Bigg Boss 11 7th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 7th October 2017 Written Episode Update: only on

Inmates wake up to song mausam gane ka. Salman is in his house and dancing too. All neighbors dance too. Salman says good morning. He hears a girl’s voice, she says I am Siri mate, wake up. Salman says contestants don’t let me sleep. Salman says I know who is going to leave, what I saw last night might impact elimination.

Voiceover says this house shivered with many fights in first week only. Vikas and Shilpa’s are shown. Arshi and Hina’s fights are shown too.

Salman comes on stage. He welcomes everyone to show. Salman says you cant even imagine what they are doing. They have woken up everyone. We cant tell what they are saying. Salman says don’t worry I wont let you down.

Salman connects call to house and says to inmates that you are doing so nice,
so much humour and comedy, all hoot. Salman says people are following you. Clip plays in which people are shown following aakash and arshi’s rapping. Salman asks Aakash to do it. Aakash raps bang bang… I got the girls… bang bang. Salman says i have come for bang bang. He says you remember some people were woken up in start but some people have to wake up, figure out how. He ends call.

Salman says there is a trend in house that they are all targeting weak, anyone who thinks someone other weak target that person. He shows clip in which Zubair uses cheap poetry about Sapna, how he abused Arshi, said that nobody would keep her as servant not even as bi*ch. How Arshi said all are coward men. Salman says let me show you something else. Clip plays in which inmates ask Jyoti to have respect. How Jyoti had a fight with Sapna and Sapna asked her to have respect for elders. How Vikas asked Aakash to respect him. How Priyank asked Aakash to not mess with Vikas. Then how Inmates chose aakash to send to jail. clip ends. Salman says these are double standards of this house. Lets see what happens when we deal them with love. Call is connected to house. Salman says first week and Zubair was nominated, I am coming to you, I will make you dog. Zubair says sorry brother. Salman says you are a useless don, stay silent, I am coming to you. Salman says nominated inmates are Arshi, Shilpa, Jyoti and Bandagi, we will tell you who will be eliminated, today is bull day. Salman shows them bull and says the person who inmates think had most disappointing behavior this week, dont be scared of anyone. Salman says we will ask Hiten. Hiten says Arshi is start of every fight. Hina says Shilpa and Arshi both but Arshi cursed me so her. Priyank says Arshi. Vikas says I would take Shilpa’s name but what Arshi does, she crosses all limits. Benafsha, Jyoti takes Arshi’s name. Sapna takes Arshi’s name. Puneesh and Aakash takes Vikas’s name. Shivani and Zubair takes Arshi’s name. Bandagi says Arshi. Shilpa takes Hiten’s name, all laugh. Shilpa says I cant change others but I think Hiten is sensible, he can make people understand but he is scared and diplomatic. Salman says yes he is sensible but he doesnt want to be part of any fight, he sees that women are being cursed but he is scared of his image or some power. Salman says inmates have decided to make Arshi sit on bull, you have small dress so change it. Sapna says she will look good wearing this dress. Salman says this comment was not needed, everyone have choice to cloth as they please, nobody will talk about s*xuality, women and religion in this house, I will come on this topic, these are very cheap things to talk about, people supporting them are too much. Arshi comes after changing clothes. She sits on bull and says I am sitting on Hina. Salman says Hina will make you get down, all laugh. Salman asks Zubair how he feels Arshi sitting on it, he says not good. Salman says dont you want to punch her? Zubair says brother.. Salman says you call her 2rs woman, what about you? you dont have any standard and talking about others’ standard, you came here for kids and you will bring them like this? Zubair says nobody was taking stand, Salman says you take stand calling her 2rs woman? you will call your sister and mother this? Zubair says never, Salman says then why here? Zubair says brother.. Salman says dont call me brother, you keep talking about Dungri. Zubair says I am not scaring anyone. Salman says dont talk like this, nobody talk like this, you have come for your kids to see you on TV. Zubair says I am trying to change. Salman says its all lie, you are no underworld don, should I tell everyone? Zubair says I was married by cheating. Salman says you take out your anger on women? you talk filthy, do you talk like this with mother and wife? he says no, Salman says you want to show your strength? Zubair says I am sorry, Salman says I have your full report, you talked about her sitting on places? you deserve being roasted, you should make your neighborhood proud. Zubair says I am trying to change. Salman says this is your way of trying? what will people about your neighborhood? Zubair says people are triggering me, Salman says does Vikas say all that? Bandagi says I didnt trigger him, he threatened me. Salman says dont deny it Zubair, you make your people you feel shame. Zubair says I am sorry. Salman says to Hiten that you tried to make Arshi talk to Hina but you didnt make Zubair understand? you are most sensible, Hiten says I tried to make him listen, Hiten says I asked them to not curse, not curse but they dont listen. Hina says I want to ask why I was cursed. Salman says you were talking about girl power, but see this happens but you support Zubair against Arshi and he will bite you back too. Hina says all are scared of Zubair because of his background, Salman says I know many people from that side but they dont behave like Zubair, when Zubair was cursing Arshi then Hina you didnt take stand. Aakash says Hina provoked Zubair bhai.. Salman says bhai(brother)? call him Zubi baby, all laugh. Arshi says thank you Salman. Aakash says they ar like my sisters and they are cursed, Shilpa says they force Aakash to rap. Arshi says they curse me, Zubair said *********. Salman says we know what is happening, you dont have to say it and take it ahead, you cry about being cursed but you cursed Hina too, you want to play with fire but cant take it back? Salman asks Hina why she didnt take against Zubair? Hina says Zubair listens, I make him understand and he listens but they dont, Hina says I take stand for everyone, when I asked him to stop it but Zubair said he curse like this infront of his parents. Hina says I would have taken more stand against Zubair but when Arshi says that i provoke Zubair, I take his side and curse me then how can I take stand against her? its not okay for her to say all that, I didnt curse Arshi. Salman says I thought Zubair came to change his image. Hina says Arshi curses me and says that I provoke Zubair but I never provoked it, I have taken stand for everyone, I asked Zubair to not talk about her clothes or gays but Arshi is no less, she has made our lives hell, she talks about my profession so much. Salman says people have been talking about me for years but you have reacted in a week, we expect a lot from you Hina. Salman asks Arshi why she was silent against Zubair? Arshi says Zubair first said that our parents have left us here and we are ********. Vikas says I took stand for them, Arshi says let me speak. Hina says I cant trust her. Salman asks Arshi if you are doing right? is this humanity what you are doing? Vikas says when Zubair reacted about her clothes, I asked him to have shame and think what will his kids about him. Salman says who come in this house for kids? Zubair says I have come for kids, Salman says you want kids to see this? I have come to change myself, I am trying. Salman says if you have come for kids then you wouldnt be doing this, you have come to get attention, he ends call. Hina says now talk about being gay, abuse them now. Arshi says we will not say gay.. we wont spare anyone. Priyank says we will make you run in your nightie. Arshi says now it will be bang bang… Arshi laughs and says Hina was insulted so much that she is crying, Salman understand everything. Arshi says now they will curse seeing our antics, now we will tell them drama without curse, Hina says we will make you see too. Hina says dare you call gay, Vikas says its okay, its not a bad word. Arshi says now everything will be bang bang. Arshi says I got it big, Hina says you got insulted for insulting women. Arshi says I will make others curse now. Zubair says I am trying to change, I am trying to stop, Hina says you are trying.

