Bigg Boss 11 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: For first time in history, winning amount gets 0 only on

Day 37 (continued)
Aakash says to Hina that you dont give any entertainment in show. Luv says if you call me doggy again then I will make you bald. Aakash says you are mental and doggy. Luv charges at him, Hiten tries to push Luv away. Ben shouts that Aakash you are taken care off. Vikas says to Hina that dont stoop low, dont play like this. Priyank says Puneesh Sharma is involved too. Puneesh gets angry and says you are my doggy, I give you roti, you are stinking. Puneesh asks him to get lost. Priyank says you are in this house because of someone’s charity. Puneesh says you are living on charity whole life. Puneesh asks Priyank to not spit at him,Puneesh spits at him, they both get angry again. Hina says he spit on Priyank with his yellow teeth? Bandagi says to Priyank that

I can tell about whom you slept with outside house. Priyank says tell me whom I slept with, Hina says Bandagi’s character is showbn. Priyank says Puneesh you are gone. Puneesh shouts at him that I will shoot you, Vikas asks Priyank to move back, Priyank asks him to stay away from this.

Hiten reads luxury task, this task will affect winning amount too, garden is turned into space, Puneesh will remain out of rocket, other inmates are astronauts and will remain sitting in rocket, every inmate is allotted some amount of money in their name, when buzzer plays, inmates can get down, if inmate gets down from rocket when take off tone is played then you will become contender for captaincy but the amount allotted in your name will be cut from your winning amount, if you get down between take off tone then you will be out of task, with time, rocket will start shrinking and space will get smaller. The one who gets down from rocket first when the buzzer plays everytime, that person will become contender for captaincy. Puneesh is referee and will stay out of rocket.

Inmates get inside rocket. Arshi says I am sorry but I will get down from it first. Bandagi asks Puneesh if she should get down? Arshi says someone has to get down from rocket first so I can go down.

Task off tone plays, Sabya gets down from rocket. Puneesh opens envelop of his name, Puneesh says he was allotted 70k so winning amount is less for 70k now.

Arshi thinks oldie oldie.. Aakash says Hiten hear it. Hina says see class.. class, she jokes with Ben about hair pulling and they laugh. Luv mimics Aakash. Arshi says people go mad in old age, Aakash says its called Alzheimer.

Hina says I wont pee on national TV for any amount, if someone gets down before take off alarm is played then money on that person’s name will be gone and that person will not get anything. Priyank says I will pee, Vikas says me too, Hina says infront of mummy? Vikas says no.

Aakash jokes with Arshi, Arshi taunts that no one knows these people. Hina says like people know Arshi? like you will get work outside? you can tear your clothes and get work, you can tear clothes and make people embarrassed like you are embarrassing girls.
Take off tone plays, Bandagi gets down from rocket. Puneesh checks amount in her name, he says its 1lac 75k in Bandagi’s name. Hina says you people are lessening winner’s amount. Puneesh shrinks rocket’s wall.

Puneesh and Bandagi are in bedroom, he pulls her closer and says there is no one here, he kisses her cheeks and face, Bandagi says you have a duty, you should go to garden, Puneesh says I have no duty.
Inmates call for Puneesh but he is busy with Bandagi.

Take off tone plays, Aakash gets down from rocket, his amount it 2.5lacs. Arshi gets down from rocket too, her amount is 3.1lacs. Shilpa gets down from rocket too, her amount is 8lacs. Sapna says I didnt expect this from Shilpa. Mehjabi says I have to go to washroom, she gets down, Puneesh says her amount is 2.5lacs. Bigg boss says as per rules, Aakash got down from rocket first after buzzer played so only he becomes the contender for captaincy.
Puneesh says to Aakash says 20lacs are gone.

Puneesh comes to Bandagi’s bed, he kisses her face and says its problem that I have become referee in this task, let me lie with you, he gets in bed with her and pulls blanket till their heads.

Hina says to inmates that Shilpa has so much ego. Hiten says she says that if she becomes captain then she will make people work too much. Hina says she will be mental like this only.
Puneesh says to Aakash that two contenders are from our side. Puneesh says to Shilpa that Hina is jealous of you, she argued with you so much, Shilpa says I didnt know how much jealous she is, she is good looking but cant bear that I am ahead of her.
Hina says to Hiten and Vikas that Shilpa thinks she can rule house through kitchen.

Arshi says Hina has Aakash, Shilpa and Arshi on her hit list.
Hina says Arshi is on my hit lsit since day one.

Hina whispers to Hiten that Puneesh is going to sleep, we can go out and go to pee and easily comeback, he wont know.
Puneesh comes to Bandagi and lies in her bed.
Hina says to inmates that we can pee behind poster, Ben says how? Hina says you hold it and I will pee. Ben tries to go down. Hina says crawl and go to poster with towel.

Vikas calls out to Puneesh, He comes out. Hina asks him to bring some blankets, Puneesh says can I give it? Hina says just some blankets, Puneesh goes to bring it. Vikas says he is being so nice, dont do this with him, Hina says dont give him a hint. Puneesh brings blankets, Puneesh says you are so nice, Puneesh says I cant let you all die in cold, Puneesh leaves. All inmates get under blankets. Vikas takes shopping bag, he gets under blanket and pees in shooping bag. Puneesh sees it and says he peed on national TV, when I did, they had a problem and now need on TV too? Vikas takes out shopping bag from blanket and throws it away, Hina says teach others too, Vikas says I am guy, I can do it.
Puneesh lies on sofa in lounge and goes to sleep. Priyank stealthily gets down from rocket and crawls to house and runs to poster, he pees behind poster and crawls back to rocket. Puneesh wakes up to look at rocket through window but they are all sitting. Hina says to Vikas that solution is, I can go and somone wrap me in quilt, Vikas says thats the solution. Ben gets down from rocket, Priyank takes quilt and leaves with her. He holdsBenna pees behind poster. Luv gets down from rocket. He easily wakes in house, Puneesh is snoring there. Luv silently goes to washroom. Vikas says what if buzzer plays now?

