Bigg Boss 11 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Priyank, Sabya, Ben, Mehjabi and Sapna Nominated only on

Day 35 (continued)
Puneesh asks Bandagi to give him a kiss, they are in bed. Bandagi says cameras are here, Puneesh says its a family show, they wont air it, Bandagi says like no one will know? Puneesh says so what.
Priyank says to Ben that Bandagi is clever. Ben says she is chanting Puneesh and talks in matters too.
Puneesh comes closer to Bandagi, she says nothing will happen, dont come closer.

Day 36
Inmates wake up to song chumma de de.. Inmates laugh. Aakash runs behindHina for kiss, she beats him with pillow. Inmates dance. Puneesh kisses Bandagi’s cheek.

Hina comes to Vikas and asks him to wake up, Vikas says go away. Shilpa comes there and says good morning. Vikas says good morning, you look cute in morning. Shilpa says I dont need any

Bandagi says to Puneesh that camera was not looking at us, Puneesh says there are cameras everywhere here, Bandagi says then why did you kiss? Puneesh says it doesnt matter, he kisses her cheek, Bandagi says you said they wont show our kiss on show, Puneesh says they wont.
Priyank says to Hina that Bandagi and Puneesh were in one bed. Hina says Puneesh have so much bad teeth. Ben says seems like they have crossed all limits. Hina says Bandagi says she wants to show to her father. Ben says these are dirty tricks for game. Hina says Bandagi is not involved in Puneesh at all.

Arshi asks Shilpa whom to nominate? Shilpa jokes that we should nominate Ben. Arshi says my target is someone else. Priyank says most of inmates shouldnt talk to Arshi. Arshi says what you know about me? nobody can take me down. Priyank says I havent come to take you down. Arshi says we are not like you to bring things from outside, you have said worst things, I didnt say that kind of stuff. Priyank says I havent said enough, we will see when time comes. Arshi says we will see who leave first, we are running show, we are different personalities. Priyank says Arshi-spit-begum what will happen to you? Arshi says we will see what Priyank can do. Priyank says dont show anymore, people are ashamed of you showing too much. Arshi says Bigg boss call me inside, he has talked about outside stuff again, she takes off her mic. Shilpa says dont do this Arshi, dont do what he is doing. Arshi says who is this Priyank taunt me? why he is talking about outside? my parents and brothers live with me, who is he to taunt about my cleavage? Priyank says this is is not cheap show, we dont want skin show. Hina hugs Priyank and asks him to calm down. Arshi says I am more famous than you with one show. Vikas asks Priyank to end it. Arshi says I wont spare you otherwise I am not Arshi Khan. Priyank says beat me, dont come near, you smell. Arshi asks him to spit if he can. Vikas asks Priyank to end it. Hina takes Priyank from there.

Priyank says to Hina that I didnt talk about outside, I just said that people are tired of seeing her.
Arshi shouts that who is this Priyank? he doesnt give me clothes and food, he is not my parents. Priyank says dont go to parents. Arshi says what can you do then? Arshi says you want footage, you dont take bath for days and talk about cleanliness. Shilpa asks her to calm down. Arshi says I wont stay silent. Priyank laughs and says save clothes for her. Hina asks him to stop it. Aakash says Priyank is loser. Priyank says you get lost loser. Arshi says Priyank you dont worth anything. Hina asks Priyank to just laugh, you have done your work, she has gone mad. Arshi gets angry and says many Priyanks come and go by me, you are nothing. Vikas asks her to calm down. Hina says to Priyank that she is talking about spitting?
Vikas brings Arshi to washroom and asks her to not cry. Arshi says I wont spare him now, she starts crying.
Hiten comes to Hina and says Priyank shouldnt have brought spitting. Hina says so what? she spits on people.

Puneesh says to Bandagi that Priyank will get insulted in show because of Hina.
Aakash says Priyank is Hina’s doggy, he barks when she asks him to. Hina says why you are bringing me in all this? Aakash says just give him bone. Bandagi says Hina asked Priyank to provoke more. Aakash shouts Priyank you are doggy… choo.. choo.. Shilpa says to Arshi that Ben’s fan following increased in all this, they laugh.

Hina says to Priyank that you went out of house because of Vikas and he is not even standing up for you? Priyank says leave it.

Aakash and Arshi comes near Priyank. Aakash says Priyank is a dog. Priyank laughs at him. Aakash says he is smelling.. chee.. Ben says Aakash is the most disgusting man, he says that I am not seen on TV but I will never stoop to fight with him. Aakash says get lost Ben, you are not even seen, keeps asking Salman if she is leaving. Priyank asks him to remain away. aakash asks him to get lost. Puneesh asks Aakash to remain distance. Ben says we are nice people. Priyank takes Ben away. Arshi says God it was so much fun.

Luv says to Hina that Aakash and Arshi calls me your dog, Hina says do I interfere in your life? he says no, Hina says I never instruct Priyank or you, I care about my life and clothes, my cleaning, I dont know why they think I rule you people, I just bond with you people, even Vikas thinks that I rule over Priyank. Luv says no one talks about him, Vikas cant talk against Priyank. Hina says how can a person stoop too low?

Hina reads nominations task. Hina says one inmate will be safe from this nominations, you all did task where you told a secret in a booth, we told you that whose secret is most interesting will win this task and will get special chance in nominations, your secrets were shown to a panel and they chose Shilpa to deserve this gift, Shilpa is safe from this nominations, Shilpa cries and thanks. Bigg boss says to inmates that Puneesh have to choose 7 inmates excluding Shilpa who have performed most worst in show. Puneesh says first name is Ben as she doesnt perform much, Luv is not seen too, Sabya is close to leaving too, Priyank have come recently, Sapna because her participation was less, Mehjabi because she doesnt wake up, and last one is remaining. Puneesh says I cant nominate Hina because she did good for me. He nominates Hiten as his participation is less too. Sapna says wow, Puneesh says now see your photo in nominations, Sapna says its always there, Puneesh says it will be gone soon with you. Bigg boss says to inmates that inmates will nominate other inmates from the chosen 7 inmates by Puneesh, they will choose whom they want to leave between these 7 inmates. Each inmate will go to confession room and give two names.

