Bigg Boss 11 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sabya, Sapna, Shilpa, Hiten, Hina, Pooja, Ben, Bandagi and Priyank are nominated watch only on

Day 28
Bigg boss asks inmates to replace one inmate in Jyoti’s place for captaincy task, they have to choose from blue team. Puneesh says let me take part now, all vote. Bandagi votes for Pooja, Mehjabi votes for Arshi, majority votes for Sapna. Hina says to Bigg boss that Sapna has been chosen to become contender for captaincy. Bigg boss asks Hina to tie Sapna to captaincy ring. Sapna ties and says to Luv that arent you ashamed to not even leave for me? he says no, all laugh.

Sapna asks Shilpa for socks, Shilpa asks Luv to get up so she can gets socks. Bandagi says why should we roam because of her needs? Shilpa says this is not fair, I am sorry Sapna, I cant help, she says its okay. Shilpa comes to Aakash and says Bandagi is not standing up for Sapna but she got her clothes and everything.

Sapna, Luv and Bandagi comes to luggage room.

Sabya says I will bring Sapna’s luggage, Sapna says girl should take out my socks. Hina says we wont help. Sapna moves to her bag. Hina comes to Luv and whispers something in his ear. Sapna tries to stretch to take socks but she breaks away from rings and is out of task.

Luv says to Bandagi that why you think you will be nominated? you are safe, Bandagi says why you want me leave captaincy? Luv says I did mistake in referee task, I want to be captain and rectify it, you are playing behind curtain, come out in open. Bandagi says you are bringing useless topics. Luv says you are not audience to tell me anything, I am not running to talk to you.

Bandagi is trying to move away in ring so Luv can split from ring. Hina says keep moving and irritate each other. Ben says supporters can show support too. Luv and Bandagi tries to stretch ring away from each other, Luv pulls on Bandagi, she keeps hold on her hook. Hina says anyone can become captain.

Hina says to Bandagi that you are using mind, Bandagi pulls on ring to stretch away from Luv. Hina says dont use force. Hina says Bandagi your hook opened while she was pulling on Luv. Hina says Bandagi is out of house so Luv becomes captain. Bigg boss congratulates Luv for becoming captain. Hina jumps and dances, all praise Bandagi for playing nicely.

Bandagi says to Punesh that I was till last, my hook broke, he is body builder, he pulled me and my hook broke away, Hina was provoking him. Puneesh says he is Hina’s puppet and doesnt know it, Bandagi says we dont react in his captaincy.

Day 29
Inmates wake up to song ek mein aur ek tu. Puneesh caresses Bandagi’s hair while all dance. Ben and Priyank dances around.

Sapna sees Arshi only wearing shawl and not wearing anything on legs. Shilpa says Hiten can control her with his looks but he doesnt. Shilpa says Arshi doesnt know what I have done with Vikas. Arshi comes there and says flip I wont react. Sapna looks around Arshi and says something is burning, someone is burning, its smelling.

Hiten is brooming. Arshi says dont work, Hiten says then I will go to jail. Arshi says I will go to jail with you too, what chemistry is working? Aakash says she hints at you and you catch her hint, Hiten says I dont even look at her.

Luv asks Aakash to work. Hina says people should respect captain, proud of you captain.Aakash says I am the best, you can do nothing, you are no celebrity, captain cant do anything if I dont want to work, I will not do nothing if I want. Puneesh looks Aakash rapping. Hina mimics him and says just key them and then enjoy. Hina says to Luv proud of you, he smiles at her.

Aakash tries to talk to Pooja but she is not talking, Puneesh says she is miffed with you, Aakash says she is smiling, I know what she did in jail, Mehjabi says what she did? Puneesh says she slapped Aakash. Pooja asks Aakash what I did in jail? Aakash says I dont remember, Pooja says now say what I did in jail? Aakash says I dont know. Pooja says I am asking you last time to remain in limits. Arshi says Aakash dont threaten her, Aakash says I was just making jokes, sorry Pooja. Pooja looks away and ignores him. Arshi says he is saying sorry, Pooja smiles.

