Bigg Boss 11 4th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 4th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Puneesh and Luv wins and then loses finale tickets only on

Day 94 (continued)
Puneesh asks Shilpa what happened with Vikas? Shilpa says he is in depression, his plans didnt work out. Puneesh says his threats of seeing outside failed too.
Shilpa says his strategy in life is to use mastermind and mess with others. Puneesh says live example is Priyank, Priyank is stuck with him. Shilpa says he threw me out of show and thought I will be coming back and begging to give me work but I have respect and I worked hard, you can never bring me back with blackmailing, he made me sit at home for 2 years because of his master mind. Aakash says wow.

Aakash comes to Vikas and says Shilpa was saying that you made her stay for 2 years out of show and she wouldnt ever comeback to show, he is mastermind in real life too. Vikas says she is such
a liar, she is nominated thats why she is going crazy, if I made her stay at home for 2 years then why she was saying sorry under table to me, she plays dirty, I am shocked.Aakash says they target you, Vikas says she keeps saying that Vikas will go because Luv have pretty face, I dont know if my face is so bad that people wont vote me like Luv is some Hirthik Roshan. Vikas says to Aakash that they have weird logic.

Buzzer plays, inmates run to get bags from camp. They get positions on mountain.
Shilpa have Luv’s bag
Hina have Shilpa’s bag
Puneesh have Hina’s bag
Luv have Puneesh’s bag

Hina is emptying Luv’s bag. Puneesh is emptying Shilpa’s bag. uv is emptying Hina’s bag. Puneesh helps Luv to emptying Hina’s bag. Stop buzzer plays. Hina weighs all bags. Hina sees her bag have least weight and Luv have least weight too so Hina takes out her last magnetic bag and is out of game, Luv’s one magnetic bag is out too.

Hina says I wish I had someone else than Shilpa, I wouldnt have lost, I know how to play.
Aakash says in camera that dont underestimate the power of common man.
Hina says to Shilpa that I saved your bag and took out weight from Luv’s bag too, I kept holding your bag, I didnt leave it for a second, I took out same weight from Luv’s bag with one hand and kept protecting your bag with other hand, Shilpa nods and leaves. Hina says I dont believe in miracles but hard work, you just keep thinking that fans will save you, I wish I partnered with Luv, Puneesh or Aakash, they are fast.

Hina says to Vikas that why are standing on camp door now? they are drama. Vikas says Shilpa doesnt even have interest in the task and she cant win against them both.
Buzzer plays, they get bags of each other and goes to stand on mountain.
Puneesh have Luv’s bag
Luv have Puneesh’s bag
Shilpa have Puneesh’s bag

Puneesh starts taking out weight from Shilpa’s bag. Luv holds his bag and doesnt let Shilpa take out weight from his bag. Shilpa doesnt try to win and lets Luv hold his bag. Stop buzzer plays. Shilpa asks Luv to hold your bag too, she leaves from there. Hina weighs all bags. Hina says Luv’s bag was not opened. Hina says Shilpa’s bag have least weight so I am taking out her last magnetic bag. Bigg boss says to inmates that BB mountain task is ending, Luv and Puneesh have won ticket to finale. Aakash, Puneesh and Luv cheers.

Puneesh says to Aakash that go and see what Shilpa is doing, she is in corner. Aakash sees Shilpa standing in a corner in washroom area. He hums dance basanti and leaves. Aakash laughs. Puneesh says she is too dead now.
Shilpa sits in a corner in shelf. Hina comes there and gets scared, she says you are sleeping like a cat. Shilpa says its cold.
Aakash says to Puneesh that celebs have taken corners now, commoners have become celebs.
Hina comes to Puneesh and Aakash and says did you see Shilpa? I got scared. Puneesh says I thought she was doing makeup. Hina says she is lying down on a shelf.
Puneesh comes and sees Shilpa sleeping on a luggage shelf. HE comes to Hina and asks what sadness is she feeling? Hina says its scary.

