Bigg Boss 11 4th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 4th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Salman supports Shilpa against Vikas watch Only on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman is in his room. Siri talks to him and welcomes him. Salman asks her to show highlights. this week’s highlights are shown.

Salman comes on stage. Salman welcomes everyone to show.
Salman says that I thought which profession will suit which inmate, Vikas can become share broker, he has mind, Shilpa can become door to door sales woman, she can eat up costumer’s mind that he will end up buying her product. Bandagi can open paan stall, Sabya can become chef, all laugh. Salman says we want to show you something, captaincy task started last night, they have to move cycle and drink water inbetween, whoever remains on cycle will win task. Ben, Puneesh and Hiten were part of it, Ben left task, lets see who won task.

In house, Hiten and Puneesh

are on cycles. Aakash asks Hiten to pee if he wants. Hiten says for whom?pee for you? I cant waste my pee for you, Arshi says why cant you pee? vikas says he has his reasons, if he doesnt want to pee then dont.
Hina says to Shilpa that Hiten wont pee on camera, his kids are watching, Shilpa says other kids can make fun of his kids and say their father peed on TV.
Hiten says to inmates that I dont want to set example by peeing on TV and I cant bear anymore so I am leaving task, he gets down from cycle and hugs Puneesh.
Sapna says to Shilpa that Puneesh’s parents must be ashamed of him, Ben says he doesnt have shame.
Aakash says to camera that Puneesh is really my father. Vikas says to Bandagi that Hina blamed me for asking Puneesh to pee, I pushed Puneesh to pee because i wanted him to be captain, Bandagi says many people have peed in show before.
Sapna says to Shilpa that I told I wont work if Puneesh becomes captain but my condition that Bandagi alone will clean dishes for three days then I will do every work captain ask me.
Puneesh says to Aakash that this is just start, see what I do now. Clip ends.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman greets inmates and I want to tell Bigg boss have increased my patience level. Salman greets Aakash and says you have made a song? Aakash says Hina and me have made a song. Salman says I dont know because I dont listen your songs so much but sing now. hina and Aakash sings. Salman says very well, you are doing good for show. Salman says to Pooja that how you sing even Lata ji cant sing like that, all laugh, Salman says the way you sang afreen, nobody can sing like that, please sing. Pooja sings tu bewafaa hai afreen. All clap. Salman says one person is missing in house, that bull is missing and there is witness box there today, he asks who deserves to go there? fingers are pointing where? Aakash says Vikas, Salman says you have to tell that considering all week, who you think was villain of house this week, Hina says Vikas, Shilpa and all others point at Vikas. Salman asks Vikas to stand in witness box. Vikas does. Salman says Vikas rest there, he ends call.

Salman says Shilpa jokes and Vikas scared and tried to runaway from house.

