Bigg Boss 11 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Whole house goes berserk only on

Day 36 (continued)
Aakash comes to Puneesh and Bandagi’s bed, they are cuddling under blanket. Aakash jokingly takes off blanket. Puneesh says dog, dont ever do this again, this was the last time you did this, its not manners to take off blanket, especially of a girl, Bandagi says I wont bear it. Aakash says I am sorry. Bandagi says you have no manners. Puneesh says you dont know what clothes she is wearing. Aakash says sorry, he asks Bandagi to smile. Bandagi says dont do it, he asks her to smile, she smiles.

Day 37
Inmates wake up to song hawa hawai.. they all start dancing. Hina dances and twirls around. Aakash dances with Hiten and Shilpa. Shilpa comes to Vikas and pokes him to wake up, he shakes his head at her antics.

says Sabya that Puneesh and Bandagi were cozy in bed and Aakash took off blanket, they dont separate whole night.

Hiten says how will they face their families? Hina says Bandagi says she wants to prove her family that she is independent, this is what she is doing? her parents would feel bad hearing me see all this. Sabya says I am worried about Bandagi. Hina says Puneesh likes her but Bandagi is just for game.

Bandagi says to Shilpa that Priyank said that Ben sleeps without clothes under bed, she said it to Aakash, Aakash was sitting on he bed so she said that dont sit on my bed, I sleep naked, I never talk to Priyank like that. Bandagi says she said that she hugs anyone who is lying beside her, she hugs me too and once she gave her bra to Puneesh and asked him to open it, Bandagi says Ben and Priyank were awake whole night, Shilpa says I told her that if you listen what Aakash talks behind you, you will beat him, even my brothers dont talk about girls like they are their mothers in their circle, boys dont talk like that. Bandagi says she entertains Aakash, she answers him, she does everything, she talks private stuff with unknown guys.

Luv says to Hina that they are talking too much about hygiene. Hina says I know Ben have problems, she is lazy. Luv says Ben had some problem with dress on weekend, she went to bathroom and Mehjabi smelled so much. Hina says she use towels of everyone, she doesnt bath.. Luv says Bandagi and Ben have problems too but you know Bandagi is running whole group, we have to do something. Hina says if they talk then I am going to take Ben’s side, they cant corner girl like that.

Sapna says to Hina that I heard they comment about Ben. Hina says yes, Sapna says Puneesh and Aakash comments on girls, I asked Shilpa to ask them to stop it so Shilpa said that they are guys so they will do it.Hina says Shilpa acts like she is goddess of niceness, She is giving too much credit to Aakash, it will comeback to her.

Luv comes to Hina and Ben. Hina asks him to tell Ben. Luv says once I asked Aakash to not take off my blanket,I am not wearing proper clothes, even when last night Aakash took off blanket from Bandagi and Puneesh, Puneesh asked him to not do it, you dont know what girl is wearing or whats her position, once my dress was out of place too so I warned him.

Aakash wears his shirt on his head and dances around, all laugh at his antics. Hiten says he is a crab. Aakash pinches Luv at his back. Hina asks him to stop it,you got your footage. Aakash holds her leg, she says move away, I will slap you in reaction.

Puneesh is smiling, Bandagi asks what happened? Puneesh moves closer to her and says you know what I am feeling like? I want to do.. he whispers in her ear. She says in day time? Puneesh says I wanted to do in morning too. Bandagi says you have gone mad. Puneesh says I am a human.

Hina says to Ben and Priyank that they were under blankets and blanket was in outward position, they were all over each other, what if camera caught them in compromising position? She makes Priiyank lie beside her and puts her leg on him, she says Bandagi was lying like this on Puneesh, I saw it myself.

Arshi says to Vikas that what if you and Shilpa have affair? Vikas says she is double my age. Arshi says love can happen at any age. Vikas says you can love at anytime, you are loving married, father of two kids. Hiten rolls his eyes. Arshi asks if he thought he will find love here? Hiten says I didnt know I will get attacked here. Arshi says my parents must be thinking but they wont care, you know my grandpa married so many times, he was such a flirt, everyone knew, my mother says if you find a person that looks like my mother then he might be his step brother, my grandpa had 18 wives excluding side women, Hiten face palms.

Ben comes to washroom area, Aakash is inside washroom. Ben says to Aakash that I told you to not mess with me, where you keep clothes?

Shilpa says to Arshi that Ben has gone mad, real mad.

