Bigg Boss 11 2nd January 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 2nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ticket to finale race starts only on

Day 93
Inmates wake up to song ane wale saal to salam. They all lazily wake up.

Aakash says to Luv that I wanna see your strength today, Luv says you are more strength. Puneesh says to Aakash that we wont fight today, its first day of the year. Aakash says may be best person wins, Puneesh says you are the best, Shilpa says non sense.

Shilpa says to Hina that Aakash to came to me and kissed my cheek and touched me and then said that why you are not 25 years old? I said I will beat you with slipper, do you say this to your mother too? its my goodness that I didnt complain to his mother, we spoiled him. Hina says we kept ignoring his antics, he does this with everyone. Shilpa says that I think what world is it. Hina says I just ignore him. Shilpa says he has hurt me a lot. Hina says why we are scared of Aakash? Puneesh says I will raise my hand because I cant bear his bad behavior thats why I avoid him.

Aakash is lying in his bed, Shilpa comes there and asks him to wake up. Aakash says Rekha you are here, you work nicely, I will give you more salary. Shilpa asks him to wake up otherwise he will keep sleeping whole year. Aakash says Rekha you work and leave, I am nice. Shilpa says you wont become captain in whole season. Shilpa cleans bedroom.

Shilpa asks Hina to tell Aakash to mop, this is new year, there are many shoe marks on table. Hina asks Aakash to work, Aakash says I will work at night, Hina says new year started today so work. Aakash says aby aye, I will work at night. Hina shouts to not talk to me like that, its time to work, be in limits. Aakash says what kind of woman are you? talking like I am a dog. Hina says you are a loser. Aakash says thats why I am tennis champion, Aakash says dont talk to me with your loud voice.Hina says everyone knows who is loser here. Shilpa comes there and says his mom asked to take care of him because if we start answering him back then he will stoop more low. Aakash says Hina is shouting at me like I am a dog. Vikas asks him to calm down. Shilpa says Aakash you were a tail of Arshi, you were doggie for Arshi. Aakash walks away from there. Hina says I am so angry at him since yesterday.
Aakash says to Shilpa you are a flip, I am loser. Aakash throws away his clothes and says I dont need it. Puneesh says you used them.
Hina says he is saved from nominations so he will not do any work.

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Hina asks why did Aakash throw night suit I gave him? hina says I will show him his standard now, she wears gloves and takes nightie and throws it in trashcan.

Vikas reads ticket to finale task, two inmates will win it. Task is ‘Mount BB’, there is a mountain created in garden, inmates will have fate of other inmates in their hands, each inmate will wear a bag of some other inmate and keep hiking on mountain, if you dont want to keep the bag of that inmate then you can empty it. There will be rounds in this task. There is a scoreboard where all inmates have three magnetic bags, after each stop/round of emptying each others’ bags, all inmates will weigh their bags on scale and the one whose weight is least will lose one magnetic bag, the inmate who loses all magnetic bags will be out of the race. Hina will be responsible for weighing all the bags and update the scoreboard. The two inmates who have most magnetic bags in the end of the task will win ticket to finale. In first round, Bigg boss is assigning them bags of other inmates but from next round they will have choice of choosing anyone’s bag. In first round:

Vikas will have Aakash’s bag
Shilpa will have Hina’s bag
Hina will have Shilpa’s bag
Aakash will have Vikas’s bag
Luv will have Puneesh’s bag
Puneesh will have Luv’s bag

These bags are assigned for first stop but after first stop, you can choose anyone’s bag you want.
Aakash asks Vikas if we are good with each other? Vikas says yes and dont try to let me down, we will keep each other’s bag second time.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that if Vikas and Aakash’s bag comes to me then I will empty it, Puneesh says if I get your bag then I will catch it and give it to Hina. Shilpa says I will protect your bag too.

Vikas says to Hina that in first round, all will try to empty bags and in second round, all will try to run to grab their partner’s bag.