Aakash says to Vikas that you seem tired. Vikas says I am ill from two days, I gave up. Aakash says you didnt congratulate Luv and Puneesh, vikas says I am very happy for them but my condition is not fine.
Luv says Aakash has gone to Vikas. Shilpa says Aakash is giving him footage.
Vikas says to Aakash that they are laughing behind my back and then showing concern infront of my face, I dont like it.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that I havent see more delicate guy than Vikas in life.
Vikas says to Aakash that I cared for Puneesh a lot but nobody cares.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that you were right to keep distance from Vikas, there are many people in life, not only him.
Aakash says to Vikas that Shilpa is behind you from always.
Puneesh says to Luv that where you stop thinking, Vikas start thinking from there. Shilpa says those people get destroyed in end, Puneesh says he is. Shilpa says the most bad thing in his fate was Shilpa and she came in house with him, poor him.

Aakash is washing dishes. Puneesh says to Luv that Aakash is wearing boxer, beanie, he is like old house guy. Luv says Vikas is cooking for himself too. Puneesh says he has gone mad, there is roti cooked but he is cooking his own roti, Luv says all are great here.

Day 95
Inmates wake up to song ek chor. ek sipahi.. they all see luxury items in lounge. Luv says it must be about money task. Hina says to Shilpa that they must be robbers and us police, it might be that if we win then they will be out of race. Shilpa says maybe.

Shilpa says to Luv that you people will have to steal to go to finale. Luv says really? Shilpa says make commoners’ group. Puneesh says one commoner will really go. Shilpa says everyone has their own fate, Vikas is only talking to Hina and Aakash. Hina says he will talk to everyone in task. Shilpa says Aakash transfers one thing from there to here, Arshi left her dog. Puneesh says he is like house servant. Luv says I laugh seeing his dressing. Shilpa says he looks like monkey with his cap. Puneesh says he looks like ramu kaka, who share all gossips from here to there, she was saying that, he was telling that.. and Vikas is house’s aunty. Luv says new group is of Vikas, Hina and Aakash, we never saw that. Shilpa says Hina made a deal with Vikas? I was shocked. Luv says she was talking about me to Vikas after task? what game is it? Puneesh says this is the life.

Vikas says to Hina that we can have spot the the place to finale in task. Hina says it can be money or race to finale task again. Vikas laughs and says its going to be fun, they will not care about prize money. Hina says they have no confidence? they know they will lose?

Hina reads task, BB museum task will be about getting prize money back. Hina asks Aakash to sit down, his cap is blocking camera view, Aakash says I will not sit down. Bigg boss asks Aakash to sit down, Hina says very good ghost, Aakash sits down. Hina reads task, there will be items in museum, their total amount is of 25lacs, if they protect these items till next order then they will win 25 lacs but winners of mount BB task, Puneesh and Luv will be robbers time to time, their work will be to steal items from museum and take them to garden and put them in truck in garden, they have to gain more items from each other. Puneesh says the items we steal will lessen the prize money? Hina says yes. Hina reads that they atleast have to steal half of the amount that is 13 lacs to keep their ticket to finale protected, if they dont steal 13lacs amount items then they will lose ticket to finale. First Luv will be guard, and Puneesh will be robber, and Puneesh will be able to steal and take out item to truck only when gong plays. Puneesh says it will be impossible to win that much amount. Hina reads that broken item will not be considered as stolen or as part of museum prize. Hina will be referee of task too.

Hina laughs and says Bigg boss you played nicely. Shilpa says commoners commoners.. jump on shoulders more. Aakash says you did rubbish things, Shilpa says you called me mother and did things then. Aakash says you are **********, *******, you are bullshit. Hina says my God.