Aakash asks Ben to keep barking like dog,you beg people for votes, you are not seen on TV. Ben says Aakash you involved me without any reason.Aakash says you are mental and smelly. Ben says your parents didnt tell you how to talk to girls? you will be insulted on weekend. Arshi comes to Aakash and takes him away. Shilpa says Ben is going mad. Aakash says she was knocking my door.Bandagi says to Vikas that Ben is doing what Shilpa did with you, why Priyank is not stopping her?
Ben says to aakash that insult me, I am provoking you, insult a girl and then we will see.
Vikas says to Priyank thats what the difference between Ben and Shilpa? She is knocking on doors and talking about tearing his clothes. Hina says you can talk to Ben.Priyank says Aakash was talking about her private parts. Hina says Vikas we cant even repeat what Aakash said about her, its embarrassment for a girl. Priyank says I will tear him apart. Vikas says dont fight me.

Ben comes to luggage room and says Aakash where is your bag? Shilpa asks Aakash to not react.
Ben says to Arshi that I wont spare Aakash, he crossed limits, Arshi says Priyank crossed too.
Bandagi says to Aakash that she wont touch your clothes, she is insecure about her clothes, Puneesh says she took clothes on debt, she rented clothes unlike us.

Ben says to Priyank that I will go negative, I will not spare him. Priyank says dont be negative, its fighting for right thing, I scolded Vikas, Hina took your side too, I will tear apart anyone who tries to put you down.

Vikas asks Ben why she is bringing this after 4 weeks? Ben says I didnt bring it back, he did. Puneesh comes there, Hina asks him to not stare at Ben, Puneesh says I am seeing what she is bringing after so much time. Hina says its her call when she wants to bring what topic, atleast we are not laughing, Puneesh says good for you. Hina says when she is ready, we are reacting.
Puneesh says to Aakash that they are bringing that fun topic about flat screen tv, that she has nothing but flat and making us fight. Aakash says it was our talk. Puneesh says Hina is saying that I talked to her about it.
Hina says to inmates that Aakash took me in corner when he had fight with Arshi and he said so much about Arshi that she said so much bad about us. Aakash comes there and says it was old topic. Aakash says they couldnt talk about it when it was a joke, now they are talking about it? Priyank says instead of saying sorry, you are showing attitude.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that Hina said about Ben’s smelly armpits too.
Vikas says to Priyank and Ben that you should react rightly. Priyank says what is wrong with you Vikas? Ben forgave him but he started again, he commented on her body parts. Ben says aakash jumped on my bed so I cleared Puneesh and Aakash to not sit on my bed. Bandagi says Aakash used to be on your bed at night, why you are bringing Puneesh in all this. Ben says dont compare things, you are looking stupid. Ben says I can say that I only sleep in my nightie, so whats the problem with that? Vikas says I just asked to clear things. Hina says if you were her friend then you would have talked to her in private.
Shilpa asks Arshi why Hina is shouting so much? Arshi says she wanted footage, Puneesh says she is a vamp.
Vikas says to Hina that you are instigating people, if you had problem then you could have asked Ben to go to Bigg boss. Hina says I asked her to go, you are wrong. Vikas says I dont care.
Vikas comes to Aakash and says I think you were wrong, what you said was wrong but they are behaving wrongly, you shouldnt have commented on her body parts. Aakash says I didnt do it. Arshi says Ben asks me how I got ******, she talks so filthy. Puneesh says she can do anything because she is a girl? Mehjabi asks them to have shame.
Vikas says to Hiten that Ben talked to Aakash and got friendly with him, she talked those matters with him and now complaining.

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Hina whispers to Priyank that I saw Ben eating with Aakash after what he did, she talked to him so much, no girl would talk to him after what he said, she can end this by forgiving him, Salman would question her too, I wouldnt talk to him again but Ben did. Hina says we can take this matter as whole like they comment on girls instead of focusing on Ben’s matter only. Priyank says she didnt do anything wrong.