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Salman says to audience that people are so bad in house, they are crossing limits, this is disgusting, I dont know how this is humour. Let them see what they are doing. Call is connected to house. Salman says I want to show you something. Salman says there will be many rounds of class, let me show you what you did yesterday. Clip plays, Arshi sings song about sweet, Arshi says Andy was open but Priyank makes sweet (gay). Vikas says to Hina that they will end up like Priyanka. Priyank comes and says they are calling me gay, I will act like that now. Vikas gets angry and says dont do this,dont act like that, I knew they would do this. Arshi taunts Hina and Priyank about sweet(her nickname for gay). Arshi says sweet will come in luxury budget and we will not give them luxury budget. Later Vikas says to Priyank that they will start physical fights, I will handle ot. Shivani says they are*****, they can come infront and say what they want, all hoot for Shivani. Arshi says she will start magic now. Shivani says myu magic will make your mother shiver. Arshi says Om Swami is back. Hina says Priyanka Jagga is here too. Arshi says you are slim dolly bindra. Priyank says you are village cow withot milk. Arshi says you are gay so shut up.. Priyank shouts you are a village cow without milk… clip ends..
Salman asks Arshi if she is enjoying saying all this? Arshi says they start it, Salman says then you can go to any extent? abuse s*xual preference too? Arshi says it started when Hina and Zubair said that I changed my s*x, I am an kinner(dual s*x) and I have relation with Shilpa. Priyank says she even said that Vikas and I sleep in same bed, Arshi says it was asked to be said. Salman says you said it, Arshi says they forced me to say it, Priyank says she was my friend but now doing all this. Salman says you people are educated? Priyank says Aakash is with them. Salman asks Aakash to watch out. Salman asks Puneesh to be careful, I wont tolerate this. Hina thanks Salman. Vikas says gay is not a curse, this Aakash said so much filth, he is american returned but he used such bad language. Hina says we can go to gym, we are ashamed of Arshi and Aakash’s workout. Salman asks Aakash what you want to say? Aakash says I said it because Shilpa is being abused, Vikas attacked her. Salman says you took stand for Shilpa but why did you have to say it? Aakash says I was mad. Salman says you dont have to apologize? Vikas says he says that he know Bigg boss’s don and all that, I said I would beat you. Salman says I will kick Aakash’s ass for this, I want you to apologize for it, aakash apologizes. Salman asks Zubair why he is holding head? Zubair says I have headache. Salman says you dont have headache with your voice, Zubair says I am sorry for that. Salman ends call.