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Vikas says to Hina that they didnt let us stand on door in last task and this is happening with them now? this is karma. Puneesh says if you people stand on garden door then I wont be able to steal. Aakash says I will let Puneesh pass from the door, Puneesh you run fast. Hina says if you take robbers’ side when you are guard then you will not be saved on Saturday. Aakash says shut up. Shilpa says we will lose money if you take items. Puneesh says so you want me to sleep in bed and not do task? Luv says I will do what I want. Hina says then I will take items from truck and bring them back, I am referee. Luv says thats not fair. Hina says we saw how fair you people were last day, Puneesh says what cheating we did? you were pulling down people. Hina ask them to concentrate on task. Puneesh says to Luv that they will get hurt if they keep standing on door. Vikas ask them to think carefully, take things which will not be broken, dont try to run with vases. Puneesh says I will break all the things, I will mess up everything one way or another. Puneesh says I will break all the vases. Vikas says it will be total mess then. Puneesh says its good to break all the items. Hina says you have to stop if guards ask you to stop on gun point. Aakash says there are no guns here, commoners rule this house. Vikas asks Hina to not answer, even if we dont win prize money back, we will not let them get finale ticket. Aakash taunts Hina that I should put 13 kilo makeup as I look like ghost, Hina says tsk tsk.

Puneesh says to Luv that they are right too, guards have to stay on door. Luv says we will run through door and if someone is standing on door then he or she will get hurt. Shilpa says this task should be fun. Luv says we can go to truck but someone will get hurt. Puneesh says Hina will be able to stop me? she will be thrown aside with one hard push. Hina says I am alone. Shilpa says you people hit us in head and be happy. Puneesh says have you gone mad? we dont want to hurt and you are saying all this? this is stupid? why you are saying to hit on head? we want to do it peacefully, why should we hit you on head? Shilpa says we will try to stop you. Puneesh says you want to look great and saint so you want to show that we are dying to win and can hit people too? you are showing us bad. Luv says we dont want to hurt anyone and you are asking to hit on head? Aakash says she keeps saying that we climbed up this show using her shoulder? she is a cry baby. Puneesh says they are showing that we are dying to have money, we are not hungry for money or ticket, I will break everything. Luv says we are not dying to have ticket.

Vikas, Luv and Hina are standing near door. Bigg boss says only one guard can protect door at a time, although when robber is trying to steal, other guards can stop robber too.
Gong plays. Puneesh runs and grabs an item. He tries to run from lounge. Hina laughs him and says dont run, she hugs him and takes item from him. She puts it back. Puneesh tries to take an item and run out but Vikas hugs him tightly and says come my brother, all laugh. Luv says robber is roaming freely and guards are his body guard. Hina asks Vikas to protect the door. Aakash shows items to Puneesh and says you want these? Vikas says dont let Puneesh come near door. Vikas says Puneeesh took an item and Aakash didnt even see it. Aakash says when you took it? Puneesh tries to run out to garden but Vikas is stand on door and catches, Puneesh tries to push him aside but Vikas keeps pushing him back. vikas says I have caught you. Puneesh gives item back, Vikas says good attempt. Puneesh tries to run again with an item, Vikas grabs him and lifts him arms and puts him back in lounge and kisses his cheek. Hina laughs and says Vikas your salary will be raised. Puneesh says this guard is like hulk. Puneesh tries to run with a vase, Hina and Vikas catches him, item falls from Puneesh’s hand. Aakash says its broken now. Hina says no its broken, she puts vase back. Puneesh flirts with Hina and asks should we do setting? Hina says police and robber should have relation. Hina laughs. Puneesh takes an item and tries to run out but Vikas catches him and kisses his cheek, Vikas says you will get a kiss whenever you try to run.

Puneesh brings a flower from garden and gives it to Shilpa, he says sorry Shilpa I shouted at you, she says so sweet, its okay.
Puneesh comes to Aakash, Aakash says why did you say sorry to Shilpa? Puneesh says I shouted at her, she does so much for us, I shouldnt have talked so loudly to her, she does many things for me, she supports me everytime, if she said something once to me so I cant hear it calmly? Aakash says I wish I had sane mind like you, Puneesh says you will get it with time, we should listen to one person who does things for you. Aakash says she did things for you not for me.

Shilpa is cooking door and says robber Puneesh you eat it too. Puneesh suddenly takes item and tries to run but Hina catches him and takes item from him. Puneesh starts eating food and takes another item, he tries to run but Vikas stops him, Luv takes item from him. Puneesh takes a vase and says all guards dance otherwise I will break it, its of 2 lacs. Hina and others start dancing. Puneesh tries to run with it, Hina says it will breakdown, Hina, Luv and Vikas catches him and take vase from him. Buzzer plays, Puneesh’s time for robbery ends.

