Bigg Boss 11 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas requests to quit show watch only on

Day 32
Inmates wake up to song khalbali, they all dance and enjoy. Puneesh and Arshi goes in pool and dance.

Vikas says Hiten that Hina wants to be in focus, Shilpa goes mad in nominations, she takes rest other days as she is old and gets tired, Shilpa is very clever and made Aakash give away money and this brother Priyank came with aggression, he knows that Hina, Shilpa and Sapna are popular so made them friends, they are insecure, Ben is very insecure and can just look around cameras, Vikas says to Pooja that I trusted Hina, Jyoti and Arshi most in this journey, imagines Arshi? Hiten says atleast Arshi follows what she says, she doesnt change her stance.

Vikas says to inmates that once announcement is made that what I won in task then I will

talk about why asked people to blindly trust me. Priyank says you think far ahead, we are small people and cant think much, you have so much brain, you have planned whole show? Vikas says dont show off to camera infront of me, you didnt support me, Priyank says I didnt even know your plan, keep your opinion to yourself, I wont stay silent here, Vikas says you didnt fulfill friendship. Priyank asks him to remain silent. Shilpa says this man cant be of anyone. Ben says Priyank he is provoking, dont give reaction. Vikas says to Sapna that I just said no one is friend here. Shilpa says he is a big C, he should just clean toilets. Sapna says I asked Vikas to approve Shilpa’s cushions for luxury budget but he was like why would I? I cant let her win. Vikas says I had to win this task, you will all know what I will get, Shilpa says he can become captain again, that must be it, he is selfish, jerk. Aakash says he is jerk.

Arshi lies on grouns and is mopping floor while lying there and exposing skin, Priyank laughs and says what a shot.

Bigg boss says to inmates that you all performed very nicely in cushion task, all clap, Hina says it was a taunt. Bigg boss says at the end of task, 12 workers had zero money, both owners completed zero orders so their luxury budget is zero too, now we want you all to mutually decide with full honestly to choose two inmates who were worst in task, they both will go to jail and we want to tell you that people who go to jail will get food times in a day and nothing else in a day. Arshi says this was slapping with slipper. Shilpa says Vikas, Mehjabi and Arshi didnt participate in task. Arshi says I wont get up from sofa. Hina says Vikas and Arshi didnt perform. Arshi says I wont go to jail, you can do physical but Arshi wont go to jail. Aakash says you will give to jail, we will drag you. Mehjabi says what Hina says, luv will say that. Shilpa says Vikas deserves to go to jail, Arshi was ready to sell cushion covers, Mehjabi didnt work at all, Hina says you really trust Arshi? Shilpa says in task. Arshi says if Hina sends me to jail then she is biggest insecure person. In camera, Vikas says please vote for Shilpa as she is in nomination and will keep showing her madness. Shilpa says he can steal. Arshi comes there. Shilpa says you took money from me and gave to Vikas.

Shilpa says to Arshi that Hina agreed with me to send me to jail, I know Hina. Arshi says she is very clever. Arshi says you wont go to jail.
In camera, Vikas says all are fake here.
Hina says to inmates that if Shilpa goes to jail then Vikas should go to, they both failed, Sabya says but he won.

Vikas says they want to send me to jail as a group because we didnt give any order. Arshi says then Shilpa should go to jail too. Priyank says you make groups too Vikas, dont talk about it.
Hina says to Luv and Aakash that Mehjabi and Arshi should go to jail, Hina says to Luv that you have take name of a person who didnt work in house too, Luv says Arshi didnt work much. Priyank comes there and says Vikas is taunting for groupism, Hina says he is frustrated.

