Bigg Boss 11 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Gauri and other family members come in house only on

Day 67 (continued)
Vikas’s mother comes in house. She calls Gutko.. Vikas says its my mother’s voice, where is she? mamma? Bigg boss asks everyone to freeze. All do. Vikas’s mother comes in house, Vikas smiles seeing her, mother cries and hugs him, Vikas cries too, she wipes his tears and cries herself. Shilpa smiles seeing them, his mother kisses him all over and cries. Mother says you dont know how I lived without you, my son.. I dont have life without you, you are my son.. Hina cries seeing them. Mother says you have made me proud, you are so nice and so sensible, I didnt know, Vikas cries. Bigg boss asks Vikas to release, Vikas hugs her tightly and cries, he says I missed you so much, they both cries freely. Vikas says maa.. you are my life, she says you are

my life. Vikas says I am sorry, I troubled you so much, you are most important, I dont do much for you, I am sorry, he sits in her feet and says I didnt give you time of life, I realized here that we dont give attention to our moms, I got to know here how much moms love us, I am really sorry, I will take care of you so much after going from here, all are emotional seeing them. Vikas’s mother comes to Priyank and hugs him, he cries. Priyank breakdowns, Vikas’s mother consoles him and says dont cry, Vikas asks him to not cry.Vikas makes her meet Arshi, mother hugs her and says I came to give love. She hugs Hina and says all my kids are nice, she hugs Luv too, Puneesh touches her feet and cries. Vikas’s mom hugs Puneesh, Vikas says its Aakash, he is mad, Vikas’s mom hugs him and says he is nice from heart, he is a star. Vikas brings her to Shilpa, Vikas’s mother says she is a daughter, Shilpa gets up from seat and says sorry, Vikas’s mom says no worries and hugs her. Vikas’s mom hugs Hiten, she says I know you miss your kids a lot. Vikas hugs her. Bigg boss asks Vikas’s mother to leave, he asks Vikas to freeze, mom hugs him and says remain with people, Shilpa is a nice girl, you will go till end for bomb blast, she bows to him and says you are my hero, she asks him to smile as he is crying, mom giggles Vikas, Vikas laughs and says you destroyed our task, Shilpa laughs loudly, Bigg boss asks her to leave, mom gives flying kiss to Arshi, Priyank escorts her out of house. Shilpa says she made us all move in task. Mom says to Vikas that you are hero and win, she leaves. Bigg boss asks everyone to release, Hina is crying. Vikas cries more, Priyank hugs him. Luv says sorry, Vikas says thats okay, I dont know why I am so emotional, Priyank hugs him tightly.
Hina comes to corner and cries loudly, she whimpers mama and cries.
Puneesh hugs Vikas. Hina says to Luv that I miss my mom, she does everything for me. Luv says every mother does everything and we dont think about them enough, Hina says no, I think about her, I am a nice girl, I think about my parents.
Shilpa says to Vikas that your mother strangled whole task and laughs, Vikas says she is my mother after all.
Arshi says I am scared, what if Gauri comes? then she will not spare me.

Vikas brings tea for Priyank and asks him to drink it, Priyank puts his head down and says I will drink, he sniffs, Vikas makes him hold mug. Hiten asks Priyank to control himself, we are with you. Vikas says to Priyank that you did mistakes in game, you could have done more but we can stop it, you are down so now you can come up, you did mistakes and people took advantage, he hugs him, Vikas says you gave people chance to say anything,Priyank says Divya said too much. Vikas says you become too close to girls, you sniff pillows of girl that leave then you talk about girls outside, I dont discuss my relationships here, Priyank says I was just telling them, Vikas says now when your real love see all this and you lose her for all the camera footage and all that? Priyank says no I wont do that, Vikas says you are mad, I will slap you.
Aakash says to Shilpa that I dont want to do this task,its emotional.

Priyank asks Vikas to not fight with him. Vikas says to Hiten that he cursed me, threatened me, then how he wanted to out me of task, and now he talks about friendship, you cursed Luv too, you even said that you would not keep friendship outside, Priyank says I wanted you to be captain but Luv doesnt listen to me and Hina, I promise you, I am not against you.Vikas says I am begging to not be pro of me for namesake only, Priyank says you dont expect me to play for you? Vikas says no.
Hina says to Arshi that they are fighting after mummy came too.
Priyank says I am sorry, I was expecting that from you. Vikas says you are doing this again? you cant change. Priyank says I was genuinely saying sorry to you, Hiten says if he is saying sorry then listen to him, Hiten says lets do one thing, leave everything aside, he asks Priyank to play together, lets be together in game, will you? Priyank says yes. Hiten hugs him. Vikas says you will leave Hina now? Luv looks at Priyank. Priyank says what about leaving Hina? Hiten says we will all play together. Vikas says if you want to win then come to our team, we play together.

