Bigg Boss 11 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update: All are nominated for last week only on

Day 98
Shilpa says to Puneesh that I will make your and my food only, Aakash and Vikas cooks their food so Hina will eat from theirs as I am unhygienic.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that you cant trust people, if they take you up, they cant bring me down but I have trust, I have been real here, they ask me to to shout and jump around in tasks, if you guys are jumping around then Hina wants me to jump around too so I cant.

Vikas comes to Hina and says Shilpa keeps talking about her fan following, clarity and all that. Aakash says she said that I am unhygienic so I will make food for Puneesh and myself only. Vikas says she does this, she never washed bathrooms, look at her untidy section in luggage room. Hina comes to Shilpa and asks if she cooked anything? she says nothing.
Hina says stomach gets upset with yesterday’s food. Shilpa says Aakash, Vikas makes their food, I cant make food for one, two people, yesterday’s food is remaining too, Hina says I get ill with it. She says to Vikas that I will eat from your food or Aakash’s food.

Hina asks Shilpa you made the dish? Shilpa says yes I cooked, I just wanted to show off that I cook and when I dont then what happens. Hina says you want so show off cooking? Shilpa says you are eating my parathas too. Vikas says I made the parathas, Shilpa says I did stuffing in it and I knead flour, you waste food. Vikas says I dont make extra food, I used your parathas because I didnt want to waste your food, if you wanted to make food then why you wanted to show off? Shilpa says Hina doesnt know cooking but she shows off so I wanted to show off too. Hina says what did I show off? Shilpa says I am mental, hina came to me and asked purposely about what I made today in cooking and then you b*t*h about me that I am always in kitchen. Hina says your ego is hurt that I called you unhygienic. Shilpa says you have been eating from my hands only, Hina says I will make my food only. Shilpa says you are eating my food right now, I did stuffing in parathas. Vikas says we didnt do anything, I am making food from last week because I felt bad that.. Shilpa says oh you felt bad now? vikas says this is your behavior? Hina says she is doing deliberately because she has got votes so she is showing her reality. Shilpa says last week too, she was bickering about tap water use in food and all like I am servant here. Hina says I clean washrooms here too, everyone does their work here, if you have something bad in your habits then change it, Shilpa says I am unhygienic? Aakash says you are, have you seen your luggage area? everything is a mess there. Shilpa says what you people want me to do? should I hit my head with slipper? Vikas says what kind of words are you saying? check your language, I didnt eat your food from one week because I was not feeling it so I made my food but I didnt fight you on that. Aakash says lets leave from here, Hina says better, Hina, Vikas and Aakash leaves. Hina says she has ego from yesterday’s voting. Puneesh asks Shilpa why they are fighting in last week? Shilpa says I am not fighting.
Hina says she is behaving so badly because of a call? Vikas says she is taunting me about using her stuffing in parathas? Puneesh says she wanted to say that if she is unhygienic then why you are using her cooked food. Vikas says we said that her area in luggage room is messy, not for food.

Hina says to Aakash that since I am cooking for first time, can you tell me how to make curry? Aakash starts telling her recipe and says use musterd seeds, she says what are they? He sees those seeds in kitchen.

Shilpa sits in washroom area and cries, she says they all are getting mean just because I got votes? Puneesh comes there and says its clear that everyone will try to put you down at this stage, Shilpa says they are doing this just because I got the votes.

Vikas says to Aakash that Shilpa has this plan from start that poke others and they get angry on her then she will act all great and cry rivers, dont fight her, dont give her chance to act all saint.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that Hina doesnt eat yesterday’s food but she can eat 2-3days old food if it has come from outside? She has hidden so many eggs and milk packets, what will she do with them now? Puneesh says hit on head with them.

Day 99
Inmates wake up to song baby ko bass pasand hai. They all dance and enjoy. Aakash says good morning top five.

Hina says to Vikas that I am today’s girl, I compete with every boy for everything, Shilpa knows that she is going to win the show 99%, she has fan base so she doesnt care about anything now? she has been doing drama this whole season, it was all soap opera, she said no to make food for me, I know survival cooking but she is winning the show by cooking in kitchen? Vikas says its her game. Puneesh says she didnt win it till now, its remaining, Hina says you just see.

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Bigg boss says to inmates that we congratulate you for reaching to finale week. All thank him. Bigg boss says this is your last nominations, your last test. Bigg boss says only 4 will be finalists. Bigg boss says you all are nominated for this week so people can decide who four will be finalists for this season. Shilpa says Puneesh see I am cleaning table, see I am cooking, she taunts Hina.
Puneesh says to Hina that Shilpa’s arrow is flying high and she can hit anyone if someone tries to attack her so let fly, Hina says yes.

