Bigg Boss 11 7th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 7th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Luv is eliminated only on

Elimination Day
Salman welcomes everyone to the weekend ka vaar. Salman says this is last weekend ka vaar because next weekend will be grand finale. Salman says one will be out of race today. Shilpa, Vikas, Luv and Hina are nominated. Salman says results of elimination is in ballot box and we will know who is going to leave today soon. Salman says we will go live voting for this day too. India will do live voting today.
Salman connects call to house. He greets everyone and says this is last weekend ka vaar, you all are looking nice, Shilpa says you always look nice. Salman says we will know soon who is going to finale. Salman asks which thing they will miss most? Hina says we lie down in sunlight here, this is peaceful and silent environment, I will miss that. Salman says silence and
peace is bigg boss? all laugh. Luv says I will miss wake up song. Shilpa says I will miss Salman and Bigg boss’s voice. Shilpa says these are the things we will not get anywhere. Salman says this is the best answer. Salman asks which they will not miss? Vikas says I will miss everyone here, I will not get Aakash’s madness. Shilpa says I will not miss only one person and that is Aakash. Salman says we will know next Sunday about who is winner of this season.
Salman says to inmates that we will connect to last caller of the week. Caller calls and says I want to ask Shilpa, in BB mount task, you were not performing because you think fans will save you, are you overconfident or ego? Shilpa says you are raising Hina’s topic, I was playing alone in the task, I trust my fans, I am not overconfident. Caller says you were not interested in museum task too, your less involvement can disappoint your fans. Hina says thank you. Shilpa says I always take participation in tasks, I always play alone, all play in groups here but I play alone. Caller says to Vikas that you are playing so nicely, you deserve to win so be confident and play nicely. Caller ends. Salman says she became your fan when you wore that office black dress, all laugh. Salman asks Hina if Shilpa gave her 100% in ticket to finale task? Hina says no, I wanted Shilpa and I to play together, I asked her to stay near door, boys were not letting us to go inside,it was their strategy but if we put more efforts.. Shilpa didnt protect my bag, she said that she doesnt like push and pull, I asked her to put more efforts so she said she cant do that much. Shilpa says I said that when task was gone out of hands, you cheated me first day. Hina says you came to me, I didnt cheat you. Shilpa says everyone saw and you know what you did. Salman says this will never end. Salman asks Vikas his opinion. Vikas says Shilpa can do better in tasks. Shilpa says you want me to shout? Vikas says she did nice in cushion task, she can put in more efforts. Puneesh says everyone has a way to perform, she doesnt make mess, she quietly do her task, in first day of BB mount task, she played very nicely, she didnt save Hina’s bag because Hina is her competitor. Vikas says Hina wanted to help Shilpa so she didnt help me and I got out but Shilpa didnt save Hina. Salman asks Shilpa if she wanted Hina to leave task? Shilpa says no. Vikas says Hina wanted to help Shilpa so she sidelined me but she got back stabbed by Shilpa. Shilpa says Hina came to me when Vikas said he is not in task then she asked me to be with her. Puneesh says till the last, Shilpa was in task. Vikas says everyone has seen. Salman says to Shilpa that its good you trust your fans but dont forget that they have fans too and you cant underestimate them, all fans want efforts from you, she nods. Salman ends call.
Shilpa says thanks to Puneesh, Shilpa says people are show off. Aakash says your trying is shown. Hina says to Vikas that I dont care if she doesnt play in tasks but it is shown outside. Shilpa says to Punees that I did tasks when I was captain too, Puneesh says it doesnt matter what they say. Shilpa says they keep highlighting that I wont work in tasks. Hina says to Vikas that Puneesh was backbiting about Shilpa and now supporting her infront of her face.

On stage, Salman says we will tell you soon about what we will do live voting for.

Salman connects call to house, Salman says its last time for Sultani wrestling, this will be last fight so we will have gun fight, Puneesh will have gun and Aakash will have plastic fork, its fair right? all laugh. Salman says its time to play for yourself, friendship out of the window. Salman says fight will be between Puneesh vs. Aakash.

In Sultani ring, Salman, Puneesh and Aakash comes there. Salman says there will be two rounds, first round will be verbal fight, you have to tell why other doesnt deserve to be winner. Aakash says I think Puneesh doesnt deserve to win because he plays in group. Puneesh says he flips in group, you can never trust him, he has become irritating from entertaining. Aakash says Puneesh works less in house. Puneesh says Aakash dresses up like Ramu kaka, his hygiene is gone, he doesnt have manners so its better if he goes out of house. Aakash says he has won the game, Puneesh says I will win the show too. All vote for Puneesh, Puneesh wins first round. Salman says in second round, you have to take off flags from end and put them to other end and you have to try to not let the other take flag from one end to other end, you both will be tied to each other so you have to pull against each other. Aakash and Puneesh are tied from back to back. They pull against each other to get the flags. Aakash pulls Puneesh back to get the flags. They pull against each other to take flags from one end to other end. Salman says Puneesh won the round, Puneesh put all the flags so he won. Salman says sportsman lost but you fought well. Salman says Aakash looks like Vin kerosene not Vin Diesel, all laugh. Salman gives meddle to Puneesh and says Puneesh won the last Sultani fight of this season. Shilpa says Puneesh won first meddle in the last.

