Bigg Boss 11 6th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 6th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rani Mukerji becomes inmates’ teacher only on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says this is last weekend ka vaar and next Sunday we will know the winner of this season. Salman says Puneesh and Aakash are in finale week and we will know who will move ahead from nominated inmates. Salman says there will be 5 inmates in finale week. Salman says ballot box is in house which will tell fate of inmates. Salman says inmates mimicked each other today and see what happened.

In house,
Aakash is mimicking Vikas
Shilpa is mimicking Hina
Luv is mimicking Puneesh
Puneesh is mimicking Luv
Vikas is mimicking Aakash
Hina is mimicking

They all wake up as their mimicking characters.

Shilpa is mimicking Hina. Hina is cooking in kitchen and mimicking Shilpa.
Vikas mimics Aakash and says Shilpa you have done nothing in show, I have done everything in the show. Shilpa mimics hina and says she didnt give me breakfast, Ro please take me away, I dont want to stay here, she acts like crying, all laugh.

On stage, Salman says inmates had a class and master Rani Mukrji went to take their class.

In house, Rani comes in house. Vikas says you look so nice on TV. Rani meets them all. Rani says I am a teacher in my new movie so I will take a class today,you have to mimic each other. Rani says first is Puneesh who is mimicking Luv, topic is Hina and Luv’s friendship. Puneesh mimics him and says first I shave my chest hair as Hina doesnt like them, we had good friendship but I am now commoner, Hina you are nothing, Rani claps and says your time is up.
Rani says now Hina will mimic Shilpa, Hina asks Rani will you eat something? she says I will make something for Vikas, then goes and murmurs that Vikas eats so much. Rani says your topic is game player, Hina says she plays like that. Shilpa says when you act so much then you think that if someone is cooking food, then it must be her game. Rani says to Shilpa that you will mimic Hina now, you are very beautiful Hina, you looks like Manisha Koerala. Shilpa thanks her. Rani says Shilpa your topic is Perfect Hina. Shilpa mimics Hina and says how much is 14+14? its 21. Shilpa says I know all the tasks, I have seen all seasons, Shilpa says I am perfect, Ranis asy no one is perfect, Shilpa says but I am perfect.. Rani says but how.. Shilpa says I never said that I am perfect, when did I say it? all laugh.

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Rani says next is Vikas who will mimic Aakash. Vikas comes rapping like Aakash, be sings bang bang. Rani says your topic is no one is like Aakash. Vikas mimics Aakash and says I am rockstar. Rani says your accent is not foreigner? Vikas says I lived in India for years so I dont have foreign accent, I am a rockstar and I will talk to indians like indian, all laugh. Vikas mimics Aakash’s raping, all laugh. Rani says Vikas your time is up. Vikas says I will tell you more if you give me your number bang bang.. Rani says Vikas can become actor.
Rani says next is Aakash who will mimic Vikas. Aakash starts mimicking Vikas, Rani says your topic Vikas- the Mastermind. Aakash says I play in group and then throw them out with my masterstroke and now I feel I am going to leave, all laugh. Aakash says now I am master blind. Rani says your hair looks more like Sanjay Dutt, Aakash says I am bald, he shows his bald head, Rani laughs. Rani says you didnt give me much performance.
Rani says next is Luv who will mimic Puneesh. Luv wears Bandagi’s picture and says we are called Buneesh together, all laugh. Rani says topic is most sensible commoner, Luv says I loved here, I fought here, threw slipper at my brother, he shows slippers to Vikas and shouts like Puneesh, Rani says your voice is like R. D. Barman, all laugh. Rani says the one who mimicked most nicely was Vikas, the way you rapped, mimicked Aakash was beautiful. Rani says this mimicking task ends. Rani says we get hiccups in life, sometimes our conscious gives us hiccups too, I want to ask whose thinking gave you hiccups in this house? Aakash says I got hiccups from Shilpa as she says we used her shoulder to become celebrity from commoners. Shilpa says I have hiccups from Aakash’s thinking, he praises my food so much and then he flips and says I make oily food, he flips so much, I get hiccups from that. Vikas says boys had some boy conversation and girls felt bad about it but Shilpa said that boys do talks like that, I felt women shouldnt be saying that, I have hiccups from that thinking, boys and girls both do dirty talks but nobody should be doing it. Rani says you all did nice in my class, you showed love to your teacher, didnt lie to your teacher, time for this teacher to leave. Rani hugs Shilpa, she wishes them luck and leaves.