In house, Shilpa says to Puneesh that when they ask you whom to send to jail then give my and Vikas’s name, it will be so much fun and asks bigg boss to close space where he breaks away from jail. Arshi says send Hiten and me too, Vikas laughs.
Arshi makes fun of Puneesh peeing, Shilpa says to Puneesh that Vikas provoked you to pee on TV, send him to jail. Puneesh says no one provoked me,I did. Arshi says kids pee too. Shilpa says kids are my fan too, Arshi says no only young and oldies are you fan, they laugh.
Arshi asks Shilpa to ask Vikas how many roties he want? Vikas asks Arshi to give him water please. Shilpa says he can only order, cant do his work. Vikas is eating silently. Shilpa says he orders people. Arshi goes to give him water. Shilpa asks Puneesh to give work to Vikas too, Puneesh says he has hand problem. Shilpa says then why he came in house? Vikas cant leave house, there still some things left. Arshi gives water to Vikas. Shilpa acts like crying and says Gupta ji is leaving, please dont leave. Vikas comes in kitchen and cleans his plate. Shilpa comes to him and says please dont leave. Vikas gets angry and throws plate in anger, he shouts that I am praying, you dont give food,you are mental, totally mental, cant even let me eat, you keep talking, your mind is crazy, Vikas leaves. Shilpa says to inmates that I was crying that Gupta ji cant leave, he threw whole food, all laugh at her antics.
Vikas comes in garden and says to Pooja that she cant even let me eat, she keeps talking and taunting, she doesnt let me eat at all.
In kitchen, Shilpa says Bigg boss will save Gupta ji.
Luv says to Vikas that dont waste food. Vikas says I cant eat with so much torture, Ben says you go Vikas, Vikas says I am done, I am leaving this week, I am done, she is like step mother and cant let me eat, Puneesh says you cant bear anymore. Vikas says she is like always over my head, always taunting me.
Hina says to Sapna that there must be something that Vikas have done that Shilpa is doing so much with him, Sapna says we dont know what Shilpa have in heart against him. Hina says Shilpa must be so bitter that she is doing all this with Vikas, I dont know who is saying truth between them. Sapna says Shilpa is very nice. Hina says if someone is hungry then Shilpa goes to cook for that person, she is very helpful and nice, Sapna says we cant tell who is right or wrong between Vikas and Shilpa, clip ends.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says to Vikas that what is happening with you in house, at food table, in bedroom and at everywhere, the way you are bearing it, the way you are not reacted that much, I dont know how I would have reacted, you are incredible for bearing all this calmly. Vikas gets teary eyed and asks can he go to washroom? Salman says take your time,breath. Vikas wipes his tears. Salman says so much is happening with him, thats too much, Hina and others agree. Puneesh says he is wrong for trying to runaway from house. Bandagi says he is bearing too much torture. Salman says running from house is cowardice, Vikas says I am scared of my reaction, I try to remain calm but I dont want to do things on TV that I cant see thats why I want to leave. Salman says if you were not on TV then what you would have done? Vikas says I would have tied and asked her to tell whats her problem? what have I done with her? she made up a story. Salman says you both did mistake in your old show, you threw Shilpa from show and she didnt get work for 2.5years but I also said that no personal comments will be passed. Shilpa says I indirectly passed couch comment. Vikas says I didnt have allegation of casting couch, I was in a relationship with a person, when it came out, that person went to police and filed complaint that I was involved in casting couch but it was proved that we were in relationship, he hurt me and Shilpa doesnt know anything but keeps taunting me.Shilpa says Vikas was worst performer in task, he didnt do anything but at the end no one took his name when Bigg boss asked about worst performer, so I asked Vikas what he did with inmates? I joked about couch thing but Bigg boss warned me and I said sorry, Salman says Bigg boss warned you and you said that you will say sorry to Vikas, Salman says to Vikas that she said sorry but you didnt accept it. Vikas says I asked her what wrong did I do with her, I called all inmates and told her to clear everything. Salman says no other inmate is involved between your matter, they dont have to interfere in all this, they dont know who is right or wrong, dong get into their personal problem, he says to inmates that they are making this show about Shilpa and Vikas only, dont get involved and give attention, he says to Vikas and Shilpa that you can fight and taunt all you want, but dont go personal and Vikas you cant try to runaway like that, you are in command outside but you are controlled here and you asked of questions that you cant handle, you will know how much you learn here later. Vikas says if she doesnt go personal with me, she told every inmate that I made MMS against her. Salman asks Sabya if Shilpa said that? Sabya says I was making food, Shilpa said that Vikas made MMS of mine. Vikas says this is not comedy, Shilpa says I didnt take Vikas’s name only, I said team was behind it. Vikas says she goes behind limits. Shilpa says I dont take sympathy by crying. Ben says when I asked Shilpa if Vikas hurt her then Shilpa said team hurt me a lot, she didnt take Vikas’s name. Salman says to Vikas that if she was thrown out of show, if she didnt get work for 2.4 years then she must be bitter, it doesnt matter if you didnt meet her, you keep taunting her about her being step mother, you keep trying to give attention to her, you keep coming back to her so this topic remain open and you keep fighting with her. Hina says yes, Shilpa makes jokes and when she goes behind limit, Bigg boss stop her but Vikas keeps fighting with her. Salman says Vikas you keep her behind you, you keep making this topic running, you have to learn that if you say something then you will get return, she didnt go personal. Vikas says I never start fight with her. Hina says his problem is he doesnt have patience. Shilpa says others taunt and you dont? Vikas says she keeps calling me Gupta ji this and that. Salman says you both have past but it was outside this house, you brought it in house, you have to beat each other now, who can bear more will be doing good in show. Salman says to Shilpa that I am having great time watching and Vikas the more you get irritated the more she will do it, both their actions are appreciated, other inmates are not even seen, if they run away then no one will notice and Bigg boss wont even stop them. Salman says Mehjabi, Luv, Ben and Sabya are those inmates, all laugh. Salman ends call.