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On stage, Salman says Manoj Bajpai and Sidharth Malhotra went in house.

In house, Manoj and Sid comes in house. They meet everyone. Sid says you people will play a game with us. Manoj says you are close to finale, you are close to winning so nothing will be easy here. Sid says this task will be for individuals. Manoj says game is that you have to sit on gym balls, kick on the football balls which have faces of other inmates and send them to pit, you have to protect your face’s ball from going to pit too. Manoj says the four people who put balls in pit in the last will lose, it will be like football while sitting on the gym ball. Inmates sit on gym balls and start moving ahead to kick the football to the pits. They are kicking balls of each other. Aakash kicks Shilpa’s ball in the pit. Sid says Luv’s ball has gone to pit too, they can still put others ball in the pit. Puneesh and Hina puts others balls. Sid says Hina and Puneesh’s ball are gone to pit too so Vikas and Aakash won. Sid says you played well. Vikas says this baldie played nice.
Sid and Manoj sits in lounge with inmates. Sid says Aakash and Vikas are our winners you kept your balls safe. Sid says Vikas kicked his ball to side and saved it. Sid says now you people will tell who is most clever and changes facade in house, who is smart and clever? Aakash says its Vikas, he is mastermind, he tricks people. Hina says it works for him, it works for him. Aakash says we didnt talk to him earlier and now he is my friend. Vikas says I think its Shilpa, she is dangerous actress, she can say romantic lines looking in your eyes and in the next one minute, she can drop tears. Vikas says Hina can drop tears easily too. Hina do it. Hina says looks down.. and suddenly tear falls from her eyes. Sid says she did it so soon, he bows to her. Manoj says majority says Vikas is the clever one of the house. Vikas touches Manoj’s feet. Manoj gives him tag of clever one. Sid and Manoj waves bye and leaves house.

On stage, Salman welcomes Sid, Rapul and Manoj. Salman asks how was it in house? Sid says they are all nice, they said Vikas is the clever one. Sid says he is master of trickery. Salman says Sid came here for his first film, Salman says Manoj’s first movie was Bandett queen and Bigg boss was on air that time. Salman says we will do something which we never did before. Salman asks Rapul what you didnt do which you want to do? She says I never wanted lady cop role so I want to do it. Salman says lets do it. He gives her aviators, police stick and cap. She mimics Salman’s line of Robinhood Pandey.. They all dance on Munni badnam hui. Salman says I have heard this song after many days. Salman asks Manoj how he wants to see Sid? He says I want him to perform like Bhojpuri star. Sid says Manoj danced less in movies so he will dance like Mithun’s disco dance. Salman says I will give lines to Manoj, Manoj will say in Bhojpuri and Sid have to copy it. Manoj says lines of Tiger in Bhojpuri, Sid says its like he is hunting in bathroom, all laugh. Sid copies him in bhojpuri. Salman says no Sidhave to dance like Bhojpuri star, they dance on bhojpuri song. Sid says now Manoj will dance on disco dancer. Manoj dances like Mithun with guitar. Salman and Sid dances with him. Salman says I love you Mithun Da. Salman greets the team, he promotes their movie Ayyari, they leave.

Salman says Aakash and Puneesh are in finale, we will know soon about others.

Salman connects call to house, he says to inmates that its time for elimination. Salman says ballot box of votes from mall will be opened in house only and you people will count the votes. Salman says Puneesh will open ballot box, and sort their votes and put in their sections, then nominated inmate will count their own votes and then they will write the number of their votes in envelope. Salman says dont tell your number of votes to anyone before I ask you. Salman ask them to start it, he ends call.
Puneesh opens ballot box, he starts sorting and says there are so many votes. He starts putting votes in their boxes. Vikas says these are votes of some people only. Puneesh says there are many votes.

Bigg boss says Puneesh have sorted votes, he asks inmates to start counting their votes and they will tell their number when asked. hina, Luv, Vikas and Shilpa starts counting their votes.

Salman connects call to house. He says Puneesh work done? Puneesh says and someone is done too, all laugh. Salman says I will ask one by one about voting numbers. He asks Hina to show her number of votes. Hina opens her envelope and says I got 464 votes, Salman says thats all? she says yes. Salman asks Shilpa to show her number of votes? she says 660 votes. Salman says thats it? Shilpa says thanks for this too. Salman asks Luv to show his votes, he says 393 votes. Salman asks Vikas to show his votes. Vikas shows his votes, they are 428. Salman says wow.. Luv your journey ends here. LUV IS ELIMINATED. Salman says it was great having you. Luv says love you. Salman says Vikas, Hina and Shilpa are going to finale. Hina is emotional, Salman ends call. Luv hugs everyone. He comes to Hina, Hina hugs him and says all the best, Luv says I will miss you, she says I will really miss you, Luv says I am finally going, they both laugh. Luv says I will see you soon. Puneesh says you are champion, Aakash says you are our hero. Luv greets them all. Hina hugs him once again and says I am sorry. Luv waves at everyone and leaves.