Hina says to inmates that Vikas won, maybe he tried different way but he won. Shilpa says Vikas tried to touch me, there were two girls to stop me but he held me. Priyank says Mehjabi and Shilpa should go to jail. Shilpa says why you are saving Vikas? I wont go to jail, you came in house last week and sending me to jail? shut up, you are disgusting. Priyank says you shut up too, Shilpa says Vikas must have threatened you Priyank, Ben says he can choose anyone. Aakash says send them both, Vikas stole money, Priyank says they both did mistakes. Hina says both should go to jail, Vikas should go but technically Vikas won so we cant send him. Shilpa says wow matermind Vikas, send me and Aakash to jail, I dont care. I dont want to stay with these people, Arshi comes behind her. Shilpa comes to washroom and says everyone showed their reality, this Vikas only makes people his puppets, she throws her bottle in anger.

Bigg boss says to inmates that they have two minutes to give names. Luv counts votes for Mehjabi, Vikas and Shilpa, only Shilpa, Aakash and Sapna votes against Vikas. Hina says take votes for Arshi too, Arshi says why my name? I did work in my task, she made Shilpa steal but lost in end. Luv asks about Shilpa and Arshi, Aakash votes against Shilpa. Luv says one name is Mehjabi. Shilpa says most are voting for Vikas to go to jail. Vikas says to Luv that you didnt ask for others. Luv takes votes for Aakash. Some people vote against Aakash. Luv says there is tie between Aakash and Vikas, Shilpa says what about your vote? Luv says I vote against Vikas, Aakash says he has guts. Bigg boss asks Luv who inmates chose to send to jail? Luv says Mehjabi and Vikas are going to jail. Bigg boss says Luv now you choose one inmate that will go to jail with Mehjabi and Vikas. Luv says Arshi didnt work in my captaincy, she creates problems so Arshi. Bigg boss asks Luv to lock Mehjabi, Arshi and Vikas.
Shilpa comes to Vikas and says you must have threatened Priyank and others.
Hiten says to Priyank that it was wrong to give all money to Ben. Priyank says yes. Sapna says I was saying that only. Sapna says Vikas did mistake but we did mistake too, we are worst performers.

Vikas, Arshi and Mehjabi goes in jail. Shilpa asks Vikas how he scared people? same way like couch? (casting couch taunt). Aakash says he said things to Hina too. Shilpa says Vikas scared people. Vikas ignores her and puts hand on his eyes acting like he is sleeping. Shilpa says to Vikas that we have long journey together.
Bigg boss says to inmates that we are closing blinds of house for sometime so all inmates should go in house. Shilpa says we will come again.

Arshi says to Vikas that they are insulting you so much, Vikas says snake stop spitting venom, I am done, I am leaving. Arshi says can I leave too? Vikas says you cant give 2crores but I can sell and give it. Vikas starts breaking jail, Mehjabi says please hear me, you are doing very wrong, please listen, Vikas says I dont want to stay anymore. Vikas breaks out of jail and comes out of jail, Vikas says I am done. Mehjabi says you will get hurt. Bigg boss says dont do this kind of act again Vikas, if you want to talk then come to confession room but dont do this. Mehjabi says you will get hurt. All inmates are in house and blinds are drawn so they cant go outside. Vikas comes back in jail and says I am tired and tortured, why that woman keep torturing me? I cant stay in this game. In house, Priyank says to inmates that he mentally gone. Shilpa says to Aakash that I wont let him sleep tonight. In jail, Vikas says they are not giving me that much money to stay here, I want to go. In house, Shilpa is talking, Bandagi asks her to stay silent, let them listen to Vikas, she says what he is doing? nothing, we can talk. Bandagi says to inmates that Shilpa is so bad, she has no humanity, Priyank says not at all.
Arshi says to Vikas that you are very nice, that woman Shilpa is so bad. Vikas says people dont know how bad Shilpa is, what Priyank did was so wrong, he is insecure, he did the worst thing.
Blinds open up, Bigg boss asks Vikas to come to confession room. Vikas goes, Shilpa taunts him.
In confession room, Vikas cries and says I cant stay, dont say anything to Shilpa, I am quitting, I am ready to beat all consequences, how can they torture this much? i want to go to my mom, I cant stay under one roof with Shilpa Shinde. Bigg boss says not all times are like this. Vikas says all are against me, Bigg boss says its not true, you didnt have single penny in task but you won because they supported you, you cant keep quitting like that, people change sides. Vikas says I cant play with her, if I go back home then they will laugh and know how I cried here, my eyes are puffy. Bigg boss asks him to go with smile.
Vikas comes back in house, Shilpa sings cameback cameback.. she asks Aakash if they will take you from store room? she asks Vikas what happened? he says nothing. Vikas asks to send him to jail. Shilpa says I will sing songs. Luv sends Vikas to jail. Shilpa and Aakash comes there, Shilpa says he is a baby. Bigg boss asks Shilpa to come to confession room.

