Bigg Boss 11 3rd January 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 3rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikas out of ticket to finale race only on

Day 93
Luv says to Vikas that if I get your bag then I will empty it, Vikas says I wont it. Luv says but I will empty it. Vikas says you are playing personally. Puneesh says why you are not playing as Vikas is saying? he is the player. Vikas says I am just asking about deals, do what you want. Hina shakes her head at Luv, he silently asks why?

Buzzer plays, all inmates run to get bags. Hina asks Vikas to stand behind her. They all stand on mountain.
Aakash have Luv’s bag
Luv have Vikas’s bag
Vikas have Puneesh’s bag
Shilpa have Hina’s bag
Hina have Aakash’s bag
Puneesh have Shilpa’s bag

Hina asks Puneesh if she should open Shilpa’s bag? he says then I will open your bag. Aakash
is opening Vikas’s bag which Luv is wearing, Puneesh says dont mess too much, Aakash says dont worry. Aakash starts emptying Vikas’s bag. Puneesh is emptying Hina’s bag. Vikas is emptying Aakash’s bag which Hina is wearing. aakash says to Luv that all are playing for themselves. All are trying to empty others’ bags. Stop buzzer plays. Hina weighs everyone’s bag and says my bag have least weight, she takes off one magnetic bag from her scoreboard.

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Puneesh asks Luv why he was asking to not empty Hina’s bag when she was emptying my bag.
Hina says to Vikas that Luv is playing for himself only. Vikas says he just want to throw me out of race.
Puneesh says to Luv and aakash that I want Vikas out, Luv says me too.

Buzzer plays, all run to get bags. They stand on mountain. Shilpa exchanges bag with Aakash.
Hina have aakash’s bag
Puneesh have Vikas’s bag
Luv have Shilpa’s bag
Shilpa have Puneesh’s bag
Vikas have Hina’s bag
Aakash have Vikas’s bag

They all start emptying each others bags. Luv is emptying Vikas’s bag, Vikas is emptying Aakash’s bag. Shilpa says you will tear bag, Vikas says its tearing itself. Stop buzzer plays, Hina weighs bags. Vikas’s bag have least weight so he loses one more magnetic bag.

Hina says to Luv that you didnt empty Puneesh’s bag? Vikas is playing with me. Luv says I didnt empty your bag. Hina says you could have thrown Puneesh out of task, Luv says Vikas should be out, he always fool everyone. Hina says we have to throw Puneesh and Aakash out first and then we can throw Vikas out. Luv says okay I will slowly empty Vikas’s bag. She leaves. Luv comes to Aakash and Puneesh. Puneesh says dont listen to her, do what you are doing. Luv says I am on your side, I will tell you everything, I wont go to their side.
Hina says to Vikas that Luv is saying he will slowly empty your bag so I can empty Aakash’s bag.

Buzzer plays, they all get bags and stand on mountain.
Luv have Puneesh’s bag
Aakash have Vikas’s bag
Puneesh have Luv’s bag
Shilpa have Aakash’s bag
Hina have Shilpa’s bag
Vikas have Hina’s bag

Luv starts emptying Vikas’s bag, Vikas is emptying Shilpa’s bag. Shilpa is emptying Hina’s bag. Stop buzzer plays. Hina says Aakash have opened Vikas’s bag from top, Vikas says this is cheating. Hina says they do this. Hina weighs all bags. Luv says I didnt let Vikas’s bag open up. Hina says Bigg boss Vikas’s bag is open from top, was it torn from cable or they did it? Vikas says they emptied it after stopping buzzer. Bigg boss says to Hina that your decision is final so take it. Hina says Vikas’s bag has least weight, they are saying that they didnt tear it so I will take one magnetic bag from Vikas’s score. Vikas says this is cheating. He says to camera that they are all against me, Hina wont agree with me because then her score will go lower and she will be out next time, they wanted to save themselves.

Hina says to Luv that you wont empty Vikas’s bag now. Puneesh asks Hina if Vikas told you that he will save yours? Hina says we told Vikas that we will empty his bag. Puneesh says Vikas said he will protect your bag? but he didnt do it now. Hina says his concentration was somewhere else. Puneesh says its not about concentration,Hina says he wanted to empty other bags. Puneesh says Shilpa was emptying your bag and he didnt stop Shilpa once.
Vikas is sitting alone and says they are all against me, its very difficult to play against 4-5 people, I cant implement my plans.

Bigg boss says to inmates that today’s time for task has ended.
Puneesh says to Luv and Aakash that commoners wont leave, they will leave.

Vikas says to Hina that they opened my bag from top? weight must have fallen off. Hina says if some others do it then I wont count it too, Vikas leaves. Hina says Vikas took my captaincy many times, its payback time, I dont know why I am saving him, thats the difference between us, I just dont want to give ticket to Aakash so I want to throw him out of task first, Vikas doesnt deserve it too but they will not let vikas stay, I tried my best.

Luv asks Puneesh to choose Shilpa or Aakash. Puneesh says we will be out if Hina or Shilpa are against us, its useless to stand against them if they have ticket to finale, if we want them to give ticket to them then they will win, we have to throw them out of task too. Aakash says it will be commoner vs. celebrity. Puneesh asks Luv to leave his friendship with Hina now.

Day 94
Inmates wake up to song josh main.. they all dance and enjoy. Luv and Hina dances.

Vikas is still lying in bed.
Puneesh says Gupta ji is in shock. Hina says he should be.

