Bigg Boss 11 8th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 8th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Zubair Eliminated, Priyank Thrown Out only on

Weekend Ka Vaar Elimination Special
Salman welcomes everyone to Bigg boss. Salman says lets see whats happening in house.

In house, Aakash says Priyank is leaving now. Puneesh says Salman is fair. Vikas says to Priyank that I feel so guilty, these people dont understand justice, Priyank asks him to calm down. Aakash sings bang bang. Hina says Arshi pushed me too but they are not throwing her out. Hina says if Priyank goes then I will go out too, I dont care about Bigg bo.. Arshi says so much love for brother.

Bigg boss calls Priyank in confession room. Hina says I promises. Arshi says Sapna commented about my dress too when I sat on bull. Sapna says I dont care about going out, I will break your head open, Arshi says you are threatening? she says yes, what can you do? I am silent
and peaceful but I dont have to worry about going out, I will beat her to pulp and wont care. Hiten asks her to remain calm.
In confession room, Bigg boss says to Priyank that you used violence which is against bigg boss so we have decided to send you out of house, please leave house from this room, Priyank is sad and leaves. In house, Hina says why Priyank is not coming out of confession room? its been too long. Arshi says seems like he is going on stage. Sapna asks Arshi to not come in middle of all this, I will take you to hospital. Shivani says dont make people of Haryana feel shame.

Zubair is ill, he is brought to confession room, Bigg boss says we are sending you to clinic.

On stage, Salman says one will be eliminated from Arshi, Shilpa, Bandagi, Jyoti and Zubair. Zubair is ill so he wont be part of today’s episode. Salman connects call to house. Salman says you all are looking good, we have got to know that Zubair is fine and under medical observation, all say thank God. Salman says I have done many seasons, people get evicted but this much happiness, I havent seen celebration over someone leaving, people forgive when someone is leaving. Shilpa says we have reason. Salman says no matter what, I think Priyank got stuck in middle of heat but we had to stop this and Colors had to stop it by taking action. Vikas says if boys do that then they are thrown out but girls are allowed to do that? Arshi is allowed to push people around? Salman says to Arshi that you will come out of house soon, watch yourself on TV when you come out, Hina claps. Salman says to Arshi that I am warning you to control your language. Arshi says for sure. Salman says soon you people will know who is going to eliminate but there will be something special before that. There is Sultan fighting zone in house and there will be fight there every weekend, today will be first official fight there, two inmates who will fight there are Arshi and Sapna, all clap. Arshi says oh no. Sapna glares at her. Salman asks Puneesh to bring whistles for inmates and bring safety gears for Sapna and Arshi, he asks them to wear it and meet him in fighting zone.

Arshi and Sapna comes to fighting ring. Salman is there too. Salman says you both will fight three rounds, in first round you will use your tongue and tell how you deserve and are capable to go ahead in show and inmates will blow whistle telling their result, who get more whistles will win this round. Sapna comes first and says I know how to treat people and respect them. Arshi says I know how to put people in their places. Sapna says she disappoint others and irritate them. Arshi says inmates provoke me to insult them. Sapna says no one provokes her but she has stooped too low. Arshi says I will show reality to people. Sapna says I dont want to see that reality, I cant lose my self respect. Arshi says she has come to sleep in house, people are cheap in house so cheapness will happen. Sapna says her eyes see filth only. Arshi says people’s mind have filth, wake up baby. Salman says round one has ended. He asks whistles for Arshi. Aakash and Shilpa whistles. Salman asks for Sapna. All inmates whistles for her except Aakash and Shilpa. Arshi says this is groupism, people are watching. Salman says yes they are watching, this is not grouping, this is love and you are going wrong and it will cost you, Arshi says sorry. Salman says Sapna won round one.
Salman says round two will be physical, you have to push other person in mud, whoever falls first will lose. Sapna says clear rules as she cheats in everything. Salman says you just have to push other in mud. Sapna and Arshi starts fighting use heavy foam peddles, Arshi tries to beat her but Sapna defenses. Arshi says what is this? All laugh. Arshi tries to attack Sapna but Sapna keep defensing, Arshi says will only I beat and she stand there? Sapna says its better to stay safe from people like you. Arshi moves forward to attack but Sapna pushes her in mud. Arshi says cheating. Salman says she didnt cheat at all, you were attacking, she was defensive and made you get tired then she attacked you, it was her strategy. Sapna won second round too. Salman says one round is remaining because whoever wins this round will get three points. Sapna have two points and Arshi have zero. Salman says you both will get peddle again and have to throw other in mud but now your eyes will be covered. Devil blindfolds Arshi and Sapna. They are blindfolded. Arshi and Sapna tries to attack each other. Sapna attacks Arshi with peddle and Arshi falls down in mud. Salman says Sapna won all rounds. Salman gives meddle to Sapna. He congratulate her. They leave. Salman says great fight. Sapna and Arshi comes in house. All whistle for Sapna. They all hug her. Shilpa asks Arshi to wear her mic. Arshi says I wont wear it. Shilpa says this is nonsense. Vikas says Sapna made everyone proud. Arshi says I am leaving right now. Benafsha says good fight. Shilpa says dont do this stupidity. Arshi says I am not staying here. Shilpa says are you psycho? Arshi says this is all planning. Shilpa says Priyank left, he got stuck because he did wrong, this is first week only. Arshi says Salman just sees my mistake. Shilpa says you have done mistakes, you have a lot of non sense things, everytime I have warned you. In house, Hina says to Sapna that Arshi is so pissed. Vikas says you hit her face when you were blindfolded. In garden, Shilpa asks Arshi to wear her mic, she says no, Shilpa says then dont talk to me anymore, she leaves.

