Bigg Boss 11 5th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 5th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Crazy mall experience for Shilpa, Luv, Hina and Vikas only on

Day 96
Inmates wake up to song morr aya dil chor aya.. They all dance and enjoy. Aakash dances with Vikas.

Hina is humming and goes to washroom. Shilpa asks Luv if he is not talking to Hina? you are younger, say sorry and end it. Luv says why? Shilpa says you both have been supporting each other, Hina wanted to get ticket with me too, she made a group, task ended. Luv says she said things to me, she should say sorry. Luv says I always accept my mistake. Shilpa says its just last week. Luv says she should feel that she have done mistake, if she says sorry once then I will say sorry many times.Aakash says she is your best friend. Luv says I didnt do crime for playing for myself for once.

Bigg boss says to inmates that we want to tell nominated inmates
that voting lines were closed this week but voting will happen for elimination and only audience will do this voting but differently, the four nominated inmates Vikas, Shilpa, Luv and Hina will get to meet their fans in shopping mall, they will appeal for votes and their fans will vote for them then and there infront of them in a secret ballet box, we wish you luck. All are excited. Vikas sings morr aya.. Vikas says I knew it. Vikas hugs Luv and says this is good time for us, we havent seen fans voting for us. Hina says I didnt ask for votes before. Shilpa says I have given selfies for fans a lot. Vikas says when I used to be with my brother, people used to take photos with him and I used to take their photos. Puneesh says Bigg boss is not sending us, Aakash says I dont want to go.

Puneesh says to Vikas and Hina that please all comeback. Hina sys Shilpa have upper hand as she is Maharashtran. Hina says I am just excited to go out. Vikas says I want to see outside world. Shilpa says even if we lose with this voting, it will be like winning, we are going out after so much time. Puneesh says to Shilpa that when you go out so say something in Marathi. Puneesh says Hina might leave, Shilpa says no way.

Vikas reads instructions, before going to mall, nominated inmates have to face a debate in house, nominated inmates will be questioned by other inmates, other inmates will try to bring their true face out and blame them for deeds and nominated inmates will have to give their opinion and debate.
Aakash starts debate, he says Hina plays dirty, she cheated as referee. Hina says I have given my 1000% in tasks, sometimes things happen in tasks but that doesnt mean I deserve to leave, mistakes happened from Vikas and he moved on so this is not a valid reason. Shilpa says Hina you get aggressive about others work, you ask others to work and get angry but you dont do work. Hina says my opinion is to not sing about your work, if you are doing work then dont brag about it. Shilpa says I never bragged about it, the inmates left because they didnt deserve to be here and I deserve to be here. Vikas says to Hina that you are so much involved in tasks but not involved in house, you dont get involved with inmates, you have your own lala land, Hina laughs. Hina says I talked to you and asked if you are in task? so you said that you are not even in this house. Vikas says it was a moment but you live like that, I was lying in bed because I was ill. Luv says Hina has most shots of being in bed. Hina says my bed have been most clean. Vikas says you are I, me and myself only. Hina says it should be. Luv says I told you before task that I will be with Puneesh in task and says you said that you are not selfish and will not feel bad but in task, you were pushing me off, trying to throw me out, then you insulted me. Hina says I was just pulling bag and you insulted me, you were finger pointing at me. Luv says you started that, you started saying that I am coward so I answered you, you can apologize but you cant. Hina says I always run behind you to pacify you, you are selfish friend, you were with me whole time and now you commoner.Luv says you said you will never play with Vikas. Hina says because my friend was not with me, Shilpa was playing individually and you all three become commoners suddenly so I didnt have any option, you were blocking door and wont let girls go inside, Puneesh accepted it, Puneesh says I never said it, you make big issue of words, you cant listen to others, you are not a good listener. Hina says you cursed people not me. Luv says we are talking about you Hina, you are nominated. Puneesh says Hina you have nice face but very ugly reactions, buzzer plays. Puneesh says get lost. Hina says time will tell you for telling me get lost. Puneesh says I said such a bad word, 0 points. Puneesh says I was trying to give reason that she needs makeup so she should go out but she started all this. Luv says I gave my captaincy, I saved your egg to make you captain.
Puneesh says Hina start fighting in seconds.
Hina says to herself that Bigg boss why you make me do all this.
Puneesh says to Aakash that Hina is a vamp, she will lose, these characters never win, she will become bollywood actress.