In house, Aakash hugs Shilpa. Shilpa says I am fine.
Vikas says to Bandagi that Shilpa wont go personal now.
Shilpa says to Hiten that i dont go personal with Vikas, she pats on Bandagi and asks if she had any problem with her personally? did I ever ask you to go to Vikas and have fun? Bandagi says you were wrong, you poked him with pool stick, you took off his blanket. Bandagi says you were wrong too, dont touch me, Shilpa says get lost, Bandagi says you can get lost too.

Arshi says to Shilpa that you dont need anyone, you made me understand that you dont need anyone, dont discuss about Vikas to anyone, you asked Bandagi why? Shilpa says I asked her to clear things, Pooja says dont have expectation with anyone here.
Puneesh says to Vikas that Shilpa is on sky now, Bandagi says she was patting on my shoulder and asking me what she did with me, if she touches me again then I will make it an issue.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says we suddenly realized there are other people than Shilpa and Vikas, all laugh. Salman jokes this was their plan from outside, all laugh. Salman says what if Vikas and Shilpa falls in love? this cute fight show that I shouldnt get married but if you both marry then it will be fun. Shilpa gives sour expression, all laugh. Salman says extreme hate is love too. Shilpa says Salman are you done? Salman says yes, keep it going, all laugh. Salman says now lets talk about cushion factory task, Vikas you were incredible in task, Shilpa was winning but you took it in end, you used your mind and made people see that without fighting, task can be done but inmates didnt get luxury budget because task didnt happen and who was part of all this? Vikas with mind didnt let task happen. Salman asks Hina what you would have done? Hina says Shilpa stole money in first round but in 2nd round, I would have done work, they were just thinking about money and completing orders. Salman says to Shilpa that you stole his all money? you tried to open his safe with your key and it was very smart, but what were you expecting after that? Shilpa says I approved his pillows in last so we get luxury budget, after stealing money I thought Vikas will calm down but he destroyed everything, people made him understand that he has to do task but he was like do you work. Hina says Vikas was rude. Vikas says I didnt have money to give to workers but my workers didnt leave me. Salman says its your charm, you pull people towards, Shilpa laughs. Salman says it seems like Vikas let luxury budget task for your selfish individual task, Vikas says yes I was selfish, if I approved Shilpa’s pillows then she would have won but I openly said I want to win secret task. Hina says he didnt tell this before. Shilpa says Vikas would have gotten chance to become captain again, Vikas says you stole my money too. Salman says in start of task, Shilpa played master stroke but what went wrong? Hina says if Shilpa gave us money in last round then she would have won, she gave all money to Aakash and made her team go against her. Salman says Shilpa wanted Aakash to become captain and all her plans failed because of that. Shilpa says no, I knew Vikas wont pass my order so I asked workers to gain points, I asked Aakash to give money to my workers, I gave them some money but they asked about more money, I told them I want some money for myself too. Hina says she could have won with 50 points. Shilpa says I didnt want to win task? Salman says why? Bandagi says Shilpa was confused if to give money to Aakash or distribute between workers. Hina says Shilpa trusted Arshi and gave her 20k, Arshi was always in Vikas’s team, how could trust her? Aakash says Luv did that too, Hina says Vikas won because of Shilpa’s mistake. Salman says I will comeback, he ends call.

Salman says Puneesh became captain, Bigg boss gave him task that he had to choose top 5 rule breakers of house, first rule breaker will get one punishment, 2nd will get two punishments, 5th will get 5 punishments.

