Bigg Boss 11 30th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 30th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Hina wins a task only on

Day 59
Shilpa says to Aakash that it was his bad luck that garlic reacted to him. Aakash says you are useless and rubbish. Bandagi says Arshi wanted to be captain and lost?
Hina says they are heartless. Luv says I wont spare Puneesh. Priyank asks him to calm down.
Puneesh hugs Bandagi, Bandagi asks him to promise not to fight with Luv, Puneesh says we didnt do much with Aakash, they did worse with us, I will ignore Luv.
Vikas says to Aakash that you did really nice in task, I will make you contender, I will support you, I salute you, just wait and you will be captain.

Shilpa says to Bandagi that they used **** on me. Shilpa says Hina is jealous a lot.
Arshi says sorry to Priyank and Luv for leaving task and losing. Priyank says they were about to
cut your hair.
Bandagi says to Shilpa that Arshi is so coward.
Vikas says to Arshi that if you dont want to be fine then good, Arshi says I dont need you. Vikas says I know, I was never friend for game only.

Vikas says to Hina that I know you love your hair. Hina cries and says she cut my length a lot, Vikas says we know we played wrongly, I cant touch you, I am sorry, I know hair are important for girls. Hina cries and combs her hair. Vikas brings tissue for her and says I am sorry, she says thats okay. vikas says I didnt know she will cut your hair really, it was our mistake, we started it, Hina says Arshi just cut a tip, just a tip. Vikas says we started it, Hina says you saw Aakash’s face? Vikas says they didnt it would react. Hina says we didnt know that it will react to Bandagi too. Vikas says you threw in Bandagi’s eyes too, they sloshed Bandagi too.

Hina says to Priyank that dont expect Vikas to fight for you but if he trying to talk to you then listen to him, he is experienced. Priyank says he talks misbehaving. Vikas says he keeps saying it. Priyank runs and hugs Vikas. Vikas says you cant keep doing this. Priyank hugs him tightly. Hiten, Hina and all other hug Vikas too. Vikas hugs Priyank tightly. All leave. Priyank says bald.. I do mistakes. Vikas hugs him. Priyank cries. Vikas says are you mad, you did all this. Priyank says I dont care about losing or winning. Vikas says you were going over limits with Arshi. Priyank says I have told Arshi that I wont nominate her. Priyank hugs him tightly again. Vikas says you are a dog.
Bandagi says Priyank is hugging Vikas, they are friends now?

Day 60
Inmates wake up to song dhadtink naach. All dance. Vikas dances with Shilpa.

Vikas says to Hiten that I gave Bandagi’s idea to show hair removal cream to other team to scare them but I was wearing glasses, Bandagi didnt see me and wanted to use that hair removal cream on Hina, but she saw camera and changed her mind, think how bald Hina Khan would look like.

Priyank says to Hina that Bandagi brought veet boxes but she saw Vikas looking and stopped. Hina says she wanted to use on my hair? my hair would have fall off.

Arshi asks Hina why you are not talking with Shilpa? Hina says she thinks I am jealous of her, she is very stone hearted. Arshi says it happens with people who dont have supporting parents, Shilpa told once that her mother didnt support her, she got frustrated and taking it out on me.

Shilpa and Arshi are working in kitchen. Arshi says my mother is very nice. Shilpa says you think with your mind. She says to Shilpa that you curse, you b*t*h about people here. Vikas and Hiten mimics their fight as movie scene.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time to choose who will go to jail. Bigg boss says Vikas and Priyank ran task with their intelligence so they wont go to jail, choose two inmates who performed worst.Bandagi says Luv, Arshi and Hina used spices on me. Hina says I am giving Bandagi’s name as she gave up. Bandagi says my team won because of me. Shilpa says this is wrong. Priyank says I kept asking Puneesh to sit down but he didnt listen so I want to give his name. Bandagi says you all have decided to send me and Puneesh to jail. Bandagi says I have performed my task, they keep sending us, nominating us and targeting us, she leaves. Aakash says they tortured me. Puneesh asks him to keep his mouth shut. Luv says Puneesh is Om Swami. Shilpa says its Arshi, Hina and Luv. Arshi says Hina performed well. Shilpa says Hina used that ****. Priyank says Aakash used it first. Hina says she just wants to take my name. Arshi says Shilpa destroyed Aakash’s face with garlic. Vikas says Shilpa didnt know about his allergy. Arshi says we didnt know about Bandagi’s allergy too. Vikas says Bandagi kept sitting there, she was crying and spices went in her eyes and then she had to leave. Hiten says Arshi and Bandagi gave up on task but Bandagi took time. Aakash says she did gave up. Puneesh says you were crying like girl. Aakash says you are OM Swami. Puneesh comes closer and says you are Om Swami. They come in each others faces. Aakash says he is spitting on my face. Vikas holds Puneehs back, Puneesh says you are ************. Bandagi puts hand on Puneesh’s mouth to stop him.

hina says to Vikas that I agree Bandagi performed in task but we dont have choice. Aakash says we can take Puneesh’s name, they broke rules, he cut Luv’s hair while he was not on knees.
Bandagi says to Shilpa that Hiten never talks up, he never takes stand, he is always with them. Puneesh says Aakash will get beaten. Shilpa says Aakash is not worth it, Bandagi says its better that I go this weekend if you do that. Vikas comes there. Shilpa thanks him. Bandagi says me, Puneesh and Shilpa are not going to jail. Vikas says to Puneesh that you are not going to jail. Puneesh says Bandagi is not going to jail.
Hina says to Luv that many things happened in task,w cant keep it as criteria. Hina says Puneesh should be sent to jail for too much cursing and misbehaving.
Shilpa says to Bandagi and vikas that I will go to jail, Bandagi shouldnt go so I am ready to go.