Salman connects call to house again. Salman says Luv is gone, there is no love left in the house. Salman says last season’s theme was commoners vs. celebrities but it was taken up in last week, why? Puneesh says we became mean last week in task and said about all this, we got scared that if we get stuck with celebrity in finale then it will be difficult, I am sorry, it was a strategy, we thought that if Shilpa is against us in finale then we are gone, I said sorry. Hina says we never thought about commoner vs. celebrity, they realized soon when next came on. Salman says India went live and did live voting for Hina and Shilpa’s performance. Salman says today India will go live for a task which Bigg boss will tell you about, all the best for your live performance, get more and more votes. He ends call.

Salman says they have brought up commoner vs. celebrity so now they will have to bear it. Salman says lets see the game for today.

In house, Bigg boss goes live and says we welcome all india live, show is in last leg and we are here with last 5 inmates who have entertained you daily, these 5 inmates didnt leave a chance to entertain you but only one will be winner of the season which we will know next week. Bigg boss says one question is left to be answered, all inmates lived without any wall but suddenly last week, there was a wall and commoners vs. celebrities were against each other and they argued about who entertained more, who made this season more successful and we want to know from India about who should be the winner of this season? a celebrity or a commoner? we give you a chance to give your opinion, Puneesh will debate on behalf of commoners and Hina will talk on behalf of celebrities, they will tell who should win and why? and India will tell their opinion through live voting. Bigg boss says Puneesh will go first and give his opinion. Puneesh stands on a platform. Bigg boss says India get ready to vote, check in time starts now. Let us show you a journey of commoners in house. Clip plays, many commoners came in house, Puneesh and Aakash went till the end, Puneesh worked hard in tasks, made it interesting with his love story. Aakash entertained with his rapping and tricks, both these commoners worked hard to each here. Clip ends. Bigg boss says Puneesh your time to tell why commoner should win, live voting starts now. Puneesh says I want to tell India why commoner should win, they dont have the edge, they go through audition from start, celebrities get invitation, their lives have controversies so they have material to spice up the show, we dont have the fan base like them, they have worked for years, we have done everything here, we have no experience of camera, we dont know how to behave in any situation, we have been real here, 13 commoners came and only 2 left, Luv left because he was stuck with celebrities, we dont have fan base like them. Puneesh gets 55% votes. Puneesh says not satisfied with the votes but thank you.

On stage, Salman says you heard Puneesh’s points, now its time for Hina’s talk, listen to her and decide who deserves more votes.

In house, Bigg boss says Hina its your time to tell why a celebrity should win, 55% people votes for Puneesh, what do you think chances you have? Hina says I dont know, I will try. Hina stands on platform. Bigg boss says check in time for India starts now, lets see journey of celebrities. Clip plays, 6 celebrities came in house, Shilpa, Hina and Vikas reached till the end, Vikas’s struggles, Shilpa’s breaking down, Hina crying. Vikas’s cleverness, Shilpa’s calmness and Hina’s sharpness in tasks, their efforts in tasks, their entertainment and now they are in finale, clip ends. Bigg boss says its time for live voting and Hina’s talk. Hina says I came in house about 3 months back, we are celebrities, we have baggage of being celebrity but we left that status and came as a contestant in this house, we tried our hardest to play as a contestant, in this journey, we tried to live like a commoner here, Bigg boss have removed that line in this house, Puneesh said that they dont have fan base, sameway we have baggage of behaving nicely, taking care of everything, we played as contestants not as celebrities, we played, we apologized, we worked hard to be best, we 5 are equal, the best should win this show. Time ends. Hina has got 79% votes. Bigg boss says Hina won this voting. Hina thanks the voters. Bigg boss asks what she wants to say? Hina says its good to know that India thinks we all have given so much to the show, we never differentiated, they accepted their mistake, we will live as contestants, not as celebrity or commoner. Bigg boss says time for voting ends.

Salman thanks India for voting today, he asks to vote for him they want to see as winner. Salman says we will know if celebrity or commoner will win on 14th January. He signs off from the show.

PRECAP- There will be press conference for inmates in house. One journalist asks Hina that Shilpa won hearts by her cooking, are you jealous of that? Hina says we didnt come here to cook only. Other journalist says that this is not Khatron Ke Khiladi, you can win without doing the tasks. Hina says if that was the case then I would have taken the cooking class and come here. Vikas says the person who changes statements in minutes, that person is not correct.


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