Mehjabi and Sabya are in confession room.Bigg boss says you are here for nominations, one of you will be nominated today and one will be saved, you both have to mutually decide who will get nominated between you and who will be safe, you have to talk here and decide. Mehjabi asks Sabya if she should stay? he says yes, Mehjabi says I want to unveil people.Sabya says I failed in tasks and there is no time for rectifying mistakes. Mehjabi cries and says its difficult to choose between me and you, Sabya says dont cry, you are strong, we have lost chances but dont lose this one. Sabya announces that he nominates himself and Mehjabi is safe.

Priyank says to Vikas that Puneesh shouted about your CC and nobody talked about it on weekend, Vikas says I have production house and they are saying all that? Priyank says they played promos of those things and even aired when they talked about your controversies. Priyank says I cried because these things were raise before, no one apologized. Vikas says nobody tells Shilpa that she cant talk about MMS, this is not cute fight between us, be equal and fair. Priyank says maybe its that these things are like that in real life but we are not like that going to their level, Vikas says listen to me.. Priyank says I am talking.. vikas says one second, listen.. Priyank says I am talking, let me talk, I am ********* talking, he leaves from there in anger. Hiten says Hina and Vikas that Priyank shouldnt be talking about all this again. Hina says he is disturbing Vikas by bringing all this up.

Hina comes to Priyank and says you are doing all that again, Salman told you to not bring controversial topics and now you are making Vikas mentally disturbed by talking all this, if you talk infront of Shilpa then things will blow up, we all know things have been said about Vikas, there were controversies about him, there nothing against us going in news so dont worry.

Arshi says to Bandagi and Puneesh that Vikas and Priyank have fight going on. Bandagi says Vikas is very big drama queen, you keep clinging to Vikas and then Priyank will get angry, dont give him attention.

Bandagi, Puneesh, Aakash, Arshi and Shilpa will stick together in nominations.

Bandagi says to Arshi that Hiten is nothing, he is oldie, dont give him attention, Arshi says I dont care, I have boyfriend out of house.

Shilpa and Aakash are in confession. Bigg boss says you are here for nominations, one of you will be nominated today and one will be saved, you both have to mutually decide who will get nominated between you and who will be safe, you have to talk here and decide. Shilpa says you can use shield? he says I will use it later. Shilpa says so I will get nominated. Shilpa says I want to nominate myself. Bigg boss says why? Shilpa says he is scared of nominations, I have fans and am elder so I thought. Aakash says Sir can I sleep for an hour? Bigg boss says no and this is secret task so dont tell about Shilpa being nominated to anyone.

Vikas says to Priyank that you are running in too much speed, you are talking too much, you were asked to not talk about outside world then you didnt have to tell anything, could you tell what is being on aired? in morning, you told me about what is being on aired, you shouldnt have brought personal stuff here, you can discuss with friends, I can give reasons, if they call you then say sorry. Priyank says I am saying infront of camera, I am not discussing anything about outside now.

Hiten and Priyank are in confession room.Hiten says you have come here now so let me nominate myself, Priyank says I can get votes, I have no reason to nominate you. Hiten says just play here. Hiten says I am nominating myself because Priyank have come now and I want to give him chance, Priyank hugs him. Bigg boss says dont talk about it to anyone.

Hiten and Priyank comes in house, Vikas says you both chose who will use medicine mutually like others? Hiten laughs. Priyank comes to camer and says please vote for Hiten. Luv comes there and says nominated? they dont answer.

Sabya says to Priyank that I really like this guy, Sapna says you used to talk that about Luv, Sabya says he was fake. Vikas says there will love seat again, Sabya says love dont see body but heart, we have set him on our eyelashes. Priyank says I am blushing. Sapna says who made you man? you should be woman, you have curves.

Vikas and Sapna are in confession room. Sapna says I can nominate myself, you are needed here, Vikas says you are needed too, Sapna says I like to be in nominations. Vikas says dont be confident too much, what if you leave? Sapna says I wont leave, Vikas says this is overconfidence. Sapna says this is not overconfidence, I have done work that will get me votes. Sapna says I told Salman that I get angry seeing your face, he laughs. Sapna says we have decided Sapna is nominated and Vikas is safe.