Bigg boss asks Hiten about their mutual decision. Hiten says majority have decided worst performers are Arshi, Puneesh, and Bandagi. Bandagi says wr dont agree with this. Bigg boss says since majority have chosen Bandagi, Puneesh and Arshi then they will go to jail, Hiten lock them. Puneesh says I wont go to jail. Aakash says yay. Shilpa says you have to go Puneesh, they did bad but you have to go. Puneesh says I wont go, dont tell me what to do. Shilpa says you have to go. Bandagi asks Puneesh to not talk.
Priyank hugs Hina.
Bandagi says to Puneesh that relax. I want to cut Hina’s hair. Puneesh says I wont go.

Vikas says to Arshi that Hina and Luv should have gone to jail. Arshi says you wont take Bandagi’s name? Vikas says dont bring personal grudge here, you are doing this because of Shilpa. Vikas sys I am tired of you Arshi, you keep saying stuff. Arshi says he didnt take Bandagi’s name, he always took my name in majority.
Vikas says to Priyank that I cant support her because she is a friend, she is wrong. Priyank says its her birthday today, I will talk later.
Vikas says to Puneesh that go to jail and comeback stronger, you dont deserve to go but please be calm. Puneesh throws glass away and is angry. Hina comes there. Bandagi asks her to leave, I will cut your hair. Bandagi says you sleep tonight and I will cut your hair.
Arshi goes to jail alone.

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Bigg boss says to inmates that inmates choose who will go to jail but once we have announced the names then its Bigg boss’s order and you cant disobey Bigg boss, he asks Bandagi and Puneesh to immediately go to jail otherwise they will be punished. Hina says now show ego. Arshi says you dont have choice now. Puneesh says I am coming beside you Arshi.Hina says I will see to it how they irritate Arshi. Bandagi and Puneesh bring their stuff to jail and goes inside.

Aakash says to Shilpa that you are OM Shilpa, God is seeing everything, read my lips, are you scared now? Shilpa says scared of you?
Hina says to Vikas that now Shilpa will act like she is victim, she will not answer. Vikas says Shilpa is strongest player, she portrays all emotions with experience of 15 years, she says nice things, I actually believe in her words that fight is with yourself here, she entertains people, she is my favorite player, she dances as woman, she dramatize and entertain when needed.
Aakash says to Shilpa that I need footage so talk to me, Shilpa ignores him.
vikas says to Hina that Shilpa made son then son became bad and cursed her then they patched up and mother made him eat food, what a beautiful story she have created, she have entertained people a lot. Hina says right, you cant do it.
Aakash says to Hiten that Shilpa used to comment about complexion of Arshi.
Vikas says to Hina that Aakash thinks he is playing Shilpa but she is the one playing around.

Hina reads task that there are five cutouts in garden which have some titles on them, inmates to mutually decide who will get which title and they will take their photos in those cutouts, you will give inmates titles as you call them in house, first title failed-bomb, it is the person who talks big but cant do much, next title is BB11’s winner crown, it will be person who deserves to win show most at this time.Hiten will be judge, he will see all selfies and will choose who have taken the best selfie, that will get gift.

Aakash says to Hiten that I should get crown, I do a lot in house. Hiten asks who is devil? Bandagi says Hina. Hiten says I think its Aakash, Vikas says Aakash doesnt plot. Hiten asks who should get tirle side-changer? Arshi says its Shilpa, Shilpa says its Priyank, Arshi says Priyank never changed sides. Vikas says Luv is failed-bomb, he says things but cant do much. Hiten says all agree that Luv is failed-bomb. Hiten asks who is donkey? majority say its Aakash. Hiten says Aakash is donkey. Aakash says Hina is devil. Priyank and Arshi says no. Majority votes for Hina as devil. Aakash says Vikas is BB11 winner crown,majority agrees. Hiten asks who is side-changer? Majority says its Shilpa.

Hina takes selfie in devil’s cutout. Arshi says Shilpa is side-changer, she always used me, she use people and then leave them, Vikas says then she should not be side-changer. Shilpa takes selfie with bangan/Brinjal. Aakash takes selfie with donkey’s cutout. Luv takes selfie with failed-bomb cutout.Vikas takes selfie with crown cutout. Bandagi says Shilpa is above this title. Vikas says you people made me mid-season winner. Hiten takes a look at selfies. He laughs at Aakash’s images. Hiten says task’s winner is Hina Khan, she took most creative selfie, he gives her gift hamper. Hina screams in delight seeing it,Priyank says they are dry dry fruits.

Luv says to Hina that if people hate you here then you are on right path as far as I think, you are important thats why they have mindset for you. Luv says Priyank is saying stuff.. Hina says you were the only who took my name, Priyank didnt, I know I will be alone soon, some closer people to me left. Hina says Arshi said that they wanted my friends to leave, dont know why they have problem with me, they want me to be alone. Luv puts hand on her shoulder and says you will be alone and you came alone. Hina says why my friends keep leaving. She gets sad.

PRECAP- Priyank reads instruction to inmates about DJ task. In DJ task, inmates will dance on stage of contender of captaincy whom they support.
Priyank says to Bandagi that I wont nominate you. Bandagi says Vikas is with you right? Priyank says no, I am separate from him.
Vikas, Shilpa, Priyank and others dance in DJ task.


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