Priyank says to Hina that you are my very nice friend but only friend.. Hina says what you mean? Priyank says like you are just my good friend, nothing else. Hina says what is this? Priyank says I dont know what is going on outside so I am just clearing from my side, the way Divya said things today, I got indication that things can come up and affect you, Hina says I dont know whats going outside, I dont give a f***, if you are affected then maintain distance from you, you shouldnt have clarified if it doesnt matter to you, Priyank says its doesnt but Ben.. Hina says you and Ben were totally different, you cant compare it with me, I dont have anything in heart, Priyank says I am just saying, Hina says because that girl came? who is she? does she matter to me? she will tell me? if you want to keep distance then keep it, I know what relation I have with whom here, I am not some new girl in industry, I have spent time in industry, everbody knows me, you should see whom you are talking to, Priyank says I am talking to my friend, I know you are not new in industry. Hina says mind your mouth, I am not opening my mouth as it will create problems for people, Priyank says open your mouth. Hina says there is a difference between me and others, I know I am not new, I am way on top on my relationships, Priyank says I was just clearing, he leaves. Hina says I didnt like it. Luv says he is filled.Hina says either he thinks he is too handsome that every girl will fall for him,not only nice face is needed for that.

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Luv says to Priyank that I told her your words were wrong, she felt bad, I tried to explain. Priyank says for a girl, its so wrong to say new girl in industry, she is saying either about Divya or Ben, Luv says dont react to that if it was said about Ben because she is her friend too, Priyank says she sound too arrogant, tell Hina but you both sound very wrong, she was arrogant about all that, Luv says tell her directly, Priyank says I am not talking, she have to apologize for her statement, fine if she doesnt do it.

Day 68
Inmates wake up to song Mujhko Kia hua hai.. koi mil gya.. Hiten wakes up and dances with energy. All others dance and enjoy. Arshi dances with Vikas.

Shilpa is glaring Arshi, Arshi says let me have breakfast first.
Hina says to Arshi that she didnt shed a tear even when her mom came, Arhsi says she is stone hearted, Hina says she is, Arshi says she never made important relations in life, she cant maintain them.

Aakash’s mom comes in house, Bigg boss asks everyone to freeze, all do. Mom comes to Aakash and says I wont release you, you have to lose a lot to gain something, I will wait for you, I love you. Aakash smiles and tries to control his emotions, mom says you are meeting me as father, you are a strong person. Mother meets Puneesh, Shilpa, she hugs Hiten, she says hello to Hina.She comes to Arshi and says I love you,people like you a lot.Bigg boss asks Aakash to release. Aakash hugs him mom and says see I became a star, I will show you all. He brings her to Puneesh and says I got bald for him, mother says no worries, I will make hair styles. Aakash brings her to Shilpa, and says she is very nice, mother says yes she is. Aakash says I dont listen to Hiten, she says he is your elder brother. Aakash says brings her to bedroom and makes her meet Hina, and everyone else. Aakash says to mom that Hina is sweet, I want girlfriend like her, Hina laughs. He makes her meet Arshi and says she is very sweet. Bigg boss asks everyone to release. everyone gathers around her. Hiten hugs her, she says forgive Aakash, he is a kid, Puneesh hugs her, Aakash sings bang bang with everyone and his mother. Bigg boss asks everyone to freeze, mom says me too, Bigg boss asks Aakash to take his mother out of house. Aakash sings song and sees his mother off. Bigg boss asks everyone to release, Aakash says my mother likes Vikas, it was fun to meet her.

