Bigg Boss 11 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas plans and plot whole captaincy task only on

Day 65
Inmates wake up to chota bacha smajh ke.. they all dance. Puneesh says I miss you Bandagi.

Arshi says to Luv that your luck is working, you are last neighbor here. Hiten brings tea and says you both are young. Arshi says Hiten is most young here. Arshi jokes I am incomplete without Hiten. Puneesh sings.Arshi says you flip Puneesh.
Puneesh says to Shilpa and Vikas that Arshi wants me to leave Shilpa and for whom? vikas says dont listen to her.
Arshi jokes that step mother ate up step son.

Aakash raps, Puneesh says Vikas nominates. Aakash says its good that I didnt listen to Vikas and never worked for him. Hiten asks whom you saved? Aakash says I saved Shilpa, Salman said that I cant be Shilpa’s friend again but I did it, you are a big star but
you couldnt do anything in house, Hiten says yes I am nothing infront of you. Puneesh says what if you get saved Aakash? Aakash says all will be shocked that I threw Shilpa out of house.

Hiten reads captaincy task, all will be contenders for captaincy, after sometime they will be keep getting out of task. Task is BB daycare, each one will get doll and pram. You all will be babysitter, one inmate’s doll and his/her pram will be given to another inmate and that inmate will be responsible for it. Priyank will be doll and his babysitter will be Shilpa. Doll Arhi’s babysitter will be Vikas. Doll Luv’s babysitter will be Punees, Doll Aakash’s babysitter will be Hina, Doll Shilpa’s babysitter will be Arshi, doll Hina’s

babysitter will be Hiten, Doll Vikas’s babysitter will be Luv, Doll Puneesh’s babysitter will be Priyank and Doll Hiten’s babysitter will be Aakash. After sometime a baby cry will be heard, at that time all babysitters have to take their dolls and prams and park them to daycare, the ones who cant park in parking lot will be out of task and his doll will be out of captaincy race, first babysitter to get out of task will become referee, the babysitter who disqualifies from the task will park his or her pram in the parking lot permanently so spots will keep getting less. At the end of task, the babysitter who have his/her doll save and parks it in parking lot in end, that doll will become captain. Puneesh says I will play like pram is mine.

Hina says to Hiten that I want to be captain. Aakash says me too. Puneesh says I will my efforts.
Hina says to Hiten that I wont give up, I will give my best for Aakash.
Arshi asks Vikas to save her, I will try to save Shilpa too. Vikas says I always give my best in tasks.

Task starts, all inmates take their prams. Hiten says my babysitter has not arrived. Buzzer plays, they all run to parking lot, Vikas says its not for running to parking lot, its for game starting. Viaks says my doll is a snake.Puneesh makes Arshi’s doll and Luv’s doll kiss. Vikas says no adult stuff with babies, Arshi laughs. Vikas says we can go in house.

Arshi makes Shilpa doll swim in pool. Luv slaps his doll and says you dont eat food. Vikas says to Shilpa you wont play with baby? bless this baby, Arshi says its better to kill baby before taking witch’s blessings. Puneesh asks Hiten to be careful.Puneesh follows his pram. Aakash says Hina and Arshi beats babies. Arshi says I crush babies under my feet.

Vikas and Hiten puts prams in lounge. Vikas says Hiten should be referee. Hiten says not me. Hiten says my doll is innocent. Shilpa says she is not innocent, she might be your good friend.

Vikas says to Hiten that you have to become referee.

Baby cry is played, all run to parking lot with their prams. Priyank is left at the end and couldnt park his pram which has doll Puneesh. Priyank says Puneesh is out of captaincy, I am sorry Puneesh, Puneesh now you become referee. Vikas says he deliberately got slow, its his pram, he is very intelligent, very smart. Arshi says if I dont put Shilpa’s pram then she will be out of captaincy? Hiten says yes, Arshi says it wouldnt hurt me so I can do it. Priyank asks Shilpa to make him captain, she asks if he will save Puneesh if he becomes captain? Priyank says if its in my hands then I will do it, she says fine then.