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On stage, Salman says Sapna defeated Arshi everyway and Arshi couldnt bear her defeat. One woman(man in woman attire) comes on stage, Salman asks who is she? She says I am I am dimpy, my husband is lost, today is karwachauth. Salman says but this is Bigg boss, she says he is my husband, she shows bigg boss sign on her mangalsutra, Mrs. Bigg boss, Salman says why should I trust you? she says we trust that you are Salman too. Salman asks Bigg boss what is this woman saying? Dimpy says he wont say anything infront of his wife, he orders here but I rule in our house. Salman says you are our neighbor? she says yes, our house is near. Salman says people ask me if Bigg boss have something other than eye. She says you wanted me to cut his body part and bring her here? all laugh. Salman asks if she is happy with him? Dimpy says Hina called Bigg boss last night and I got insecure. Salman asks what you did? She says I ordered something online, I ordered thing which can trap husbands, it start from L and ends on I. Salman asks Lungi? she says no lingerie, I look hot in it. Salman laughs. Dimpy says I wore lingerie, but he was looking at Shilpa breaking jail, I was so angry that I wanted to throw Lucinda at him, all laugh. Dimpy says can I break my fast? he is not seen anywhere so I will take you as moon. Salman says okay. She does pooja and asks Salman to break her fast, he makes her drink water, she says come sometimes to me, Bigg boss got sweet wife, I hope you get one too, she leaves. Salman says what did she say? uff…

Salman says there was a movie which had many squeal and now fourth part of Golmaal is coming out. Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty comes on stage. They hug Salman. Salman says how many parts will you make? ajay says if this works out then next will come out, Salman says it will. Salman says I want to ask whats different in this movie? Rohit says this is horror comedy. Salman says how amazing. Salman congratulate Rohit for Kahtron ke Khiladi success. Rohit says should we do a stunt here? Salman says small stunt in this much money, all laugh. Rohit says Ajay will wear headphones, Salman will say something and Ajay have to guess it. Ajay wear headphones, music is playing. Rohit gives him words to say. Salman is lipsing word’on holidays’. Ajay tries to guess it but cant. Next is Salman, he wears headphones. Ajay says words, Salman guesses them right that is bhaago bhoot aya. Ajay takes headphones again, Salman says London dreams, Ajay guesses it right. Salman wears headphones, Ajay says pappad belogy. Salman tries to guess it and says papi? he guesses it right. Rohit says Salman won and he will get Oppo phone. Salman says I already have one. Rohit says Ajay will get selfie only. They all take selfie together. Salman asks if their team is in house? they say yes. Salman says lets see what they are doing.

In house, Bigg boss says we have given a task to inmates, some people will come in house but inmates have to not react to them and keep acting like they are not affected. Golmaal team comes in house. They make funny faces but inmates try to not react. Shreyas Talpade says to Vikas that your friend is already out of house so keep your hands in control, he ties his hands. Parineeti Chopra says to Arshi that I have brought mouth wash for you, its sweet. Tusshar asks Benafsha to wake up, she tries to ignore him. Task ends. All clap. Parineeti meets everyone, they all dance together. Parineeti says we couldnt make you smile, good job, they leave house.

On stage, Golmaal tram enters stage. Parineeti, Tusshar, Kunal and Tabu come on stage. Kunal says it was my first time in house. Shreyas Talpade says honestly all nice, innocent not in house, all laugh. Parineeti says they are mental too, this is crazy house. Salman says Pari is fan of house. Pari says its difficult to live in house. Ajay says we want you to go in house so we have peace. Salman says Tabu can live in house, she says no way. Salman says you people have to dub on clip from house. Salman shows clip of Hina sleeping and then her fight Arshi. Parineeti dubs that Hina wants to sleep in fridge but Arshi got to sleep inside so now I have to use pump, all laugh. Hiten and Arshi’s talk in kitchen is shown. Tusshar dubs that Hiten says it was Hina’s day to sleep in fridge and you took it, Tabu dubs Arshi’s words that I can do anything, I can wear nightie whole day, my work is to remain behind Hina. Kunal dubs Aakash’s rap bang bang in girly voice. Salman claps for their dub and says so much talent. Salman says this movie’s booking is already on so watch Golmaal . He thanks team for coming, they greet him and leaves.