Aakash says to Vikas that I didnt point to Ben’s body parts, she was talking to me, so I talked about it as whole but didnt point at her. Vikas says cameras must have seen everything but you have worked for all this nicely but the way you are acting against women, commenting on them then it will go down for you. Aakash says just wait for it, you will know Ben talked to me about undergarments, he leaves. Ben says dont believe him. Vikas says Ben you talked to Aakash, I remember you talking about undergarments to him. Ben says Puneesh told me that Aakash uses Arshi’s penties. Puneesh comes there and says what rubbish are you saying? I never talked about girls penties, this girl is lying. Priyank asks him to talk nicely. Puneesh says how dare you talk about this with my name? Priyank shouts on him that you comment on girls, Puneesh shouts you *******. Inmates separate Puneesh and Priyank as they charge at each other. Vikas asks Punessh to calm down. Puneesh asks Priyank to swear on his mother that I commented that? aakash you are all liars. Priyank comments that you are in show after asking forgiveness from parents. Puneesh charges at him but Bandagi hugs him and puts hand on his mouth. Aakash asks Ben to shut up, Priyank will leave for violence. Ben says you are bad looking. Ben says you are ugly. She comes to Aakash and jerks his hair, she pulls his hair. Aakash shouts she pulled my hair, Ben says she was charging at me. Shilpa says Ben needs doctor. Bandagi asks Puneesh to calm down, Priyank wants you to raise hand,I won spare Priyank on Saturday. Aakash says she pulled my hair, Ben says you have no idea, you will be thrown out like Priyank. Sapna asks him to stop it. Shilpa asks Bandagi to call psychiatrist, Ben’s parents say she needs doctor. Shilpa says Hina is involved. Hina says you shut up, dont ever talk to me like this, Vikas can hear all this not me, we dont need a doctor. Ben says to Aakash that I will tear your jacket and you.
Shilpa says to Mehjabi Hina is running all this. Hina says to Aakash that you need psychiatrist, you can just charge at girls. Bandagi says Ben is lying. Hina says this Puneesh was begging me to save him in nominations. Aakash says you all are beggars. Priyank says Puneesh is hear on begging. Hina says to Shilpa that Ben doesnt need psychiatrist mom, Shilpa says I am not a mom, Hina says why dont you ask Aakash to stop it, he is a boy so he can say anything? you are provoking him, Shilpa says girls say stuff too, Hina says thank you Shilpa jee, this G has a lot of meaning. Hina leaves and goes to her bed. Ben shouts that I will tear Aakash’s jacket. Priyank holds her and brings her to bedroom, Ben says Aakash is ugliest guy.
Bandagi says to Puneesh that even Vikas knows you didnt say that.
Priyank says Puneesh hit me with his head. Hina says he didnt hit but brought his head towards you.
Bandagi says to Puneesh that I cant handle all this alone, you cant do all this, Puneesh hugs her sadly.
Ben says to Hina that if one of them leaves because of hitting Priyank then I won the show.
Shilpa says to Aakash that they must have recorded Ben pulling your hair.
Hina says to Priyank that I dont know how Shilpa is supporting all this.
Shilpa says to Aakash that you must have not said Hina is hot thats why she is angry.

Vikas comes to Puneesh and says I am with you but understand that Salman said no one is looking on screen so they all trying now.

Ben asks Shilpa which doctor she goes too? Aakash says see all doggies of Hina are around her. Priyank says you cursed again? Luv says why you called us doggy? Hina says dont curse me Aakash.
Vikas comes to Puneesh and Bandagi who are hugging and says they are all charging at Aakash, Puneesh says Aakash will handle it.
Hina asks Aakash what I did in all this? why you are taking my name? Aakash says why you took my name? Hina says come here, fight me. Aakash says Hina Khan has doggies, Hina says how dare you take my name, dont ever dare talk to me like that. Aakash moves away, Hina says he is scared of Luv. Aakash comes to Hina. Hina shouts dont ever come near me, dont dare touch me. Arshi pulls aakash away. Priyank and Luv stands infront of Hina protecting her, Hina says dont come near me Aakash Dadlani. Ben says they become friends after cursing each other, once Shilpa said that she wants to get rid of Arshi and now they are happy family? Arshi gives a kiss to Shilpa.
In washroom area, Puneesh says to Bandagi that Aakash needs me, Bandagi says Arshi and Shilpa are with him.

Aakash says Shilpa is wirh me. Luv says to Aakash that you did wrong. Hina says Shilpa is wrong, and Aakash every weekend Salman scolds him. Aakash says doggy Luv move away, Luv asks him to stop it.
Ben comes to Priyank and says it will take so little to break them.
Shilpa comes to washroom, Aakash asks if she is fine? Shilpa says I cant see fights like that. She hides in corner.

PRECAP- Priyank spits at Puneesh’s shirt. Puneesh charges at him and they start fighting again.
In luxury budget task, inmates have to sit in a space ship. Arshi talks to Puneesh. Hina says Arshi you have eating up a winner’s money, you are taking it wrong way, audience is watching everything, you will get work by tearing your clothes.


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