Priyank says to Hina that you wont become captain, Hina says I want to be, Priyank says I want to be too but if I dont become then its fine, I know there will be grouping, I asked Shilpa so she asked me to save Puneesh, Hina says what is Puneesh? Priyank says I will do it if I become captain.

Arshi laughs and says to Hina that look at Shilpa’s doll. Puneesh says your upbringing is shown, hina says you have made her troller, Arshi asks Puneesh to not say rubbish. Baby cry buzzer plays, all run to parking lot. Arshi is left behind and cant get parking lot.Priyank says Arshi had Shilpa doll, Shilpa is out of captaincy. Hina looks at doll and says its looking like Annabelle doll.

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Arshi says sorry to Vikas and says I was not prepared, Vikas says use your mind, we have to occupy maximum spaces, game is not just played individually, use your mind, I will tell what to do, she says okay.

Aakash says to Arshi that if you dont say anything to Shilpa then I wont say anything to you, I am giving you option, Arshi says you are just guest for 4 days, dont give me option. Aakash says we will be cool if you agree, Arshi says who is Shilpa? Aakash says you are a friend, just be cool for 4 days with her then when I leave, you can mess with her, arshi says okay, Aakash says sorry, she says sorry, he asks for kiss, Arshi kisses his cheek.

Vikas says to Hiten that you wont become captain. Aakash says Arshi will be captain, I did everything with Arshi as a lie. Aakash says Hiten saved me one time, so I made him captain once but I am tired, I am done, I am not playing anymore, Hiten says defeat nicely, you have gone mad.

baby cry plays, all run to park their prams,Vikas says dont run. All run to parking lot but Aakash remains behind and doesnt take Hiten’s pram inside, Hiten is out of task. Hiten says very good Aakash, people saw real you. Priyank says Hiten is out of task. Aakash says I still love you Hiten, Hiten says me too.
Hina says to Priyank and Luv that if I had to choose between myself and Aakash then I will choose myself. Hina says Vikas wont make me captain, they will make Arshi or Viaks captain.
Vikas says to Hiten that they have made group. Vikas says to Puneesh that first Hina will leave then Priyank will leave, if they throw me out then they can get chance. Puneesh says I can stop Shilpa, Vikas says first Hina will go then Priyank will go, then we will see what happens.

Vikas says to Puneesh that please listen to me, whatever happens in game, remember to not do mistake. Puneesh says Arshi wont become captain, Vikas says just remember that Luv shouldnt be captain.
Vikas comes to Arshi and says Hiten left, they have made group, they wont agree to make you captain. Arshi says why we have to ask them to make me captain? Vikas says why did you threw Shilpa out of task. Arshi says you wont make me captain? Vikas says Puneesh will be help me but no one loves anyone here, they will play individually. Arshi says to Vikas that you can do for Bandagi but not for me? I understood your game, Puneesh will be nominated now.

Arshi is crying. Aakash shows her sweater and says you can wear, she says I dont want to.
Vikas says to Hiten that Puneesh wont let Arshi become captain.
Aakash wipes Arshi’s tears and says dont cry. Arshi says I love you a lot. Aakash hugs her and says I cant stay here anymore, I can do all this anymore.
Puneesh says to Vikas that if I get in nominations then I want Luv and Arshi to be in nominations too. Vikas says I have to send Luv to nominations, Puneesh says its in my hands.
Arshi says to Aakash that I wanted to see if Vikas will make me captain. Aakash says you had hope? she says yes, Aakash says now? she says no. Aakash says thank God you have truth now.

Hina says to Hiten and Vikas that I want to be captain, rest I will leave to you people, I gave my captaincy for a lot of people, I cant plan and plot, I can kick and throw, I just want to be captain. vikas says you want Aakash to be captain? Hina says no, you did with Hiten too, I just want to be captain, she leaves. Vikas says to Hiten that if they do mistake then its a mistake but if someone else do it then its about values.

Hina says to Aakash that I dont want to be captain, Hina says I am fighting for you and doing nice for you. Aakash says I am not drugged, I dont want to be captain, make Arshi captain, I dont want to be captain. Hina says to Vikas that Aakash is saying himself so I wont go.