Luv’s debate start. Vikas says you become aggressive, you react too much. Luv says when I used to not react then you degraded me that I am a fool. Vikas says you have to be sensitive too while playing for yourself. Luv says you have given more reactions than me. Shilpa says Luv you react too much. Hina says you have problem of reacting, you have confidence that you got saved from Hiten, Priyank.. we were shocked, Luv is getting votes then your confidence went down and you suddenly become commoner? Luv says I am not overconfident, I have hunger of living here. Hina says as a friend I want to say that its better to lose against the best than to win against the worst. Puneesh says you are calling me worst? you are pointing at me? Hina says I didnt take your name, if he disappointed his fans then he doesnt deserve to be here.

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Luv says to Shilpa that Hina is calling me bad friend when I was with her for whole season. He says to Hina that you have hurt me to the core, he leaves. Hian cries, Vikas consoles her. Hina says I have done so much for him, this is friendship? he is bringing all this in a fight? I have never talked about clothes and everything, Luv can do anything for a game, I saved him from nominations, I put myself in danger, he is very selfish. Vikas says he is, Priyank realized it thats why he changed sides. Hina says I never feel bad about things. Luv comes there. Vikas asks Luv to resolve. Luv says she didnt apologize, Hina did this with Priyank too, she didnt talk to him, Hina says I gave him christmas gift not you, shut up, Luv says I dont want to talk too. Luv says she felt bad when I talked about her bossy nature on weekend so I said sorry. Hina says to Vikas that you can ask Priyank how much I apologized him for things, she leaves. Vikas says to Luv that this is last week, you both love each other, end all this,go to her, Luv says she never comes to me, I did everything to see all this?
Hina cries and says I wish I go home today, I dont want to stay here.

Vikas’s debate time starts. Hina says to Vikas that you were playing nicely when your friend were here but now you are not putting efforts. Vikas says I lost last task only. Luv says you won tasks because of majority. Vikas says Hina, Priyank and Luv had trio too. Luv says you had more people on your side. Puneesh says you can make plans but you are weak, as soon as you think game is going out of your hands, you become depressed. Luv says to Vikas that you always think you will win all tasks, you are losing tasks from last some weeks. Vikas says I have made friends win, you never give back to your friends, Sapna, Priyank left because they wanted to save you, you use your friends,you are a selfish person who plays for yourself only, I saved you against Aakash but you didnt make me captain, I saved people whom I promised. Luv says I have always returned the debts of my friends. Vikas says you dont know loyalty, you just see opportunity, you never return back. Buzzer plays.

Shilpa’s time for debate. Vikas says I always complain that you are not involved in tasks, either you dont like tasks or you are too confident to win without doing tasks. Shilpa says I have been playing alone since day one, I never made teams, Vikas says you made teams with Puneesh, Arshi, what are you saying? Hina says you are always standing in kitchen, Shilpa says you stand in kitchen for two days and then say. Hina says I didnt come to stay here in kitchen, I have come to play here, you are overconfident, you always say that you will take everyone out and leave, even in Mount BB task, I said that you should play but you were like fans will save me. Shilpa says you wanted me to be aggressive, but I cant do antics against boys like you. Vikas says you dont see people doing household works other than your cooking. Hina says Shilpa told Priyank that she did that drama with Vikas in first 5 weeks to play the game. Shilpa says I wanted to take revenge from Vikas Gupta so I entertained people while taking it. Vikas says what revenge? you are a liar. Buzzer plays.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that I cant take part in tasks like animal like them. Puneesh says making food is part of house and tasks too. Shilpa says I gave up because I didnt want to fight, I never try to provoke others, Puneesh says I wont talk to Hina, she has so much ego.