In house, Vikas says to Hina that Shilpa is miffed with me calling out to her, Hina says she is like that, she hasnt studied much so her thinking is that girls should work in kitchen and should not be competing with boys thats why she doesnt work against boys in tasks too. Vikas says its her thinking, she thinks girls cant do what boys do.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says Rani came in house, she took class? all laugh. Shilpa says I became Hina. Salman asks Hina if she was mimicking Shilpa or Arshi? all laugh. Hina says I had nothing to wear what Shilpa wears. Salman says your brought night suits? Hina says Shilpa doesnt wear night suits. Salman asks Vikas to mimic Aakash’s rapping. Vikas raps that baldie has gone mad.. bang.. bang.. Salman says Aakash is looking like irritating, Aakash you look insulting, Aakash says sorry. Salman says Aakash you are in finals and nobody likes you, thats an achievement. Salman congrats Puneesh and Aakash for reaching to finals. Salman says nobody likes Aakash. Hina says he has sides too. Puneesh says he will change. Salman says he didnt change till now so when he will change? when God hits him with silent stick then he will become right. Salman says nobody wants to talk to you because you irritate people but when you do all this outside, people will beat you. Aakash says this is for show only.
Salman says to inmates that Shilpa, Vikas, Hina and Luv are nominated. Salman says Luv your luck has been good, Luv says till now. Salman says who is going to leave is closed in that ballot box. Vikas says this box has been here from last night. Salman says this box will tell who is going ahead. Salman says you people are less popular according to house ranking thats why you four nominated, you people are weak, Aakash and Puneesh have taken their places with right, they are top players, all laugh. Puneesh says inmates took Aakash’s side that he is entertainer so he should be first one. Luv says I didnt agree to give him first position. Salman says fighting with people is entertainment? Aakash says guests call me entertainer too. Salman says if these guests recognize you outside then we will see, all laugh. Salman says Shilpa you took Aakash’s side, you called him no. 1 entertainer. Shilpa says he has been telling me from day 1 that he is best entertainer, I cant argue with him so just take the position, its like giving lollipop to a kid. Salman says you people got a chance to win finale ticket but didnt get it, you people won 50lacs too. Salman says you people were asked to honestly do the ranking task, keyword was honesty, did you do it with honesty? Vikas says no, I said that I see Aakash on 3rd or 4th but people started agreeing that he can be first one and Shilpa agreed to stand in last, Hina said that we cant fight with them so she can take last spot too, then whole exercise was futile, nobody wanted to fight in that task so they just gave up. Shilpa says they said that we have top rankings because of celebrity status, we are commoners and we entertained people in house. Vikas says Puneesh and Aakash fought for it and we didnt, so its our mistake. Salman asks Hina about celebrity status. Hina says if we are popular from before thats doesnt mean we havent done our efforts in show. Salman asks if anyone sees Aakash as number one? Hina says no. Aakash says I have to fight for it, I gave my point and they agreed. Salman says viewers cant believe that Shilpa, Hina and Vikas didnt show right on top positions. Luv says they gave us top three positions easily. Vikas says we didnt have any choice. Puneesh says show is ending, I want to be number one, I will fight for it, I cant give it in platter, Vikas says but you gave first position to Aakash, Puneesh says because I cant argue with Aakash too. Salman says basically to not fight, to not argue, you gave position to Aakash and got nominated. Puneesh says I dont agree with them, this is not Vikas Gupta show, he says that he sees Punesh on 6th, he doesnt know what is happening outside. Salman says lets take out whats in your hearts.
Salman assk Puneesh to bring props from store room. Puneesh does. Salman says to Vikas that you have tell ranking which you wanted. Vikas says: 1st Shilpa, 2nd Hina, 3rd Vikas, 4th Aakash, 5th Luv and 6th Puneesh. Salman asks Hina to tell what she wanted as her ranking? Hina says Vikas’s ranking is perfect. Salman asks Shilpa what was her thinking about ranking? Shilpa says if I see Vikas as mastermind then I can see Vikas as m1st too, all other ranking of Vikas is fine. She gives first rank to Vikas, 2nd to Hina and 3rd to herself. Salman asks you think Hina is 2nd? she says no, she gives 3rd ranking to Hina and 2nd to herself, she says I see Aakash at 6th and Puneesh at 4th. Salman asks Puneesh what was thinking? Puneesh says I feel 1st is Shilpa, 2nd is me, 3rd is Vikas, 4th is Hina, 5th is Aakash and 6th is Luv. Salman says now see the difference between that day’s ranking and now’s ranking, top two must be between Hina, Vikas and Shilpa.. we will know soon the reality when this ballot box opens, he ends call.
Hina says to Vikas that we avoid Aakash because he starts blabbering. Aakash says no one likes me? I messed up things for myself in last week.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that Aakash’s behavior was was very bad, he hurt me so much, Puneesh says Aakash cant change. Shilpa says people told me in mall that they will beat Aakash, he will get it like this.