Buzzer plays, inmates get ready for task, they wear assigned bags and start hiking on mountain. Luv says we are behind each other so we can empty someone else’s bag too? Aakash says dont say all that. Aakash says to Vikas that if you empty my name then I will empty your name’s bag. Vikas says I know and I wont let others touch my bag. Luv is behind Vikas’s bag and tries to touch Vikas’s bag which is of Aakash, Vikas says I have to protect Aakash’s bag, dont snatch it. Vikas says to Aakash that if Luv opens your bag then we will get his bag later and empty it at all the stops. Luv keeps touching his bag, Luv says its your mentality to protect each others’ bag but game is to empty it. Shilpa says to Puneesh that we gave you 2nd position yesterday so do this today please, Puneesh says I fought for it. Buzzer plays, they have come to first stop, all get down.

Puneesh says to aakash that Vikas is very good in protecting, he can save. Aakash says we will see in third round but right now it will be you and me having each others bags. Puneesh says lets se.

Vikas says to Hina that I dont know if you have deal with Luv. Hina says I am not asking you empty Aakash’s whole bag. Vikas says if you empty his bag then he will attack you so make them fight each other.

Puneesh says we should get bags randomly. Shilpa says yes, its last task, we should have fun but Vikas wont agree.

Vikas says to Hina that Shilpa will empty bag, she cant keep the weight. Shilpa comes there and says we should take randomly, Vikas says others wont agree. They see Luv sitting in garden to take the bag.
Aakash comes to Luv, Luv says I will get Vikas’s bag. Aakash says I am going to get Puneesh’s bag and Puneesh is going to get my bag, we have to be the first one to get the bags, Luv says it doesnt matter. Aakash says I have to see how quick my hands are.
Luv says to Hina that I will take Vikas’s bag.

Puneesh says to Aakash that we dont have any other way, you take my bag and I will take your bag. Aakash says thats what I was telling you.
Hina says to Shilpa that Luv is saying to take Vikas’s bag. Shilpa says we will try to get Aakash’s bag.

Vikas says to Aakash that it will be popularity contest and Luv is not popular. Aakash says Shilpa and Hina are definitely going to finale so we can focus on Luv too.

Buzzer plays, all run to bags. Hina says to Aakash that why you have two bags? Aakash says I was checking which to take.
Aakash takes, Hina’s bag
Shilpa takes Puneesh’s bag
Puneesh takes Shilpa’s bag
Hina have Aakash’s bag
Luv have vikas’s bag
Vikas have Luv’s bag

Inmates start hiking, Shilpa stands behind Aakash and pokes at his bag, Aakash shouts to not touch his bag. Hina says Aakash I will empty your bag if you keep doing this. Aakash says Hina your bag is emptied, Hina says and I am saving your bag? Aakash says I dont care if I go out as top 5, I will not save Hina or Shilpa. Shilpa says because you are jealous. Luv empties Hina’s bag for her to empty aakash’s bag. aakash empties Hina’s bag, Shilpa asks him to empty it slowly, you are not emptying your bum, you are so desperate, dont know how your mother lives with you. Aakash says what have you done in this show? nothing after 5th week. Buzzer plays, their stop has come. Hina weighs all bags, Hina says Aakash’s bag is empty to his first magnetic bag is gone. aakash asks Puneesh why you didnt take my bag? Puneesh says I didnt get it, if I emptied Shilpa’s then she would have emptied mine. Aakash says I will empty Puneesh’s bag too. Puneesh says now I am not your brother? Hina says now you can get ticket to finale so he wants to open it. Puneesh says I wont spare you now.

Buzzer plays, all run to get bags.
Hina gets Puneesh’s bag
Puneesh gets Hina’s bag
Luv gets Vikas’s bag
Vikas gets Luv’s bag
Shilpa gets Aakash’s bag
Aakash gets Shilpa’s bag

Hina says to Puneesh that I will empty your bag. Puneesh says I will empty yours too. They all try to empty the bag from barn through a whole. Vikas tries to empty Hina’s bag. Buzzer plays as they have to stop and weigh. Aakash says Vikas’s bag is torn. Hina eigh all the bags, she says least weight is of Vikas’s bag so his one magnetic bag score goes less.