Aakash says to Shilpa that you are looking nice in yellow clothes. Shilpa says tell me something which I dont know. Shilpa cooks food and says Puneesh I am making paratha for you, Puneesh says this paratha is coming with many debts, Shilpa says I want to mky fans that I did favor on Puneesh so send him some votes too.. she Puneesh I have to work all the time in this house. She is taunting Vikas who is cooking in kitchen.

Bigg boss asks inmates to come to activity area. They come in there and finds journalists there. Hina says they are real people, nice you see you all. Bigg boss says you all have come to a long journey, people have seen your behavior and they have many questions in mind that they want answers to so this press conference is arranged and journalists will ask questions. One journalist says Puneesh and Aakash did you hope to reach till here? Puneesh says I came with one month target only. One journalist asks Hina why she has ego about being a senior in this industry? Shilpa never says that she is in the industry for 15 years? Hina says I never say that I have been in industry for 15 years, Puneesh said about it in a task, I am not egoistic and I never say that I have worked these many years and I am senior and all that. Vikas says infact she has weak memory, even if she says something in the heat of the moment, she forgets it, her upper portion is a little empty, Hina laughs. One journalist says we saw mom-son relation but it changed? what happened? Aakash says Shilpa is caring like my mom but she is my competition so I have to cut it. Shilpa says I cant act daily, I did acting of being a mom in reality show, maybe it flopped. Journalist asks if she thought her son will reach till here? Shilpa says I never thought that even if I got married on time, I would have such old son, Aakash laughs and I wanted to Shilpa here, they gave me mom’s title, I am like this in reality. One journalist says that Vikas and Shilpa fought for starting week and then they become cordial.. whats your relationship exactly? Aakash laughs and says they will get married soon. Vikas says we are colleagues, we fight and then just let things go, we are fighting right now but still if she cuts fruits then I will eat it, Shilpa says his hidden talent is he is very good actor, Vikas says she writes very well too, all laugh. One journalist says Hina you were sure that you are going till finale, why? Hina says I clarified that we were discussing scenario that ifmy friends leave then what will happen to me and if I leave then how they will leave. Vikas says we were sure that she will reach finale. Aakash says she said other times too that she will reach finale. Shilpa says Hina is a little overconfident. One journalist says to Shilpa that you keep thinking your fans will make you win, you have fan base, did you forget that Manveer won the show, this show is not about commoner or celebrity. Shilpa says I never said that I have celebrity status so I will win this show. Aakash says she is lying for the news. Vikas asks him to calm down. Shilpa says I have played alone, if someone is not respecting your work then you have to tell them your worth, if they say that what have I done in life? I have done nothing then I have to tell them what I have done in life, I had to tell them my identity. One journalist says to Hina that Vikas challenged you to cry in a minute, were they real? Hina says they were fake, I have worked in industry so I have practice. One journalist says to Puneesh that you played smart, you pleaded Hina to save you and you will return the favor but you didnt, Puneesh says I did, journalist says then you say you are friends with anyone here, you are now commoner here? Puneesh says they are all celebrities, they have fan base so if I am competing with them then I will hesitate that I might not stand a chance against them, and if someone is saving you or doing favor on you then they have more benefit and gain, Vikas says they want to show how great they are by saving others. Hina says all are playing game here. One journalist asks Shilpa that captaincy task happened, you changed your avatar? Shilpa says no one was supporting me, no one said that she deserved, so its good to give other things, you get happy by giving things to others. Vikas says she has habit of showing that she is giving her position to others but in real, she doesnt want to do tasks, we have given captaincy to many people, Shilpa says I have done too, Vikas says because you dont want to play. Shilpa says in frame task, they were three friends so they would choose each other only, Vikas says they were okay to make you captain, when she doesnt want to do hard work then she says that her fans will save her and give up in tasks, she became contender 4 times. Shilpa says thank you. One journalist asks Hina why you keep saying about Shilpa in kitchen and think that she won hearts by being in kitchen so are you jealous of her? Hina says no I am not jealous, she was busy in kitchen in prize money task, she had no involvement in tasks, Hina says we didnt come here to cook only. Vikas says all are doing work here. Puneesh says it has happened all the time in our house like it happens in India that housewives dont do useful work, what they are doing is not significant, Shilpa Shinde handles all housework, Puneesh says housewives are the one who cooks and handle all the house, housewives are the one who keep family intact. All clap for him. Shilpa has tears in her eyes. Puneesh says they dont have point against her so they keep saying that she doesnt do tasks, how she will work in tasks when she is making food all the time? she is the champion. All clap for Puneesh. Vikas says cooking is important but our mothers are not only cooking, they are cleaning, mopping, Puneesh says she does everything. vikas says she works nicrly but she needs to play the game, she cant always be in kitchen, she is handling the house but her clothes are a mess, you dont see it.Puneesh thats her personal matter. Shilpa says I am not putting my clothes away then I am unhygienic. Vikas says not only housework has to be done in the show. Other journalist says that this is not Khatron Ke Khiladi, you can win without doing the tasks, its about humanity. Vikas says I am the last person to talk about humanity with. Journalist says thank you, we see that even if you people are fighting with her, she comes to you and asks for food. Vikas says comes to me and ask about my health but then goes and backbite about me. Vikas says the person who changes statements in minutes, that person is not correct. One journalist says Aakash Shilpa asked you to stop giving her kisses and when Luv asked Aakash to stop it then Hina asked Luv to not get involved in their matter when she is a girl too. Hina says I talked to Aakash and asked him to stop it if Shilpa doesnt like it, Aakash said things like that when Bandagi leaves then Puneesh and Shilpa will start affair. Aakash says it was a joke. Puneesh says it was very stupid of you to say, she is like my older sister, Hina says I asked Luv to not get involved because in the end Shilpa will be like Luv who are you talk in my matter? Shilpa says I know Aakash acts cute one day, he plays good character some days then he takes me as mother and other days when he is bad boy then I become 24 years old, so he is playing characters, all laugh. One journalist says to Vikas that you made snake Puneesh drink milk of your portion but he poisoned you, he backbited you, it was your mistake to be his friend, Vikas says I knew he will do that, if he didnt do it in the end then he wouldnt be sitting here. One journalist says to Hina that you came here with tag of girl power but you insulted girls most in the show, you didnt stop when Shilpa’s body shamming happened, you character assassinated Bandagi, even enacting about how much blanket up, what was happening inside, for Arshi you said things like put bucket there, I cant even say those words. Hina says I didnt say it, Jyoti said it, we did involve in that conversation. She says as for Bandagi, I woke up one night and saw something weird like blanket ridden up so I discussed it, all talk about everyone here, Puneesh was involved in it too. Puneesh says who else will be involved? why my girlfriend will be with someone else? we will do what I want on TV, who she is. Hina says it was my point of view, Puneesh says I didnt do it with you, Hina says I can never think about it, Puneesh says I can never do it. One journalist says Hina what is your matter if two adults are doing something? why you want to be that neighbor aunty? all laugh. Hina says I can have point of view on things, if you live here then you will backbite too. Bigg boss says time for press conference ends, please inmates come out of room. Aakash sings bigg boss song and leaves.