Vikas: He comes to confession room. He votes against Luv and says he got time but he doesnt do any work, he doesnt involve in fights because he doesnt want to make anyone feel bad. He takes Sabya’s name as he is not doing much too.
Bandagi: She nominates Ben for not participating. She nominates Sabya for not trying.
Shilpa: She nominates Sabya as he is not working. thats I am taking his name. She nominates Priyank, what he did today, I felt bad, he wants to be seen on Tv like this?
Priyank: he nominates Sabya and Mehjabi for not giving opinions.
Sabya: He nominates Priyank for repeating his mistakes, Sapna should be more active so I nominate her too.
Hiten: He nominates Mehjabi for not participating, she seems confused. He nominates Sabya.
Luv: He nominates Sapna for not working much. He nominates Ben for not participating.
Ben: She nominates Mehjabi for doing less and that too with wrong company. She nominates Sabya as he seems sad here.
Hina: She nominates Mehjabi because she seems lost, she changes sides. She nominates Sapna for not talking infront of people.
Mehjabi: She nominates Ben as she cant even do her work. She nominates Priyank because he brings out thing from outside, he is egoistic too.

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Aakash: He nominates Priyank for bringing thing from outside, He nominates Ben for not being seen on TV,she is not even hygienic, her clothes are in washroom for days, boys get shy seeing undergarments.
Arshi: She nominates Priyank for less participation. She nominates Ben for not working.
Sapna: She nominates Luv for not involving. She nominates Hiten for not talking much and he is my strong competition too.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations are done. Nominated inmates are PRIYANK, SABYA, BEN, MEHJABI and SAPNA. Vikas says Luv got saved.
Vikas says to Arshi that I voted against Sabya and Luv. Arshi says why not against Priyank? he did wrong today. Vikas says he is my friend too, he did wrong and I am with you.
Luv says to Sabya that become animal in tomorrow’s task.
Arshi says to Puneesh and Aakash that captain should be ours.

Bigg boss says to inmates that Shilpa won secret task, she was saved from nominations and now she gets the chance to watch whole nominations task in activity area. Shilpa says great. Vikas says I knew this will happen.
Shilpa comes to activity area. Nomination clip plays. Vikas’s nominations are shown. Shilpa says Vikas is selfish. She laughs at Sabya nominating Priyank.
Hina asks Sapna whom you nominated? Sapna says Hiten and Luv and they both got saved. Vikas says you seriously nominated Hiten? Hiten stares at her.
Shilpa watches whole nominations done in confession room, she laughs and says thank you. She comes out and says to Sabya that it was fun. Shilpa comes to house and says I can make people fight now.

Ben asks Shilpa what Aakash said in confession room? she says nothing, Ben says tell me.Shilpa says he said that you are not hygienic, you throw clothes here and there. Ben says I want to beat Aakash, he can be kid but what he does for footage.. we have something outside of house, I have respected Parsi family and I feel bad how he talks about me. Shilpa says why Aakash fought with you? Ben says without any reason. Shilpa says Aakash doesnt talk bad about you behind your back, understand this. Ben says I am broken. Shilpa says have you come for yourself here or for Aakash?

Hiten says to Hina and Luv that Aakash keeps running behind Shilpa calling her Maa. Luv says he is not a kid. Hina says Aakash talks about girls’ body parts. Luv says he was praising Shilpa’s figure too, Hina says Aakash is cheap.

Ben says to Aakash that think before you say things, if you destroy my reputation then I have something outside, my patience is gone, I try to wash clothes but I cant, I am trying. Aakash says I have servants at home but I work here. Ben says people talk about stands here. Aakash says I wont listen to anyone,if you play with me then I will play. Ben says you have left me nothing to lose. Aakash says we have lost everything now, rockstars have nothing to lose.
Inmates get to know about Ben and Aakash fighting. Priyank says I am scared Ben can punch him. They come
Ben and Aakash. Ben says relax we were talking, we will be nice. Hina laughs and says we all came like Ben’s bodyguard.

Arshi says to Puneesh that all relations are not bed related, Hiten is looking handsome, my intentions are going bad, he is married. Aakash says he is single in show. Arshi laughs. Aakash says to Hiten that you approve Arshi? Hiten says no, Arshi laughs.

Hina and Priyank are sitting on bed. Hina says look at Priyank and Bandagi. Priyank and Bandagi are cuddling in bed. Hina says how can they even do it on camera? I have seen so much in life, I have seen shit, people kiss in Europe but on cameras? Sabya says to Priyank that you were interested in Bandagi too? Priyank says what? see footage outside who was interested in whom. Sabya says she seemed interested in you.

PRECAP- Ben asks Aakash to disrespect her, disrespect a girl, go on.
Aakash shouts at Ben.Ben gets angry at him and screams, she grabs his hair and pulls it. Ben says you are filthy. Inmates move her away.
Priyank and Puneesh gets in a fight. Puneesh shouts at Priyank. Priyank charges at him. Inmates separate them from each other. Puneesh shouts that swear on your mother that I said that, haramkhor(jerk). Hina shouts how dare you curse like that, you can do what you want but dont curse parents like that infront of me, control this Shilpa Shinde.


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