Shilpa says to Hina that Vikas was jerking your bag so your bag goes empty.
Bigg boss says to inmates that Puneesh and Vikas’s bags were torn so their bags wont be considered for scoring, they were torn during the task so ignore those two bags and see which bag has less weight. Hina says its Shilpa’s bag, Hina puts one less score for Shilpa. Bigg boss says from now on, Hina will decide whose bag is torn and whose bag have least weight.

Hina says to Vikas that I dont know why Luv is playing like this? Vikas says he plays very badly, you pick up my bag and I will pick up yours.

Shilpa says to Vikas that why you were trying to save Luv’s bag? while he was emptying your bag? its because you want Luv to go this week so its useless even if he get ticket to finale. Vikas says the one who India wants to go will go, I know you want me to go so if India wants then I will go, you dont have to say all this, I am seeing you have talking all this like I am planning, it doesnt suite you, Shilpa says I am just asking why you are saving Luv’s bag. Vikas walks away from there.
Shilpa says he wants to act great because he thinks Luv will leave.

Buzzer plays, Inmates run to get bags. Hina asks Luv to run and get the bag.
Hina gets Puneesh’s bag
Aakash have Hina’s bag
Luv gets Vikas’s bag
Vikas gets Luv’s bag
Shilpa gets Aakash’s bag
Puneesh gets Shilpa’s bag

Luv helps hina in emptying Puneesh’s bag, Hina says you will torn it. Luv says no I am doing it from top. Aakash says I am emptying Hina’s bag. Stop buzzer plays. Hina weighs bags, she says Puneesh’s bag have least weight so she removes one magnetic bag.

Hina says to Luv that Aakash is emptying so fast.

Aakash says to Vikas that why he is taking Hina’s side. Vikas says I dont want to empty anyone’s bag. He leaves. Shilpa says Vikas must be thinking how to take revenge from me outside. I am not scared of him.

Luv says to Vikas that I didnt want to empty Puneesh’s bag, that foolish Hina took his bag so I had to empty it, I wanted to empty Aakash’s bag. Vikas says we will try to empty his bag now, lets see who gets whose bag.

Buzzer plays, inmates run to get bags.
Shilpa gets Puneesh’s bag
Aakash gets Hina’s bag.
Luv gets Vikas’s bag
Vikas gets Luv’s bag
Puneesh gets Shilpa’s bag
Hina gets Aakash’s bag

Luv empties Hina’s bag which has Aakash’s name, Hina says dont torn it. Puneesh empties Aakash’s bag which has Hina’s name. Stop buzzer plays, Hina weighs all the bags, Aakash’s bag has least weight so one magnetic bag is less for him.
Hina says to Luv that we have to out as many people as we can. Vikas says Shilpa and Puneesh are playing as partners. Puneesh comes there and asks what Aakash said? he didnt take my bag when he could. Hina says he is loser, he just wants to make me lose. Puneesh asks Aakash why he didnt take his bag? Aakash says I saw Hina’s bag so I took it.

Aakash ays to Puneesh that we commoners are stuck in this. Puneesh says Shilpa was right, Vikas wants to save Luv and himself so he thinks Luv will leave and he will get ticket to finale. Luv says we will not get ticket to finale. Luv says I will throw Vikas out of ticket to finale race, Aakash says yes we will do it. Luv says we can play game too.

PRECAP- Tomorrow all inmates will try to win ticket to finale card. They all try to disqualify others in mount BB task. Hina tries to empty bag which Luv is wearing. Luv asks her to leave it, Hina keeps emptying it. Puneesh says Hina you are playing dirty. Luv shouts at her to not touch it. Hina and Luv fights over it. Hina says Lu Tyagi is a coward, Luv shouts you are coward.


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