Bigg Boss 11 3rd December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 3rd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Bandagi is evicted only on

Elimination Day
Salman and Katrina welcomes everyone to show. Salman brings Katrina to his room adjacent to Bigg boss house, they look at bedroom of house, and other places. In house, phone rings. Aakash takes call, Salman says hello, I want to talk to Shilpa. Shilpa takes call, Salman says I am down with fever, she says I know. Salman says you have to welcome a guest then all boys have to impress that guest, there are some props, they can use it to impress, take care of our guest, she says for sure, he ends call.

Katrina Kaif come sin house. Shilpa, Bandagi, Hina hugs her.
They all go in garden area. They see props there. They all sit.Shilpa says our useless boys will impress Katrina, they will make roties first and she will rate from 4. Hiten, Luv, Puneesh, Vikas, Aakash and Luv
starts making roties. Aakash raps too. Katrina disqualifies Aakash for his roti. She says Puneesh made is best, Vikas, Priyank and Hiten are next. Shilpa says next contest will be showing off packs whil dancing. All boys tie their shirts on chest and dances funnily, Vikas and Puneesh dances first, Katrina claps for them. Next is Priyank and Hiten, they moves belly and dances funnily. Katrina says Puneesh is out. Shilpa says next round is making sketch of Katrina. Salman connects call to house. Hiten, Vikas and Priyank starts making sketch. Shilpa says what would you to impress her? Salman says I did all. Katrina says Priyank is making horror picture, Shilpa says it must be Hina? Katrina likes Vikas’s sketch. Katrina asks Salman what you will do impress me? he says dialog of Jab take hai jaan. Katrina greets everyone and leaves house.

On stage, Salman says lets see what happened in house today.

In house, Puneesh says to Bandagi that I had to what I did otherwise they wouldnt have stopped. Bandagi says then use tongue otherwise leave the show, avoid Hina and Arshi, dont talk to Arshi at all, its different between girl anb boy on TV, she targeted Priyank first.
Luv says to Arshi that they might be in real love but Puneesh and Bandagi doesnt have chemistry.

On stage, Salman takes off his coat and says lets talk to inmates. He connects call to house. Salman says Puneesh, Bandagi and Luv are nominated, one will be leaving today. Salman says you must have questions in heart, we will answer them later. Salman says Puneesh will go.. but to Sultani ring right now and Luv will go with you, all cheer.

Salman, Luv and Puneesh comes to Sultani ring. Salman says first round is verbal fight, where you will tell why you shouldnt eliminate and you deserve more than the other one to be in game. Luv says Puneesh cheats, Puneesh says Luv got a chance but he failed as neighbors. Luv says he should stop listening to Bandagi. Puneesh says he listens to Hina too. Luv says he curses a lot. Puneesh says he tries to save everyone, I came alone and will leave alone. Salman asks votes for Puneesh, four votes for Puneesh and four votes for Luv, Salman says its a tie. Salman says next and final round is physical fight and you have make other person’s back touch floor, there will be three rounds. Luv and Puneesh starts trying, Puneesh wins first round,in next round, Luv attacks and throws Puneesh on ground, he wins second round. Luv and Puneesh tries to attack each other. Arshi asks Luv to hold his leg.Luv jumps on Puneesh and throws him down, Arshi and Aakash cheer. Luv makes Puneesh touch ground, Hina says its just a game. Priyank says we are happy for Luv. Salman says Luv won today’s fight, Hina and others whistles for him.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says there is one task, I will call inmate, he or she will stand on edge of pool, I will ask questions to inmates, if they say yes then inmate on pool will step in pool, if they keep hearing yes then they will get drowned in pool. Salman calls Hina first. Salman asks Priyank if Hina is insecure about her position? He says yes, Hina steps in pool. Salman asks Vikas if Hina is becoming Arshi’s friend for game? he says yes, Hina steps more. Salman asks Priyank if Hina gave idea to hide trimmers? he says no. Salman asks Vikas if Hina thinks Luv and Priyank will leave before her? he says yes, she steps more in pool. Salman asks Bandagi if Hina doesnt accept her mistake? she says yes. Hina screams and steps more in pool. Salman says next is Vikas. Vikas stands on pool. Salman asks Hina if Arshi’s behavior with Shilpa is liked by Vikas? Hina says yes, he steps in pool. Salman asks Aakash if Vikas and Priyank’s fight is fake? he says yes. Salman asks Hina if Vikas’s ideas have not changed, she says yes. Salman asks Luv if Vikas deserves to be in top 3? he says yes, Salman asks Arshi is Vikas hates Shilpa? she says yes, Vikas drowns in pool. Salman says next is Shilpa. Salman asks Hina if she Shilpa doesnt want to lose kitchen power? Hina says yes. Salman asks Priyank if Shilpa changes sides? he says no. Salman asks Arshi if she doesnt have real friends in house? she says yes except for me. Arshi says she matters to me a ot but after me, yes. Shilpa walks in pool. Salman asks Hina if Shilpa thinks she is winner of show? Hina says yes, even whole house thinks that. Salman says whole house thinks they are winner? Hina says whole house thinks Shilpa thinks she is winner. Shilpa walks more into pool. Salman asks Hiten if Shilpa will never accept Aakash again even for anything, all laugh. hiten says yes. Shilpa waks more into pool and shivers. Salman says next is Arshi. Arshi sits on edge of poola, Salman asks Hina if Arshi gives up in tasks? Hina says yes. Salman asks if Arshi’s friendship with Shilpa was a plan? she says yes. Arshi steps in pool more. Salman asks Puneesh if Arshi will make Shilpa friend again? he says yes. Salman asks Luv if Arshi will nominate her friends? he says yes. Salman asks Shilpa if Arshi is not confident like before? she says yes.

