Bigg Boss 11 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Families visit house; Arshi’s drama angers Vikas only on

Day 67
Inmates wake up to song cheez bari hai mast mast.. Hina hugs Puneesh. Shilpa is surprised. Inmates all dance.

Arshi says Shilpa wont work in kitchen.

Arshi says men will work in kitchen. Puneesh, Aakash are working in kitchen. Arshi asks him to use onion, Aakash says dont shout, dont annoy. Arshi says I will tell you things. Shilpa asks Aakash to cook nicely, egg is burned. Puneesh says I will cook eggs. Arshi says you have to listen Aakash. Aakash asks her to shut up, this was a mistake. Arshi asks Hiten did I ever make egg like this? Hiten says its not cooked. Aakash says I wont work, Arshi says useless captain.

Hina says to Priyank that Hiten should say something, I dont want to see his face, he works in house like he is daddy,

he shows off in camera. Luv says Vikas feels bad. Hina says then Vikas acts like small kid and like he doesnt know anything, he is the mastermind.

Hiten reads luxury budget task ‘statue’, Bigg boss will give them order to freeze from time to time, when order is given you have to stop at your place and freeze and when Bigg boss ask you to release then you can go normal and work again. Luv says family is coming.
Bigg boss asks inmates to freeze. All inmates become statue at their place and dont move. Bigg boss ask them to release, they all move and laugh.
Shilpa says to Vikas that no.. family is coming. Vikas says we will be weak. Shilpa says why I am crying from now only? I am missing my family. Vikas wipes his tears. Shilpa says your mom will slap me. Vikas laughs. Shilpa says your mom wil get chance to slap me today and I will be statue and you will be happy, Vikas laughs.

Bigg boss asks inmates to freeze. All inmates stop at their places. A man enters in house. Puneesh immediately smiles seeing him. Man looks at Shilpa and says you make everyone eat, Puneesh’s mom wants to meet you first. Man says to Vikas that all think you are the boss. Man says to Arshi that you are great, everyone wants to meet you. Man comes in bedroom and says to Luv that you will walking behind others? start to walk on your own now. Man comes to Puneesh. Bigg boss asks Puneesh to release. Puneesh says papa, he hugs him and says all are my friends here, Shilpa, Vikas, Aakash, Arshi, everyone is nice. Puneesh cries and hugs his father. Puneesh says Shilpa is mom and Vikas is brother, dad says Aakash is younger brother, he keeps getting angry. Bigg boss asks everyone to release. All inmates come and hugs Puneeesh’s dad. Vikas hugs him. Dad hugs Hina, and says we all say you look like doll. Bigg boss asks inmates to freeze. Dad comes to washroom area and sees Hiten and Priyank there in towel. Dad asks Hiten to start, everyone has hopes from you. Dad says to Priyank that zero Puneesh’s hair before leaving. Dad says to Vikas that all are using mind here because of you. Bigg boss asks Mr. Sharm to leave. Everyone smiles as he leaves. Bigg boss asks inmates to release. All release. Puneesh says I love you daddy, Shilpa hugs him, Vikas and Priyank hugs him too. Puneesh says it was so fun. Hina cries, Vikas hugs her, Hina says I am not strong, I am shivering right now, Vikas consoles her.
Arshi says to Aakash that dad said I am famous, Aakash says me too.
Hiten says to Vikas that uncle asked me start up, he will see that I am directly in third gear today.

Another man comes in house. Bigg boss asks everyone to freeze. Man waves at Arshi. He says to Puneesh that I am Arshi’s father, Mr. Khan says hello to everyone, he says to Aakash that you are working nice, he says to Shilpa that Hina you talk so fast, you are working nicely. Mr. Khan comes to Arshi and says dear, you are working nice. He comes in bedroom and looks at Hina, he says are you Hina or that is Hina? who is she? Hina whispers its Shilpa, Mr. Khan says you are doing nice but you talk so fast, your style is good but you talk fast. Bigg boss asks Arshi to release. Arshi runs and hugs him, he says you look old. Mr. Khan says to Shilpa that I thought you are Hina, you are Shilpa, remain strong, keep hold on kitchen. Arshi laughs. She asks about family. Arshi shows him Hiten, he says nice, he is not moving an inch. Father says to Arshi to change your hair style, make it ponytail, your mom said that, call Salman Sir, say salam to him when he comes, Arshi says I do but he says nameste. Arshi asks how I am looking on screen? Mr. Khan says very nice. Mr. Khan comes to Vikas and says you have done a lot tasks everywhere, keep working. Mr. Khan says to Hiten that you are clever and smart. Bigg boss asks him to leave. Mr. Khan hugs Arshi and blesses her, he leaves. Bigg boss asks everyone to release. Arshi hugs Hina, Priyank hugs her and says I am sorry. Shilpa says to Vikas that he talked about language of Hina.