Salman is on stage. Some kids come there. Salman asks why they are in school uniform? One kid says parents get busy about watching and discussing bigg boss so they make us ready sunday night only. One kid asks Salman to dance with them. They bring Salman on stage. Jag ghoomiya plays. Salman dances with them and show them steps. He then connects call to house and make kids hide behind him. Salman says to inmates that oldies watch Bigg boss and some have come here, let me show you them. Kids come out from behind Salman. All inmates say so cute. Salman says they want to ask some questions. One kid asks Aakash why he keep taking off his shirt? Aakash says I get hot so I take it off, this gold is heavy too. Kid asks if its real? Aakash says yes, Aakash says let me show you a step. One kid asks Shilpa to sing kala kawa kaate. Shilpa sings it. One kid says Shilpa you sing nice. Shilpa says people ask me to not sing. One kid says Shilpa you can sing but kids will sing in rising star now. All clap. Salman says I forgot to tell you, he acts like feeling dizzy. Salman says next season of rising star is coming. Salman promotes kids’ show India’s rising star. Salman says auditions will happen soon and I will have to say this everyday, so download its app soon. One kid says my papa have it in my mobile, Salman says auditions will happen soon so watch details on TV and register and dont let me say this again and again, all laugh. Salman says this cant happen from me, its painful. One kid asks if he has to adopt one of them then who? Salman hugs them all, all say aww. Salman says seems like they adopted me, inmates laugh. Salman sends kids away.
In house, Arshi says I will talk to everyone, I wont fight with anyone, its over. Arshi says I will respect everyone, I am sorry. Hina says then hug it out, she hugs Arshi. Arshi says I am sorry Vikas. She hugs Vikas. Vikas says I told you to not do all this, Salman and world asked you to not do all this. Arshi hugs Sapna and Hiten too. She hugs Jyoti. Sapna says Arshi accepted her mistake, so meddle for her, all clap.

In house, Shilpa asks Vikas to not expect anything from me, you keep saying that you met me two times but what you have done with me, you know that. Vikas says I didnt do anything, you should say sorry to audience, you keep saying people are not giving you work. Shilpa says you start counting your days, Vikas says you have stooped to your filth.

On stage, Salman says this season’s twist neighbors have been given duty, they will go in house with fake story soon. Clip shows in which neighbors have been given MP Siddiqui story, Lucinda is his wife, Mehjabi is his daughter. Luv is Mehjabi’s son and Sabyasachi is his boyfriend. Clip ends. Salman says they were given test about this test and see what they did. Neighbors are asked questions about MP Siddiqui separately. Bigg boss asks wealth of MP. some say 80 crores, some say 100 crores. Bigg boss asks if Lucinda was with MP for his money? all say different answers. Bigg boss asks who Luv likes most in house? Sabya and Mehjabi says Hina, Lucinda takes Priyank’s name and Luv says I like Hiten. Clip ends.
Salman connects call to neighbors. Salman jokes how they are feeling now? there are many anacondas in house Mehjabi. Salman asks if they can convince inmates about story? Luv says we will work on it. Salman wishes them luck to go in house and ends call.

Salman says five people have been nominated. Lets connect call to house and tell them who is going to eliminate. Call is connected to house. Salman says five people have been nominated, soon we will know who is going to leave but lets connect call to caller of the week. Call is connected to caller Fahad. Fahad says I want to ask Puneesh that you seem like lion entering house but now you seem like wet cat. Puneesh says I got in fight with Zubair first day so I calmed down and tries to analyze situation, I will show my colors, picture is remaining. Fahad says to Arshi that you are playing nice but avoid what you are doing with Hina. Hina says everything is finished, she apologized and we made up. Salman says why this doesnt happen with me, all laugh, call ends. Salman says Zubair is in hospital but he is fine. Salman says Jyoti, Zubair, Shilpa, Arshi and Bandagi are nominated. He says to Jyoti that you should learn how to say thank you, sorry before you leave house, all look on. Salman asks Benafsha to make her learn these things, Jyoti says sorry, thank you and may I. Salman says she learned so JYOTI IS SAFE, all clap. Salman says as per votes Jyoti is safe, she thanks him. Salman says the one who is going to eliminate is.. he says Bandagi I thought you would stay more but it couldnt work out, maybe next time. Aakash says Puneesh is sad. Salman says I will say it when you really get to evict. Salman says the one who was going to evict is already out of house. ZUBAIR IS ELIMINATED THIS WEEK and he is already out. Salman wishes them for next week and ends call. Salman says Priyank and Zubair are out so 16 inmates are remaining now, he signs off from show.

PRECAP- Shilpa says Vikas has become dog, you are a kind of dog who sends his friends out. Vikas asks her to not touch him else it wont be good. Shilpa says show me what you can do? He grabs her hand and says dont you dare touch me, Shilpa shouts to leave her hand, Vikas charges at Shilpa and says dont you dare. Shilpa says dont touch me.
Hina says why my egg is getting wasted in all this fight? Bandagi says dont waste food. Hiten says please stop fighting. Shilpa shouts that this Vikas will go to jail, he will go there soon.


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