Shilpa thanks Puneesh, Puneesh says we wont let you fall. Shilpa says Vikas has been trying to talk to me since morning and how he flipped, he saw others talking against me so he went against me but individually he gets scared.
Hina says Shilpa against cried. Vikas says its useless to fight, to live together.

Shilpa sits in washroom and says Vikas is such a liar, I wanted to be shown on TV in prize money task so I went to kitchen? I dont do tasks? they are all liars? I have become mad, they keep saying strong strong and then try to break you, they call you strong so they can try to break you more.

Vikas says to Puneesh that we never ask her to not cook and she doesnt make food but if she is backbiting about my family.. Puneesh says all backbite here, Vikas says thats why I realized to not go in this matter.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that its not a joke to work for so many people? I cant tell you how I cook there. Shilpa cries and says Puneesh look at my hands, they are scarred by cooking here so much, Puneesh says they dont look an actress’s hands. Shilpa says when my hands were burnt, I knew that I will win the show?
Hina says to Vikas that Puneesh is behind her. Vikas says he is doing it because he thinks she has suh bigger fan following that he will get saved by her fan base, he answered for her.

Aakash comes to Shilpa and asks if she is okay? why you are crying? be okay. Shilpa says I feel bad for you, really bad, Aakash leaves. Puneesh says now he will go out and tell that you are going

PRECAP- Arshi comes to house. Seh dances on Rashke ke kamar, she greets everyone.
Inmates are given a task in which they have to be mean with each other, they have to do things that are mean. Arshi says I want to see meaner than mean. Puneesh takes Hina’s sandals and says you will walk barefoot till the finale. Arshi says you should be so much mean that others should understand it.
Shilpa takes Vikas’s hoodies to throw them away. Vikas says just leave that one hoodie. Vikas says why you doing psycho things? Shilpa says to Arshi that I want to be mean to him and slap him, will you let me do it? Vikas looks on.


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