Aakash says what if my family member doesnt come? I have to be nice, her father said.Arshi says he just asked to give and take respect. Shilpa says yes take and give respect. Arshi says you are cheap woman, you were even glaring at my father, I am your enemy so you will hate my father too? Hiten says dont say that, Vikas says she wouldnt glare at him, she didnt do it. Shilpa says I am challenging you Arshi to go against me. Hina says to Arshi that nobody would with parents.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that she is disgusting, she thinks I glared at Arshi’s father? I just looked up when he called me Hina.
Arshi says Vikas will go to Shilpa now, he is double sided. Vikas says dont say rubbish to me today, I will not spare you today, keep your taunts to yourself. Arshi says you are double sided. Vikas says keep your politics here only. Arshi says my father came and Shilpa insulted him so now I will insult her parents, I will ask them how could they birth such filthy daughter?
Vikas says today parents are coming and they are fighting? Puneesh says Arshi is doing it, Shilpa didnt glare at her father.
Shilpa glares at Arshi, Arshi says mental you dont look at me, I dont need Vikas now.

One woman comes in house. Bigg boss ask them to freeze. Shilpa gets emotional seeing her. Mom says you are all playing nicely but dont curse and fight, Shilpa’s mom says I am so happy that my daughter got mother’s position but fulfill it, dont curse a mother, mother’s position is high, if you curse a mother then you curse a God, he sent mother in world as his shadow, respect that position, I am proud that my daughter got mother’s position, mother and child’s love never fades, if she said something then forgive her. Shilpa’s mother hugs Shilpa and says you are playing very nicely, keep playing like this, Shilpa is in tears. Mom says I want to see your kitchen, I want to eat something you cooked, I am hungry. Shilpa is in tears. Bigg boss asks her mom to leave house. Mom turns to leave but Bigg boss says Shilpa release. Shilpa runs and hugs her, Shilpa says you talked so much, their language is bad only. Mom brings her to kitchen and asks what you cooked today? Shilpa says they didnt let me cook today, they threw me out, I am strong. Mom says be strong, be with everyone. Shilpa shows her Aakash, Vikas. Mom laughs. Mom says Priyank, Luv, Hina Puneesh, all are nice, forgive Shilpa if she do some mistake. Shilpa says you talk a lot mom. Vikas is in tears. Shilpa brings her mother to bedroom and says they used to call me mom and then.. its okay.. she is in tears.. her mother asks her to be strong. Bigg boss asks everyone to release. Everyone comes to meet Shilpa’s mother, Hina offers her juice, Vikas brings sweets for her. Arshi doesnt go to Shilpa’s mother and says cheap woman, still talking rubbish. Bigg boss asks everyone to freeze, all do. Bigg boss asks Shilpa’s mother to leave house, she says best of luck and leaves house. Bigg boss asks inmates to release. Shilpa says my mom talks a lot, she is funny. Aakash says she was talking so much.
Aakash comes to camera and says Shilpa needs this show, keep her here.
Priyank says to Shilpa when Bigg boss asked her mother to leave and didnt release Shilpa. Hina says I was so worried. Arshi says I will destroy task now. Vikas asks her to stop all this.

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Arshi says to Hina that do you see how Vikas talks to me? Hina says yes, even today. Arshi says he doesnt talk like that with Shilpa. Hina says he does talk like that but you people are close. Arshi says he keeps running to Shilpa. Hina says Vikas clarified that your father called her Hina so she looked up.