In house, Puneesh chooses inmates who break rules. He chooses Bandagi on 1st spot, he chooses Ben on 2nd, Hina on 3rd, Arshi on 4th and Vikas on 5th. Aakash says fair decision. Bandagi’s punishment it that muddy water will be thrown on her. Puneesh pours cold muddy water on her. Ben will get muddy water on her and have to drink fish sauce. Ben completes her punishments. Arshi says next is khatrom k khiladi. Hina’s first punishment is muddy water, then fish sauce, then have to slap herself with fish. Hina completes her punishments. Arshi is next, first punishment is muddy water on her, Arshi shivers throw it, Puneesh says she is squirming like snake. Arshi drinks fish water, slaps herself with fish and 4th punishment is to put 4 clips on her face. Vikas is fifth, Vikas says Puneesh put me on 5th number. Puneesh says you broke jail, you beat me. Puneesh throws muddy water on him, Vikas says its too cold, then he makes Vikas drink fish sauce, Vikas makes face and says its too bad, he drinks it and coughs, then he slaps himself with fish. Aakash says see Shilpa. Vikas puts five clips on his face, his last punishment is to brush his teeth with mustard sauce, Vikas says I will do it, Puneesh says I am captain, I will put sauce on brush, Puneesh does. Vikas brushes his teeth with mustard paste and dances in task.

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On stage, Salman connects call to house and says Ben got most points and became contender for captaincy but who are those intelligent people that gave her points? all laugh, Ben says dont do it. Salman says all are asking it. Arshi says it was thought that they wanted captaincy in their hands because they want to be saved from nomination, they dont care about luxury budget, for them captaincy is just about saving from nominations. Salman asks Sapna if Ben becoming contender for captaincy was right? Sapna says no, I didnt give money for Ben but for Hiten. Hina says me to gave for Hiten or Priyank. Salman says you people wanted to give to other person but Ben got it? Ben says I am not scared of nominations anymore, I wanted it this chance. Salman says you should be scared of nominations most, are you nominated this week? she says yes. Salman asks Priyank why he gave money to Ben? Priyank says I thought to give chance to Ben and she can prove herself. Salman says you didnt want to become captain? Priyank says all are deserving, I have comeback last week only. Salman says no one wants to become captain in this season but they want to give powers to their favorites so they can rule from behind or you all have very big heart. Bandagi says I want to become captain. Salman says I want to know why you all chose Ben for captaincy? when she havent done anything in house, she is not seen in house at all, why Sapna doesnt want to become captain? Sapna says they wont take my name, Puneesh doesnt deserve to be captain, me, Bandagi, Hina did work, Bandagi’s point is that she changed task with her money, then Arshi gave money to Vikas too. Arshi says Shilpa have made me learn that only you understand me, she leans forward towards Salman, Salman says she needs to learn herself, all laugh.
Salman connects call to caller of week. Caller is Anil and wants to talk to Sapna, Anil says Sapna I really like to watch you, all chose Hiten for captaincy and didnt take another so you cried, whose name you wanted to take? Sapna says they all take one name as a group but not other one, I cried because Hiten is very nice, he can make people learn from him but I wanted to give my name too for captaincy, all deserve to be captain and I want to be captain too, but they dont even take my name. Salman says to Sapna that as far as we have seen, you will be really nice and calm captain, caller ends call.
Salman says to inmates that now its time for nomination, one can leave, two can leave, three can leave.. anything can happen, any twist can happen.. Salman says Sabyasacchi, Shilpa, Hiten, Sapna, Hina, Bandagi, Priyank, Pooja and Ben are nominated. Salman says I will tell tomorrow who is eliminated. Salman ends call and signs off from show.

In house, at night, Puneesh and Bandagi lies in one bed, they are under cover, Puneesh goes closer and says give me a kiss, she says what if anyone comes? he says no one will come, just a small one, come here, he pulls her closer, they seem like kissing in dark.

PRECAP- Tomorrow secrets of inmates will reveal. Each inmate will come in camera booth and have to tell one of their secrets.
Arshi says in camera that in 2015, a scandal came to front.
Hina says in camera that once I ranaway from my house,
Priyank says in camera it was Vikas
Vikas says in camera they all have cornered me, I didnt tell anything wrong to Priyank.
Ben says in camera if you bear mental torture and people dont understand then its painful.
Sabya says in camera I was in abusive relation.
Salman says it will be fun when they tell their secrets. One will be eliminated tomorrow.


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