Sapna goes to washroom to pee. Priyank laughs and says Puneesh is sleeping without any care in world. Hina says Sapna has to comeback. Sapna gets back from washroom, she leaves from infront of sleeping Puneesh in lounge and goes back to rocket.

Hiten gets down from rocket, he silently goes to washroom and pees. Puneesh is still sleeping. Hiten goes in kitchen and takes apple pie. He brings it out, all are laughing that he brought apple pie. Hiten easily comes back to rocket, all silently laughs. Puneesh is still sleeping without any care. Inmates in rocket start eating apple pie.

Day 38
Song rocket plays. Puneesh wakes up and looks at rocket, he goes to hug Bandagi. Puneesh says to Aakash that Vikas peed on national TV.
Puneesh comes to rocket and says they didnt play buzzer for so much time. Hiten says we are waiting for buzzer to play, we are controlling pee and didnt even drink water. Aakash sees Vikas’s peed bag and says it looks like someone peed in it for 2 days.

Shilpa says to Bandagi that when you were sleeping, someone came in house, I saw pee in washroom, Bandagi says I am waiting for task to end. Puneesh comes there. Shilpa says someone came in house last night, Puneesh says there is no way anyone can come in house and I dont know. Bandagi says he is light sleeper, Puneesh says I wake up easily so I would know if anyone came in house.

Hina asks Puneesh that sun is beating down, can you give umbrella? Puneesh says I am not allowed. Buzzer plays, Ben says I am going down, she gets down from rocket, she becomes contender for captaincy.
Ben’s amount is 10k, highest rate, Hina says clap for Ben, she didnt get down so easily, Ben says Bigg boss doesnt trust me.
Bandagi says to Aakash that Ben got down and her amount is only 10k, teacher Hina clapped for her.
Ben is lying in her bed. aakash says you only got 10k? Ben says dont argue with me, you got down first when Bigg boss was expecting from you jerk, bring something new, out of insults. Aakash says you are rubbish. Aakash says Hina made you leave task, Ben says I got down on my own, Aakash says talked rubbish about your armpits. Ben says she talked to me nicely and asked me to wash my clothes, she talked to me personally. Aakash says Hina started talking about your hygiene and how your armpits smell. Ben says you dont know how bad you are looking on when you say all on camera, you have taught manners by your parents I think. Aakash says my dad is dead, what are you saying? Ben says your mom is there right? Aakash says my mom is working, Ben says cant she teach you manners? Aakash says no she was working. Ben says my parents work too, Puneesh comes there and ask them to stop it. Ben says he is a kid, Aakash says she is talking about my parents. Ben says I dont want to see your face, she leaves.

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Ben comes to kitchen. Arshi taunts why Ben only got 10k? Ben says you all expected me to leave first thats why. Bandagi says we didnt ask you, she is answering for Bigg boss? Puneesh says Hina does and she is copying her.

Ben brings towel to rocket. Vikas gives her apple pie plate. Ben hides it in towel and other clothes. Hina says take it like you are taking clothes. Aakash comes there.

Buzzer plays, Vikas asks Hiten to go, Hiten says girls should be give chance first, Vikas says no leave if you want. Hiten gets down from rocket, Puneesh shows his amount, its 10lac, all are shocked. Hiten says I shouldnt have got down. Arshi says only 20lacs is remaining now.

Shilpa comes out from luggage room. She asks Arshi who ate apple pie and put plate in washroom area? Arshi says they must have gotten in house and ate it. Bigg boss asks inmates to gather in lounge. Puneesh says what about inmates in rocket? they will remain in rocket. Bigg boss says no inmates in rocket have to come to lounge too. All inmates gather in living area. Bigg boss says to inmates that you all were unsuccessful in this task so your luxury budget is zero and because not doing task, your winning amount is zero too, the contenders for captaincy are Bandagi, Aakash and Sabya. Vikas says what about we people who sat in rocket? Bigg boss says Puneesh was referee in task but he went to sleep and all inmates got down from rocket, this task ended at 6:30AM only, you all went down from rocket and played game with bigg boss so we let you play game till now, he asks Puneesh to show amount of every inmate. Puneesh says Hina’s amount was 7lac, Puneesh says Sapna’s amount was 11lac, Priyank’s amount was 60K, Luv’s amount was 1lac, Vikas’s amount was 1.5lacs. Mehjabi laughs and says Priyank and Ben have so much less amount, Arshi laughs.
Hina says we did wrong but Puneesh was sleeping. Ben says Luv was awake when he was referee. Hina says Puneesh slept whole time as referee thats why we did dare.

Hina comes to luggage room. Hina cries and says someone lost 50lacs because of me, some winner will not get amount because of me, its not just about luxury budget.

PRECAP- Inmates have to choose worst performer of task. They all start pointing fingers at each other. Hina says referee was sleeping Shilpa ma’am, Shilpa says sleeping is not a crime, Puneesh says if I sleep then you will cheat? Priyank says it was our strategy, plan. Vikas says task didnt fail because of him. Shilpa says Bigg boss clearly said that they were wrong but they are still not accepting it. Vikas says to Hina that why you are saying it was my idea? Hina says because it was, Vikas says no, it wasnt.


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