Salman takes deep breath and says I wont let it happen, colors want TRP but I will solve these people out, I wont leave this show. Salman says you know people didnt know game first but then people came to show illmannerism but they dont have work now, if they think they will remain in house even after violence then they are wrong, let me show you.

Last night’s clip is shown. Aakash sings rap. Hina asks him to get lost and let air come. Vikas says tomorrow I will show your real face. Aakash says you get lost, dont touch me, Vikas says nobody would want to touch you, Aakash says you are gay. Vikas says thats why you came to ask me if I am not straight? you know my *******, you went with me? even my would not go with you. Vikas and Aakash gets angry, Priyank comes there and pushes Aakash, he curses him too, Priyank gets physical and pushes Aakash away. Vikas says I wont spare this person. Vikas says dont curse me, Aakash says gets lost, dont go to my mother, I wont spare you, Hina asks him to calm down. All separate Vikas and Aakash from attacking each other.

Salman connects call to house again. Salman says to Vikas that what happened last night, clap for that. Salman asks Aakash, Priyank and Vikas to enact what happened last night. Vikas says last night, we were talking and Aakash started saying ******. Salmann says you know what happened and what was the intensity of curses. Vikas says I cant repeat, I was in a lot of anger and said so much. Salman says it will be shown on TV even with beep. Salman asks Priyank what he did? Salman says you came inbetween them and thought that Vikas is not man enough to handle it? Salman says it was Aakash’s fault and Priyank came inbetween it. Salman says curses, religion and s*xuality topic are not allowed. Salman says to Vikas that I am in so much anger but I am not cursing, you work in TV and do all this? Vikas says I was in too much anger, Salman says this is going to cost you a lot. Salman says there are many cameras here, Vikas you know about this format, what happened to you? Vikas says they curse my mom. Salman says you cursed his mom too. Vikas says he made me lose my mind. Salman says this is worst. Salman says Priyank pushed Aakash back, he got physical, come on Priyank you have to get out of house. All are shocked. Salman says it was stupid, Salman says I thought this wont happen with Priyank, I thought he would stay longer but dont push me to this extent next week, Priyank why did you get in middle of it? Priyank says he said ***** and I couldnt stop myself. Salman says I feel bad that you have get out of house now. Hina says Arshi have pushed me two times and accepted it. Salman says did you see Priyank pushing him? she says I wasnt there, Salman says then dont say anything. Priyank says I know its my mistake but I am sorry. Salman says we cant avoid this, Priyank says I didnt hit him but I pushed him. Aakash says Puneesh stopped him otherwise I would have my head hurt. Salman says Vikas and Aakash was wrong but most wrong one is Priyank who had nothing to do with it, Priyank says I just reacted to his words. Salman says there is limit to reaction. Salman says I request you people to not push me this much, I have other problems too, I was shocked. aakash says I was hurt. Salman says you stay silent, I would have thrown you out of house, he mimics Aakash and says you call everyone without even thinking. Salman asks Priyank to come out of house, Priyank says okay. Salman ends call and says to audience that Priyank lost control of his anger. Salman says PRIYANK IS OUT OF HOUSE. Salman says tomorrow Golmaal team will be here, he signs off from show.

PRECAP- Sapna gets angry and says I would break Arshi’s head, Arshi says you are threatening me? Sapna says I swear to God, I wont spare you, I dont care if I leave but I will teach you such a lesson, you would never forget it, dont mess with me, I will break your head in two.
Vikas says to Priyank that I feel so guilty and bad for you getting thrown out, he is in tears. Hina says now everyone will see result now, if Priyank leaves then I will leave too, I dont care about Bigg boss.


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