Inmates are getting ready. Bigg boss ask nominated inmates to come out of house through door. Puneesh wishes luck to Vikas. Puneesh says top 2 are in house, you all leave. Aakasj says they are lucky, I cant believe, we are saved.
Vikas, Luv, Shilpa and Hina goes out of house.

Vikas, Luv, Hina and Shilpa enters mall. Crowd surround around them and there are heads and heads only till far ahead. There are many people to see them. All cheer seeing them. People start taking selfies with them. Security push Shilpa to stage with much difficulty.
Vikas, Shilpa, Hina and Luv stand in cage. Crowd comes near and cheer for their favorites. People are watching from first and second floor too. Inmates wave around.

In house, Puneesh and Aakash are in jacuzzi, Puneesh says all left, only we are left. Aakash says I know nobody should comeback.

Hina is hyping up crowd. Vikas is blowing kisses around. Shilpa is waving around. One man takes off his shirt and says its for Luv. Bigg boss says seeing mob of crowd and for the security of crowd and inmates, inmates were taken out of mall. The voting starts in mall live.

In house, Puneesh says they must be looking like superstars. Aakash says they have money, I want that prize money.

Nominated inmates comeback, they cheer. Puneesh says we were bored. Vikas says it was madness, there was so much crowd, they had to take me out. Shilpa says there were people and people only, Vikas says people were chanting, it was different zone. Hina says they had to take us out. Vikas says there were fans of Shilpa, Hina and surprisingly our fans too. Hina says Vikas lifted me and had to throw me in cage. Vikas says girls were asking me to touch them once, people were crying. Aakash says we were just eating here. Puneesh says it was more than last time? vikas says it was way more than last time crowd. Luv says you would have gone mad.

Aakash asks Luv if Shilpa had more fans? Luv says way more, she is going to win, there was so many fans for her. Puneesh says I know she will win. Luv says Shilpa gave one twerk and all went mad. Hina had many fans too.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that Hina was overacting so much, she was hyperventilating. Puneesh says she keeps crying, she is a drama queen. Puneesh says how does he bear her? Shilpa laughs. Puneesh says how that glasses Tom Cruise(Rocky)bears her? Puneesh says she talks about teeth, she should wash her makeup and we wont be able to recognize her. Shilpa says she have good features but she looks like vamp.

Hina, Vikas, Shilpa and Luv goes to confession room. Bigg boss says voting happened in mall after you people left, audience have told who will leave this week. Bigg boss says there is a ballet box infront of you and results are in there. Big boss says who will be eliminated this week from you four will be decided. He asks them to take the ballet box and keep it on lounge table but dont open it till it is ordered, Hina says we have to keep looking at it. Vikas gives key to Hina.

Vikas says to Hina that I saw some people near vanity, I have 40 fans from vanity only. Puneesh says there must be 700 votes in ballet box. Vikas says some of my fans left from outside only. Puneesh says you are not going. Puneesh says I can put my stamp on it. Vikas says I am feeling bad about today.

PRECAP– Tomorrow will be last weekend Ka Var. Sidharth, Manoj and Rani Mukherji will come on stage. Rani says to Salman that I am not interested in your marriage, I want Salman’s kids. Salman says I am not interested in Salman’s marriage too.
Rani Mukherji comes to house. Inmates mimic each other to entertain Rani. Puneesh mimics Luv, he mimics how Luv charges at others and threaten them in fights, he mimics Luv saying come near me, I wont spare you now.. Luv laughs. Vikas mimics Aakash, he sings bang bang while jumping here and there and then starts laughing hysterically like Aakash.. all laugh. Shilpa mimics Hina and says I am so perfect so perfect.. Rani says no one is perfect.. Shilpa says but I am perfect.. Hina laughs.


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