Next is Hina and Puneesh in confession room. Puneesh says Hina please save me, I am commoner, you are celebrity and can get saved easily. Hina laughs and oh now I am celebrity? remember calling me fake, zero celebrity and the one who puts 4 tons of makeup and what not? Bigg boss you are great for putting us together. Puneesh says Bigg boss you have called wrong people. Puneesh pleads to save him.Hina says this is Karma season. Puneesh says I wont fight on that level. Hina says fights will happen. Puneesh says I know you will save me. Hina says you are doing nice in house, I know you have followers now, Puneesh says lesser than you, I get footage from you, save me Hina Khan, you wont do this with me. Hina says you can save me, give me opportunity to save you later, I am being nominated every week, I want to fight for myself. Puneesh says I can put your tattoo. Hina says Bigg boss we cant decide what to do, Bigg boss says if you both dont decide then both will be nominated. Puneesh says please save me, this is not good. Hina says promise you wont curse and go personal.Puneesh says I promise. Hina says I am nominating myself, I am doing this for my parents, what you called me that day(characterless), I felt so bad. Puneesh says dont cry, dont make me feel guilty, I didnt know its meaning, I wont ever do it, she says okay.

Arshi and Pooja are in confession room. Pooja says I can nominate myself, you are good friend, Arshi says you are a friend too so I can nominate too, Pooja says no Bigg boss I nominate myself.

Pooja and Arshi comes out of room. Pooja asks Arshi to not give explanations, I am not fake friend, Arshi says I feel selfish for nominating you, Pooja says I did myself, Arshi says atleast your nomination photo will be shown, they laugh.

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Ben and Bandagi comes in confession room, they say its difficult to choose. Ben says Vikas told me its important to come in nominations too. Bandagi says you have more followers, I need this. Ben says you are getting saved everytime, when you get nominated, you will be on top. Bigg boss says you both have 2 minutes only and if you dont reach a conclusion then both will be nominated. Ben says I dont want to be nominated. Bandagi says there is no conclusion so nominate us both, Bigg boss ask them to leave.

Bigg boss says to inmates that Luv is safe from nominations because he is captain. Sabya, Sapna, Shilpa, Hiten, Hina, Pooja, Ben and Bandagi (as they didnt take any decision) are nominated this week. Bigg boss says now we will talk about special inmate Priyank, he has been in talks because of all wrong reasons, he was thrown out of house for being violent then he was allowed in house again thinking that he deserves another chance, we told him clearly before entering that he cant give any information of outside world to inmates otherwise he will be punished but he gave information and Salman scolded him so much but still he didnt stop, today morning he told some information of outside world to some inmates, after nominations in confession room, we asked him to not share nomination details with anyone, but he came out of confession room and said to cameras to vote for Hiten, he clearly informed what he shouldnt, if Priyank keeps repeating mistakes then he will bear big consequences but for now thinking his mistakes as childlessness, we are nominating Priyank. So final nominated inmates are SABYA, SAPNA, SHILPA, HITEN, POOJA, BEN, BANDAGI and PRIYANK.

Hina says to Luv, Priyank, Ben and Sapna that I made Puneesh listen everything, I told him to say sorry to my parents, to see what goes around comes around, that what he did with me was wrong and its coming back to him, first he didnt say sorry but then he said uncle aunty I am sorry, I called your daughter that, then I said I did this for my parents, I gave him chance.

Arshi jokes to Priyank that Pooja loves Luv, Pooja says all have started saying it. Priyank goes to Bandagi and says Pooja loves Luv, she confirmed it, you have competition now.

PRECAP- In luxury budget task cushion factory. Shilpa and Vikas will be owners of cushion factories that are competing against each other. Shilpa steals Vikas’s money from his factor’s safe. Vikas says you just stole them like that? he angrily rejects all her cushions.


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