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Shilpa comes to confession room, Bigg boss asks how is she? she says yes. Bigg boss says we told inmates to not pass personal comments, you were included in that too. Shilpa says I am very sorry, I didnt pass personal comment openly, if I cant say like that then I wont. Bigg boss says you said about couch thing. Shilpa says I said but indirectly, ,, I am sorry, I will keep it in mind, I can say sorry to Vikas too. Bigg boss says it was wrong and dont do things which are not asked of you, Shilpa nods and leaves. Shilpa comes in house acting like crying, she comes to washroom and asks Aakash to tell inmates that I am crying a lot, he laughs. Aakash says they are not throwing you out right? Shilpa says why will they?
Shilpa comes in kitchen and takes food for Vikas. Hina laughs and says she is still on.
Shilpa brings food for Vikas and says eat food, you wont get breakfast, Arshi asks her to go, Shilpa says remain silent, Arshi says I am snake. All inmates come there. Vikas lies on his bed and doesnt answer her. Shilpa says vikas you didnt leave? they caught you again? Arshi laughs and says what to do with this woman? Shilpa asks Vikas to have food, I am sorry, all clap for her. Shilpa says I am sorry from heart but they are not sending me out of house, I wont leave you soniye.. Aakash laughs. Shilpa says I will sing for Vikas whole night, Vikas will stay awake whole night, I am saying sorry from heart? from where were you leaving this jail? Hina says to Priyank that Vikas cant bond with people, Priyank says Shilpa is dragging too much.
Shilpa and Aakash sits outside jail. Shilpa makes Aakash eat, he makes chewing noises. Vikas gets up and says tell me what wrong I have done with you? you keep saying that I did wrong with you, just tell me today, what I did? tell everyone. Vikas says to inmates that I request you guys to not leave, lets end this drama tonight, he asks all inmates to listen what happened in their show, Shilpa left show and I told her that we had to replace her if she wont comeback to show, I swear on my mother and career that I was never involved in stopping her work, I never was problem in her in her career, if you people cant go against women then dont endorse her. Aakash says this Vikas is saying rubbish, he beat people here, he make people fight, he is lying about Shilpa. Priyank gets angry and says they are talking then why you are involving? he charges at Aakash and tries to attack him but Luv, Hiten grabs him and moves him away. Priyank shouts on Aakash that you are follower, you are nothing, Aakash says you were thrown away. Vikas asks Priyank to come to him and talk, Priyank says I wont raise hand on anyone. Vikas says to Priyank that I can fight my battles. Priyank says they are making people miserable, this Shilpa is mental, I am promising that I wont raise hand in any condition.

Hina says to Priyank that we dont know what happened in their show, we dont know if Shilpa or Vikas is saying truth, I cant be involved in this. Priyank says everyone has problem with them, Aakash and Shilpa have been torturing people but no one is talking against them. Hina says they havent done anything wrong one on one with people, I have no problem with them. Aakash says to Priyank that you threatened me? you said F the show? then come, I am a Dadlani. Priyank says you are not brother of singer Dadlani, he doesnt even recognize you. Pooja brings water for Priyank. Aakash raps around Priyank.

PRECAP- Shilpa brings long stick and pokes at Vikas through it in jail. Vikas gets angry on Shilpa. He comes out of jail again breaking in fromt between bars, he comes out and says no one is responsible now, I am in pain here. Vikas puts table near roof in garden and climbs on it to jump to roof and go out of house.


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