Baby cry is played, all run parking lot with their prams. Hina doesnt go to parking lot and Aakash is out of captaincy race. Priyank says now the remaining contenders are Priyank, Luv, Arshi, Hina and Vikas.

Bigg boss says to inmates that time for today’s task has ended.
Hiten makes Luv and Priyank’s dolls lie in pram, Shilpa laughs and says its Dostana 2.

Priyank says to Vikas that you cleared you want to make Arshi captain instead of me. Vikas says its not my game alone. Priyank says I want to be captain, I am telling you now. Vikas says you are late now, Puneesh and Arshi came to me first, this is not individual game, he leaves. Luv says to Priyank that you cant play alone in this game, Priyank says I am playing with you.
Vikas says to Shilpa that Luv have control of my name only.
Luv says to Priyank that I am still safe because I have Vikas’s name in my hand.

Arshi says to Vikas that Aakash told me you wont make me captain. Vikas says Aakash is mad, he can say anything. Arshi says why you want to keep Puneesh in game? he said he wont allow me to become captain, I am against Puneesh too. Puneesh comes there. Vikas says Aakash told Arshi that you and me talked and we said that Arshi wont be captain. Aakash tells her half talks. Arshi says dont do drama infront of me. She leaves. Puneesh asks Vikas what is this. Vikas says I wont tell openly to take out my name.
Arshi says to Priyank that Vikas and Puneesh decided to not make me captain, why did they make Bandagi captain? for love?

Luv asks Vikas why he cant save his name? Vikas says Puneesh wont make you captain,if you think you can be captain then you are wrong, if you become captain then you might save your friends, there is no guarantee here.
Arshi says to Priyank that Vikas will say rubbish. Priyank says I want to see what he is going to do this time, he said that I came late to him? why should I go to him? he can make you captain but he doesnt want to. Arshi says if you become captain, Vikas become captain or me, I have no tension.

Arshi says to Vikas that you are doing all this to save Puneesh, you are stooping to Puneesh? Arshi says to Hiten that Vikas didnt take your side, my side or Priyank’s side because he is on Puneesh’s side, he was always with Puneesh and Bandagi, we are not important to him. Vikas says dont put fire here, dont tell Hiten is not my friend, you keep flipping, you say anything, he leaves. Aakash says Vikas is lying thats why shouting.
Vikas says to Hiten that Arshi is going mad because she is not becoming captain.
Luv says I want Arshi to say that she wants to be captain. Priyank asks Arshi if it was between Vikas and you, whom you want to be captain? Arshi says myself. Luv says we can be with you, I am telling vikas that I am playing from his side but I can flip, tell me you want to be captain. Arshi smirks.

Puneesh says to Hiten and Vikas that Arshi and Priyank have talked, they have said that if they make Arshi captain then she wont save Puneesh, I have told Shilpa that I will throw Priyank out of task tomorrow.

Aakash says to Shipa that listen to me, Arshi is crying, I want to leave happily, I just want you to be friend with Arshi when I am here, just for my sake. Shilpa says not Arshi, I wont do it, not Arshi. Arshi comes there. Shilpa says my foot, Arshi says talk to my hand. Shilpa says to Aakash that I have self respect, you area fool. Aakash says I didnt have friends like you, Shilpa says she is a drama. arshi says you are biggest drama Shilpa,get lost, I dont want to talk to you. Shilpa says talk to me looking in my eyes, Arshi says get lost. Aakash says I am sorry Shilpa, I called you, Shilpa leaves. Arshi says she doesnt deserve my sorry, Aakash says I just wanted you both friends. Arshi says it cant happen, Aakash laughs and says what I tried to do.

PRECAP- BB daycare task continues. Baby cry buzzer plays, all run to parking lot with their prams and dolls. Hina shouts Hiten to run with her doll but Hiten is late and couldnt park Hina’s doll. Hina is out of captaincy race, Bigg boss says Vikas and Hiten’s planned changed the game. Hina says this is not fair Hiten, Hiten says I tried but they blocked my way. Vikas says I wont allow him parking lot. Hiten says I am doing this for my friend. Hina says Hiten runs behind Vikas’s tail, your wife was right when she asked you to not be a follower but be a leader.


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