Bigg boss asks inmates to freeze. They do, a girl (Priyank’s girlfriend Divya) enters house. She comes to Priyank and says remember me? she sits infront of him, she says you are hurting me with what you did, you did a lot of mistakes, you even flirted with girls, I have come to make you understand, I tried to support you, I fought for you even when you were wrong but there was a time when I thought you might not need me anymore, I didnt see my existence here, maybe whats here is enough for you or maybe whats outside is enough for you, I wont name her, we are here because of each other, dont do this with me, I used to say 6 months back too that its real from my side, I dont want to know what your side is, I have taken my decision, I have parted my ways with you, I was very angry with you, you dont have any friend here except for Vikas, Priyank is in tears. She says Vikas thinks for you when you stop thinking. Priyank is in tears. His girlfriend says I came to scold you but I melted seeing you, Priyank holds her hand, she says what we had was nice but your mind is blown up,dont know what you say, you keep changing statements, you have forgotten relations of outside? play well, I wish we could talk, everyone call us fake now, it was not fake.. I dont know about you but from my side, it was genuine, she cries. Hina and Luv are sitting beside Priyank and hearing everything. Priyank’s girlfriend wipes Priyank’s tears and says dont cry. Bigg boss says Divya you can leave from where you came. Priyank is emotional. Divya gets up to leave, she thanks Vikas and blows him a kiss, Divya runs to leave. Bigg boss says Priyank release. Priyank runs to Divya calling out D.. but doors are already opened and she have left. Priyank comes to garden and says D.. he cries and looks around. Bigg boss asks everyone to release. Vikas says it was all drama, what he is doing here, I understand him, he create in every reality show, now he is crying for D. Puneesh says she broke up with him? Vikas says first ask him who is his girlfriend, all drama.

Hina says to Vikas that he was talking about Divya yesterday. Vikas says it was someone else, his plan in every reality show is this, Roadies was different and here it was different, now he is caught in his game, Hina says I thought this was the girl from US. Vikas says he doing this for camera.
Priyank is crying, Hina tries to talk to him but he leaves. Luv says to Hina that Divya said you dont need group to move ahead in Bigg boss. Hina says thats her opinion. Luv says thats shit, we dont him too. Hina asks him to relax, its her opinion.
Puneesh says to Aakash that he traps a new girl in every reality show so she came here, told him you were flirting with Ben and I was with you in Splitsvilla, Aakash asks how does she look? Puneesh says average.

Priyank is crying. Hina says you talked about her here? Priyank says before coming here I was dating her, Hina says you said it was fake. Priyank says we broke up before show. Hina says you said it was for show. Priyank says before show, we decided to break up then it got over. Hina says you were with Divya and US one girl too? Priyank says we broke up, we are not together. Hina says to Priyank that its about girls for you. Priyank says what that means. Hina says you are getting lost, you have to stick to one girl. Priyank says there was nothing between me and Ben so what should I accept? Hina says I told you it would look same outside as it looked to us in house.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that his girlfriend was scolding and taunting him so much and he was sitting there statue because he wants luxury budget and coffee? he could have broken the freeze and talked to her, could have saved his respect but he didnt, why? because he is guilty. Shilpa says yes he is.
Luv says Priyank why was she angry? Priyank says thats why I ran to talk to her, Luv says then you could have shouted what are you saying? Hina says but you were running behind her like you are so guilty.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that its Karma, he tried to make me and Bandagi fake and his fake girlfriend came on show.
Hina says to Priyank that I think she was angry because of the whole thing between you, Ben and others. Luv says she said that nobody is Priyank’s friend here? Hina says its her opinion. Priyank says what is happening with me? I am getting mad. Puneesh comes there and says if its about your image then ditch coffee and luxury budget. Hina says yes protect your image, when Bigg boss asked her to leave then you couldnt have broken the freeze and ran to her.

PRECAP- Vikas sees his Mom on TV. He dances. Vikas’s mother comes in house, he dances with her. Luv’s father comes, Luv cries, father hugs him.
Hina’s partner comes in house. Hina cries and hugs him, she says please take me with you, I love you. Hina says I missed you so much, he makes her wear ring on ring finger and says I lost my heart to you, I love you. He leaves, Hina cries.
Gauri Tejwani comes to Hiten. Hiten is emotional. Gauri wipes her tears. Gauria says to Hina that I sent him a message and he is doing exactly like that, he doesnt need anyone’s advice.


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