On stage, Salman welcomes Rani Mukrji. Rani congratulate him for Tiger. Salman says she is promoting her husband’s movie, Rani laughs. Salman asks about her movie hitchki. Rani says I am a teacher in movie and I have a Tourette syndrome. Rani says you are not getting wedding hiccup so I feel you should just directly get babies, you will get nice, good babies. Rani says I know Salman from a long time, he has always been a big star but he has good heart and nobody can host more nicely than him. Salman laughs. Rani says it was first time going in house, it was nice there, I met inmates there, Salman asks their names. Rani tells their names. Salman says she watches Bigg boss. Salman says Rani is one of the most talented actresses in the industry. Rani thanks him. Salman says Rani never forgets her dance steps and now she will demonstrate, all laugh. Music plays, they both dance on sone ka morr. they dance on old songs.
Salman says to Rani that I hiccup when I talk to my father out of respect. Rani says thats why we love you. Rani says when are you having baby? we want Salman’s babies, I have no interest in Salman’s wedding. Salman says me too doesnt have interest in Salman’s wedding, all laugh.
Rani says to Salman that I want to test your memory. Salman says okay. Rani says I will be teacher and Salman will be student. Salman sits on bench. Rani says I will say a word and you have to join another word then I will join another word then we will move this chain and we will see whose memory is better. Rani starts dialogue, Salman adds to the dialogue, they keep adding to the chain of dialogue, Rani says Salman passed in this memory test, he remembered all the lines. Salman promotes her movie. Rani thanks him and leaves.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says Luv, Hina, Shilpa and Vikas are nominated. Salman says there will be a task now, you have reached so far with honesty and today it will be test of your honesty, I will tell you things which you said about others and you have to accept or reject that you said those words. Salman says one by one, you will go to activity area and do task there, when you accept that you said those words then you will get a green signal in twisted way. Salman says we will start with Shilpa. Shilpa comes to activity area and sits on a chair, she straps herself. Salman says Shilpa do you think that Vikas is attention seeker? he wants everyone’s attention all the time? Shilpa says yes. Green slime falls on Shilpa as she accepted it. Salman asks Shilpa that Puneesh and Luv should stay away from Vikas after show because he take their advantage? she says yes, more slime falls on her. Salman asks Shilpa if Hina never accepts her mistakes? she says yes, more slime falls on her. Salman asks if Aakash is selfish? she says yes, more slime falls on her. All inmates are watching on TV, Vikas says why she is accepting everything? this is dumb. Salman says Shilpa has been honest in the task. Next one is Puneesh. Shilpa comes back in lounge, Hina asks her to sit on table and not on couch. Salman says Shilpa you have to sit on Hina’s lap. Hina screams no, hina says all will get dirty so Shilpa as well sit on couch.
Puneesh sits on chair in activity area. Salman says Puneesh you thinks you are more influential than Vikas in real world? Puneesh says yes. Vikas says he is lying. Slime falls on Puneesh, all laugh. Salman says Puneesh you think Hina is zero of house? Puneesh says no Hina is not zero of the house. Slime doesnt fall on him. Salman says you said that on camera before and now lied. Salman asks Puneesh if Shilap doesnt follow up on her promises? she changes her statements? Puneesh says yes she is, Slime falls on him, all laugh. Salman asks Puneesh if he sees Aakash as Ramu kaka, servant of house? Puneesh says 110%, Puneesh says yes, more slime falls on him. Hina says its slimy.. Salman says next is Hina Khan. Hina makes disgusting face. She sees Puneesh coming back and says look at him. Shilpa says you called me changing statements? Puneesh says I say things a lot.
Hina sits on chair in activity area. Salman asks Hina if she thinks Vikas is most weak player of the house? she says yes, slime falls on her, she ewww. Salman asks Hina if she thinks Vikas is repenting his mistakes in this house? she says yes, a big splash of slime falls on her. Salman asks Hina if she thinks Shilpa is unhygienic, not clean at all? Hina says yes, a bout of slime falls on her. Hina is stunned. Salman asks Hina if she thinks that in ticket to finale task, Shilpa was biggest hindrance for her? Hina says yes. More slime falls on her. Salman says splash on her head, Hina says please I will have to do makeup again.
Salman says next is Vikas, Vikas sits on chair in activity area. Salman asks if he thinks Shilpa is the biggest liar? Vikas says no. Salman says but we heard you say it. Vikas says but she is not. Salman asks if he thinks Shilpa just acts to be nice and is not really nice? Vikas says no. Salman says but you said that. Salman asks Vikas if Hina is trying to rectify her mistakes? he says no. Salman says you think Shilpa is plotting and not so great? He says I never said that. Salman says you said that too but lying now. Salman says Vikas was most dishonest so he will get slime, Vikas says really? Slime falls over Vikas’s head. Salman says Hina and Shilpa won the slime task. Salman promotes Nick show. Salman asks Aakash to bring something from store room. Aakash brings some boxes. Salman says Aakash you are no. 1 kid of house so there are trophies in box for winners of slime task, give it to Shilpa and Hina. Aakash gives some rocket showpieces. Salman ends call.

On stage, Salman says tomorrow will be last weekend ka Vaar as next weekend will be finale, one nominated inmate will be out tomorrow. Salman signs off from the show.

PRECAP- Siddharth and Manoj comes in house. They give task to inmates. Inmates sit on gym balls, they have to move to other end of the garden while jumping on gym balls. Inmates start jumping on ball. Manoj and Sid laughs seeing them try to move ahead.
Inmates opens ballot box which have votes for all four nominated inmates. They will count votes of their own. Puneesh helps Shilpa in counting her votes. Luv, Hina and Vikas counts their votes too. They write their vote numbers on paper. Salman says result is shocking.


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