Puneesh holds his ears to Shilpa too. Shilpa says its okay but I was hurt yesterday, you people played very mean game yesterday, you suddenly brought celebrity vs. commoners? we never called you commoners, I never took you people as commoners, Hina dealt with Vikas, you dealt with Luv, my own pool was not mine, you all people were playing for yourselves,you should play for someone else too, all of a sudden its celebrities vs. commoners, you people are not commoners anymore.

Vikas says to Puneesh that its so good that you realized your mistake, its so big thing to accept your mistake. Puneesh says I am really sorry Shilpa, you are like elder sister to me. Aakash says this is all drama, you people have always shown that we are commoners. Shilpa says when did we ask you to not sit with us? not talk with us? we never showed off our statue. Puneesh says Shilpa never did it, Shilpa says no celebrity did it. Aakash says Puneesh why you are saying sorry? Puneesh says I did mistake, I realized it and said sorry, I am not saying sorry on your behalf, Aakash why you bring me in this? Shilpa says to Puneesh that I was asking Luv to say sorry to Hina too, they are friends too. Luv says my case is different, she has been insulting me in tasks.
Aakash says to Vikas that Puneesh knows he will not get finale ticket so he wants to his soft side to audience.

Luv says to Aakash that even if I get to take 13lacs items and put them in truck and what if I get eliminated this week? then someone else will lose 13lacs. Aakash says why do you care? I will play my game, I will try to stop you but its your game.
Bigg boss says Puneesh’s time for stealing has ended, as Puneesh was not able to steal anything then prize money of all the items in museum that is 25lacs has been put as prize money of winner. Hina thanks Puneesh and Bigg boss. Bigg boss says soon Luv will start stealing. Hina says we have to be alert now, if we stop him once then he will calm down.

Gong plays. Luv’s time for stealing has started. Luv takes an item. Hina, Puneesh and Aakash surround him and doesnt let him touch items. Luv says I am just checking them. Luv takes an item and tries to run but Vikas grabs him and says give item back. Luv gives it back. Luv takes another item and tries to run off, he tries to dodge Hina but he falls badly. vikas shouts to not do antics, things will break down. Luv says my shoe lace ot mingled so I fell. Luv gets up and tries to take another item but it falls from stand, Vikas shouts that you are breaking things. Luv says it didnt break, its two piece item.

Aakash says to Luv and Puneesh that we were laughing and enjoying that commoners finally did it, we got tickets. Luv says to Puneesh that what wrong we did that you said sorry to Shilpa? commoners will remain commoners. Puneesh says you could bring it up 2 months back but we are all equal now, Shilpa never showed off that she is celebrity and all, Luv says but they have experience in industry, Puneesh says so? this way they will always have more experience than us, it doesnt mean we will remain commoners, Shilpa have done a lot for me, she supported me so much. Luv says so you have supported her and Hina supported me too but its to play for ourselves, what happened if you played individually once? Puneesh says if she felt bad then I will apologize, Shilpa is far more important to me than any finale ticket.

Buzzer for Luv’s time of stealing ends. Bigg boss says to inmates that Luv failed in stealing anything too. Puneesh and Luv failed to rob items from museum and couldnt win 13lacs so they both lose finale tickets, no one has gotten finale ticket now. Bigg boss says nothing was stolen from museum so money of museum combined 50lacs has been added to prize money of tha show. hina says thank you Bigg boss for this opportunity. All cheer and enjoy.

PRECAP- Bigg boss says to nominated inmates Vikas, Shilpa, Hina and Luv that you will go to mall to ask for votes, there will be live voting in mall and there audience will decide who to eliminate. Inmates are excited to hear it. Hina says this is real game now.
Inmates have to tell why they deserve to go in finale.
Vikas says I will put my full efforts to be in top two.
Hina says I have given my 1000% in everything here.
Shilpa says I am the only one playing alone in this house.
Luv says I am confident to win but not overconfident.


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