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Salman asks inmates who will leave today? Aakash says Puneesh will leave, Arshi says Bandagi will leave as she doesnt have anything other than Puneesh in game, Bandagi says I dont like that, she says Luv should go, Puneesh says Luv should go, Luv says Bandagi should go, Hina says Luv should go, Salman says Hina is saying this Luv. Priyank says I wont take Luv’s name, Bandagi should leave. Vikas says Luv is trying but still not there, Hiten and Shilpa takes Luv’s name. Salman asks Hina you took Luv’s name, why you think that Luv will leave? Hina says Luv have changed his game but I agree with Vikas, he is weak in game. Salman says Luv you heard what she said, I kept saying to change things, you got golden chances but you will not get them constantly. Salman says LUV IS SAFE. Priyank hugs Luv, Hina is very happy, Arshi says me too. Salman says to Luv that even your family didnt support you but your fans did. Salman says Bandagi or Puneesh will leave, one will be sad, he asks them to move to separate area in their last moments. Puneesh and Bandagi hugs everyone, Salman says if one of them leave then other will be lost in house, they have to decide if they want to leave together or the one who got least votes will leave. They will take decision together. Puneesh says I am leaving, Puneesh and Bandagi hugs everyone.
Puneesh and Bandagi comes to room, there is couch there.
Hina says to inmates that Salman said they will leave together.
Priyank hugs Luv. Priyank hugs Hina too. Luv hugs Hina.

On stage, Salman says I said to them that they can choose if they want to leave together but only the person who got least votes will leave, lets go in house and see their decision. Salman connects call lto house.
Puneesh kisses Bandagi’s hand. Salman says you are sitting together on this couch for last time,you have spent a lot of time in house, I hope you both will remain like after getting out of house too. Bandagi is in tears. Salman says I brought you both in this room so you can decide who can sacrifice and go for other. Puneesh says I will go, Bandagi says no he deserves to be here more. Salman says lets see your journey. Their journey is shown, how Bandagi tries to calm Puneesh everytime is shown, how they used to spend time together, how Puneesh used to pamper her. They are both in tears seeing their journey. Salman says you both are looking like madly in love with each other movie stars. Salman says one will stay and one will leave. Puneesh cries. Salman says one has to go. Puneesh says send me please. Salman says BANDAGI YOU ARE ELIMINATED. Puneesh says please send me too,Salman asks him to be strong, he ends call. Bandagi asks Puneesh to win show. Puneesh kisses her cheek and cries, they hug each other. Bandagi cries. Puneesh says you are a star. Puneesh says I will be back for you, I will see you soon, he leaves room.
Puneesh comes back home, he says Bandagi got less votes. Hina hugs Puneesh, Puneesh cries, Vikas hugs him.
Aakash says to Puneesh that we were friends and will remain friends. Puneesh says we will play together. Puneesh says we wont spare anyone, Aakash says not even Shilpa too.
Arshi says to Aakash that Puneesh can be with you all time now. Aakash says now I will make Shilpa friend again, Arshi asks why? Aakash says its a challenge for me, Salman asked and she said she wont be my friend again so I will make her friend again, I will go against you infront of her, you keep Vikas in your hand.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that game changed, I am alone now, you are alone too.
Arshi asks Hiten to tell Shilpa to not make Aakash her friend, do something and make her hear it, Hiten says Vikas will tell. Arshi says say something but she shouldnt make Aakash friend and then we will nominate Aakash.
Aakash comes to Puneesh and Shilpa, Aakash says to Puneesh that we will sleep together and have fun.
Arshi says to Vikas that I dont want Aakash to be Shilpa’s friend again. Vikas says dont involve me.
Aakash asks Shilpa to atleast accept our friendship, she says never in this birth. Aakash says you remember our dancing? shilpa says I remember everything.
Arshi says to Hina and Vikas that what if Shilpa forgives Aakash? Luv and Vikas says Shilpa will forgive him, Vikas says Aakash will make himself get used, Shilpa will use aakash against Arshi, he is scared of nominations.
Puneesh says to Aakash that Arshi have done a lot of bad work, Aakash says I wont spare her, you, me and Luv are against her, Puneesh says lets see.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Boys of house will serve to women of house, they will be servants. Hina asks Luv to massage her hands nicely, Luv says madam you dont give money. Shilpa asks Aakash to sweep. Arshi says Hiten will massage my feet, she asks him to take off shirt, he says why? he takes off shirt.

In nominations, only one can be saved, Vikas says why it happens with me only.


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