh. Salman says Vikas you took Aakash’s name? Vikas says he did nice thing in task but I am against what he did with Hiten, he was not even caring hurting him. Salman says Puneesh they voted you as villain,Puneesh stands in witness box. Salman says according to us and world, Puneesh is the villain, you lose control, curse a lot, do not behave then say sorry, if you say sorry then dont repeat mistakes, your sorry doesnt have value when you repeat them. Puneesh says when they put red spice in your eyes and nose then torture you,its natural to curse then. Salman says if you cant bear it then you could ring bell, you didnt have to curse so much, its understandable to have anger but throwing pan and food? what if it would have hurt anyone? it was not impulsive. Salman says to Shilpa that why didnt you react him throwing food? Shilpa says I told him to not throw food. Salman says you need to take stand, if Aakash had done it then you would have pointed out. Shilpa says I condemned Puneesh, he said sorry. Arshi says he didnt say sorry to Aakash. Shilpa says you dont know what I talked him. Salman says Puneesh said sorry. Salman says why you throw slippers, food and everything? Puneesh says I am short tempered and they use it. Bandagi says I try to stop him a lot but its plan to make him angry and then he does something and get thrown out of house. Hina says I dont think so, if a person is close to you then they can bring changes in you, she kind of supports him.Bandagi says they dont know what I talk to him alone.Puneesh says Bandagi tries to stop me, she controls a lot of situations. Salman says but this time you were supported. Bandagi says he gets angry very soon and I had to listen to him to calm him down. Hina says she even justifies him. Priyank says Puneesh have done this before too. Bandagi says you are cornering him. Salman says Puneesh is saying they take advantage of his anger? Hina says he could control his anger. Puneesh says when I get angry then they say its working. Salman says but this week,nobody provoked you to show anger, even in task, what you did with trimmer. Luv says he cut my whole hair. Salman says I am talking about aggression, you kicked and broke vase too, please take care of it. Puneesh says I am sorry, he ends call. Shilpa says Salman cleared things, Shilpa asks Puneesh to chill.
Arshi says to inmates why Shilpa doesnt make Puneesh understand infront of everyone? I repeated it, Hiten said Puneesh did wrong.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that you do mistakes, they want this, Salman made you understand nicely, you want to show aggression for these people?
Arshi says to Hina that I give food to others too.
Bandagi says to Shilpa that I try a lot to make Puneesh understand.

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On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says villains are acting in movies but here it shows your personality, maybe you are making people hate you and he will realize how wrong you are. Salman asks Hina to come in witness box, she does. Salman says you applied spice, it happened before too but it always hurt person who use it, how you got this idea? Hina says it was collective idea, it was wrong, we were controlled after Bandagi, I cut my hair and showed it to Bandagi to scare her. Bandagi says she put in my eyes too. Bandagi says first they put dry spice on my face, she asked me to close eyes and blew spice in my face and their particles are so small that it went in my eyes, then she took nice gel and mixed it with spice and applied it on my hands, my eyes were burning, she threw spice in my eyes directly. Hina says I am sorry, we applied spice but we did in controlled way. Vikas says there is no way of using spice in controlled way, I took spices from Luv but Hina said dare take from me, I couldnt touch her so she used spice, Priyank didnt support me, if he said that spices are not a lot then it wouldnt have happened, other team listened to me and didnt use spice. Hina says she was ready to cut my hair. Bandagi says no, I did it to make you realize. Salman says Vikas tried to stop you Hina. Hina says I agree. Vikas says I was trying to givbe water to Bandagi to wash her eyes but they snatched it, there should be little humanity left, this is just game, it was extreme, there was other ideas, they were putting in nose. Salman says if you eat spicy food then it hurts even if you eat small amount, you used it for eyes? Hina says I was not alone, I was prepared for my turn. Vikas says they didnt have idea that their turn would come too. Salman asks Priyank. Priyank says I tasted spice to see it was spicy or not? Salman says did you try to put in your eyes? Priyank says she didnt deliberately put in eyes. Salman says spice going in eyes are dangerous, it itches a lot and playing with eyes.. what if they lose eye? then you will say sorry? Hina you were not even allowing water? when its pious thing to give water to thirsty one? Bandagi was crying but you were not allowing water, Hina says no I didnt stop. Salman says you were saying that first ring bell then water will be given, its good for game but you live in same house. You know if bowler hurts batsman, he runs to him first. Salman asks Hina to get down from witness box, she does.
Salman connects call to caller of week Ankita. Ankita says to Shilpa that I am your big fan, we saw your angry face during first weeks when you made Vikas run here and there and now when you are getting karma from Aakash and Arshi, you are dealing with is patiently, dont you think Arshi and Aakash take your silence as weakness? Shilpa says if they think like that then let them do it,I have patience and I wont react to them, I have patience, a lot of it, call ends. Salman ends call from house. Arshi says to Shilpa that its karma. Shilpa says take it like I do, come to me baby. Shilpa says to Bandagi that they can do what they want.
Arshi says to Vikas that Puneesh threw you slipper but you didnt talk against him? Vikas says I didnt see it, Arshi says you are wrong, you seem like being too good friend.

On stage, Salman hears Katrina’s voice, she asks him to welcome here. Salman says please welcome my favorite, everyone’s favorite Katrina Kaif. Katrina comes on stage and dances with Salman on swag song. Katrina greets everyone. Katrina says we will announce new song of movie.Salman says first we will play a game, we will show you two images, you have to choose one and reject other. Salman shows Anil Kapoor and Akshay Khanna’s photos, she chooses Anil, he shows her Anil and Akshay, she chooses Akshay, he shows her Akshay and SRK, she choose Akshay, he shows her Amir and Akshay, she chooses Amir,he shows her Amir and Salman, she chooses Salman.
Salman makes her sit on truth chair, if she says truth then green light will turn on and if she says lie then red light will turn on. Salman asks who is her favorite star other than him? She says Akshay and Hirthik, green light blinks. Salman asks who is your female friend? she says Alia Bhatt, red light blinks, he asks if she didnt like him in start? she says no. Green light blinks. Katrina makes Salman sit on truth chair and asks if he will marry? Salman says people say my time for marriage is gone, red light blinks, she says wrong answer, you can still marry, she asks some more questions, they joke. Salman says Katrina will launch Tiger Zinda song. They play new song of tiger zinda hai song, its their romantic song galan. Salman says Katrina went to house, we will show it tomorrow and one will be evicted tomorrow. He signs off from episode.

PRECAP- Katrina Kaif comes to house, all are excited to see her. One will be evicted from Puneesh, Bandagi and Luv.


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