Alarm plays as Vikas is not waking up. Vikas says I didnt sleep for 2 hours, my health is not good, yesterday in task, I was very stressed. Hina whispers that you did task for yourself, Bigg boss didnt ask you to do the task, you wanted to win ticket and now complaining.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that two people will get ticket to finale, you and Hina. Puneesh says Hina will go home. Shilpa says Hina is in finale, Luv will save Hina’s and Hina will not spare Aakash, you just try to save my bag from Aakash. Puneesh says Luv will take out everyone, he will throw Hina out of task too, he wants the ticket, Shilpa says Vikas wont spare him, Puneesh says Vikas is out of task soon.

Hina says to Luv that me and Puneesh will be in competition with you, if you are against Puneesh then its easier for you so you will play with Puneesh? lets deal, you play against me, Luv says I feel weird, Hina says I want to get the ticket too but its not possible. Luv says you can play your game too, you can trust Shilpa, hina says I cant, she thinks that she doesnt have to care about ticket and all because she get votes, we have to take out Aakash, Luv says if Aakash goes out of task then Puneesh and me will be in difficult situation. Hina says I wont empty your bag, I will empty Puneesh’s bag.

Shilpa says to Luv that now I will empty all the bags, I know whom I want to save, Puneesh is scared that he cant let Hina win the ticket then why he has ego about it? Luv says all want to remove strong contenders, you took out Hiten too. Shilpa says it was an example, I just wanted to break Vikas, Hiten and Arshi’s team, I am not scared of Hiten, I am confident for my fans, game should be how its written, its about requesting others to save you, your ticket is someone else’s hand.

Hina says to Shilpa that we have to take out aakash. Shilpa says to Hina that I will save yours at any cost, Hina says ours will be saved, Shilpa says no Aakash wont let us stay in task. Hina says this task is not about who gets whose’s bag, its about getting a chance, they shouldnt get chance to stand behind each other. hina says its about speed, forget about food and all, we have to be alert. Puneesh says both having conference. Shilpa says its not needed, I trust my fans. She leaves. Hina says she just trust fans. Hina says they are scared. Shilpa says to Hina that we gave them top ranking too but still they are scared, Hina says I could have gone because of saving Luv, its commoner vs. celebrity now.

Bigg boss says time for today’s task starting now. Hina hints at Shilpa. All are waiting at door. Vikas tries to move Luv away and says I was sitting here before, Luv pushes him away. Vikas says dont push me, I was sitting here. Buzzer plays. All run to get bags. Hina asks Shilpa to stand behind her. Vikas exchanges bag with Hina.
Shilpa have Hina’s bag
Luv have Puneesh’s bag
Aakash have Shilpa’s bag
Vikas have Aakash’s bag
Puneesh have Luv’s bag

They all start task, Hina empties Aakash’s bag with Vikas. Luv is emptying Shilpa’s bag with Aakash. Stop buzzer plays, Hina weighs all bags. Hina says Aakash and Shilpa have same least votes, so I am lessening their scores, Aakash have lost all three magnetic bags so he is out of task. Shilpa loses one magnetic bag too.

Hina says someone is in shock, she teases Aakash.
Vikas says to Hina that they will let Shilpa go, Hina says I got the trick, Aakash should have gone before only, they want to throw out good players first. Hina says Aakash is in shock. Shilpa says rat is gone. Aakash says Hina is a dirty players, yes I am rat. Hina says he is out of race, Aakash says I am min top 5.

Inmates run to get bags. Luv and Puneesh stand in middle of the mountain. Puneesh asks Shilpa to come forward, its about position. Hina says we wont go. Shilpa says Hian dont fight.
Shilpa have Hina’s bag
Puneesh have Shilpa’s bag
Luv have Puneesh’s bag
Hina have Luv’s bag

Time starts, Hina tries to empty Puneesh’s bag which Luv is wearing, Luv says Hina you cant snatch it, he glares at him, Hina roughly tries to empty it. Puneesh is emptying Hina’s bag. Aakash says hina is playing dirty, she is ********. Stop buzzer plays, Hina asks how my bag is empty and Shilpa’s bag is not empty? Luv says you didnt let me empty it. Hina weighs all bags. Hina checks her bag. She says my bag have least weight so I am taking out a magnetic bag. Luv says Hina threw me out off mountain. Hina stands near camp where bag is. Luv doesnt allow her to close the door, Puneesh says she was pusshing Luv off. Luv says you started playing dirty, Hina says you people got scared thats why you asked Shilpa to stand ahead of me. Puneesh says your strategy failed. Hina says Luv you are coward. Luv says you are coward, keep quite. Hina says Luv is coward. Luv doesnt respond to her. Aakash says she is in shock, he laughs at her and says all hate you, you are dirty player, you are pinching and pushing people down. Puneesh says you cursed and pushed people, we didnt break rules.

Hina asks Shilpa why she didnt protect her bag? Shilpa says Puneeshh wont listen to me, Hina says you could have put finger in it, Shilpa says you didnt open Luv’s bag, Hina says I was emptying Puneesh’s bag and I didnt let him empty your bag.
Puneesh says to Luv that Shilpa is letting Hina’s bag go empty, celebrities have no loyalties.

PRECAP- In new task, inmates have to guard some items. They will get a chance to win back prize money by protecting items.
Vikas says you cant run with these vases, they will break down, Puneesh says they are of 2lacs, I will break all items, I dont care, you want to show how much I care for money? I will break them, Puneesh tries to runaway with items, Vikas tries to stop him.
Aakash says Puneesh broke it.


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