Hina sings saans mein teri saans mili.. Rocky comes in house. Hina gets elated seeing him. She cant believe it. Bigg boss asks everyone to release. Rocky comes to Hina and says Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta, he hugs her, she cries, Rocky says you are playing very nicely, you are getting love, everyone loves you, we see your emotions, he hugs her and says people take advantage of it too, Hina breakdowns, Bigg boss says Hina release. Hina hugs him tightly and cries, Luv smiles. Hina says I cant do it anymore, I want to go, I cant do it. Rocky says we will talk, Hina says I cant, I missed you so much, Rocky says we will talk.Rocky says to Priyank and Luv that your friendship is being talked about a lot. Rocky says to Vikas that you are my favorite player even if you fight with Hina.Bigg boss asks everyone to release. Vikas, Luv, Priyank, Hiten hugs him. Rocky says you are patience idol. Rocky says to Arshi that you look nice with Shilpa but way too better with Hina, all laugh, Rocky says to Shilpa that I am your big fan, he meets Puneesh and Aakash. Rocky takes Hina to bedroom.
Hina hugs Rocky, he says I dont have time my kid, he says we have spent time but the worst time was not spending time with you, after bigg boss give time to me, I have lost my heart to you, Rocky says lose your heart and give it to me, Hina giggles and hugs him, she asks how is mamma and daddy? she gets emotional and says they make fun of my crying too, he wipes her tears and says you dont have to be so much emotional, if someone backstabs you then feel bad for a minute and then let it go.. I love you.. Hina giggles. He gives her ring and makes her wear a ring, he gives her a kiss on cheek, she kiss on his cheek, they says love you to each other.
Puneesh says Aakash that he gave her ring.
Rocky says to Hina that if someone is your enemy then let it go, Hina says nobody supports me, they dont let me be captain, they want me to go, she cries, he says there is time for you here, Bigg boss asks everyone to freeze. Hina desperately looks at Rocky, she says I will give you a house tour, he says you are freeze, Rocky asks Bigg boss to release Hina please, Bigg boss asks Rocky to leave. Hina says no just let me give him one thing, Bigg boss asks Hina to freeze, Hina cries and hugs him tightly, please take me with you, he says you are making is difficult for me, she says I love you and cries, he says baby dont cry, we will meet soon, I love you, he gives her a kiss, Bigg boss asks her to leave. Hina cries and weeps loudly, he leaves. Bigg boss asks Hina to release. Hian runs to garden but Rocky is already gone, Hina cries. Bigg boss asks everyone to release. Hina cries, Priyank comes to her.
Shilpa comes to washroom and mimics Hina crying. Arshi says my father came and I didnt cry a tear, you people have taps of tears. Shilpa mimics Hina and cries.
Hina cries and says I cant stay, I love you Ro.. Priyank hugs her. Hina says they didnt let me give gift too.
Arshi says to Shilpa that I will tell Hina you are making fun of her, Shilpa says then she will shout like lizard that Shilpa Shinde you dont know emotions.

Bigg boss asks everyone to freeze, all do. Luv’s father comes in house. Luv gets emotional seeing him, father hugs him and says my son.. Luv cries. Bigg boss asks Luv to release, Luv hugs him and cries. Father consoles him and says you are playing nicely, Luv plays with mustache, father checks his bald head and laughs, he says you are looking good, Luv says you look smart too, Luv shows him Hiten, father says I am so happy to see Hiten ji, he hugs Hiten, father meets Puneesh, he greets Vikas, he hugs him and says you are playing very nice. Luv’s father comes to Hina, he says God bless you, be good friend, you are all looking nice. Bigg boss asks everyone to release, Hina hugs him, everyone meets him, he says to Aakash that you are rockstar. He says to Shilpa that thank you for taking care of Luv, honestly we are your big fan. Bigg boss asks everyone to freeze. Luv hugs his father,Bigg boss asks Luv to freeze and father to leave. Father hugs him and leaves. Bigg boss asks everyone to release.

Vikas says to Hina that parents blessed everyone here, they blessed me when I didnt even save their kids, Hina says Arshi’s father blessed me and not his daughter, they created good atmosphere, showing jerks stay nicely, they will forget it tomorrow.

Hiten is in garden and says its quite sometime, too much weight. Puneesh sings Inteha hogyi intezar ki, Shilpa says Gauri is coming soon.

Gauri comes in house. All cheer seeing her, Bigg boss everyone to freeze. Gauri says to Puneesh that you are doing well, she hugs Shilpa and says you are doing so nice, you are very sweet and youngest mother of everyone here. Gauri comes in house, she gets emotional seeing Hiten, she hugs him and cries, Hiten tries to control his emotions and remains frozen.

PRECAP- Famous TV stars will come in house tomorrow. Rohan Mehra, Karishma Tanna, Karan Patel will enter house tomorrow. Karan Patel says to Hina that you keep saying you didnt say that, you didnt do that, you keep denying things but there are million people watching outside and they see everything.
Karishma says to Shilpa that you seem a little insecure and hesitant, play more openly.
Salman says to Arshi that Shilpa didnt misbehave with your father, she met with him with utter respect. Arshi says let me talk now, Mister Salman Sir, I think you sometimes are unable to see Shilpa’s mistake, Shilpa is stunned with her bluntness.


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