Bigg Boss 11 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Hina, Hiten and Ben in jail only on

Day 38 (continued)
Ben sits on sofa with Priyank and says can you guess what I am going to say? he says no, Ben says I feel.. forget it, I wont say, he says please say it. Ben says how many female friends you had that you were close with like this? Priyank says not like this. Ben says I never had like this. Priyank says every weekend, I am so scared for you leaving. Ben says I am loving. Priyank says I am too protective over you. Ben holds his hand and says what is this? Priyank gets emotional and says I dont understand, we live together and people are against us thats why I do all this, am I making excuses? she nods and says seriously? she gives him a kiss on cheek and laughs at him.

Hina sees Arshi walking in nightie and says what she is wearing? Ben says

nothing under it. Luv says her bra color is different underneath nightie. Hina says it must be deliberate.
Arshi comes to Vikas and says Luv keeps staring at me, this is cheap. Vikas says tell Luv that you are uncomfortable with him staring. Arshi says I will talk to him nicely, if he doesnt agree then I will fight. Vikas says just calmly ask him. Arshi comes to Luv and asks him to come out. He goes to her, Arshi makes him sit with her. Arshi’s nightie’s front is open and bra on display, she says why you were staring at my chest? why? Luv makes ugly face and says why I will check it out? they were talking about it, like you are wearing something special, I am not at all interested, can I leave? you are thinking wrong. Arshi smiles and says you can leave. He smiles and leave. Arshi says to Bandagi that Hina was asking what I am wearing special? Hina doesnt know what special thing I am wearing and asking Luv? I will beat her so much. Hina comes there and dances around. Arshi says I will beat her so much that her face will be distort.

Ben asks Priyank why you ignored me whole day? he says no. Ben says can I not have private conversation with me? I didnt say no. Puneesh and Bandagi sees them walking in garden. Bandagi says they are doing drama, Bandagi says Ben has boyfriend outside.
Priyank says to Ben that I want to say something, I hope we are not doing something wrong, she says why would be wrong? he says I just said it.
Bandagi says to Puneesh that they are doing this to be safe from nominations.
Priyank says to Ben that I just dont want you to have problems when you leave house, it wont be problem for me but I have met him, he is great guy but I know him. Ben says you are still thinking about me? you think about me 24/7. Priyank says they are all goons. Ben hugs him, Priyank says why you are laughing? he moves away from her. Ben hugs him.
Puneesh says to Bandagi that we can ask Ben about her boyfriend but they will come to you then so leave them.
Ben says to Priyank that just relax, we are friends and nothing else is seen, my love and your love will understand that this is just friendship. Priyank says to be honest I am not very sure.

Day 39
Bach ke rehna plays, inmates dance. Priyank pulls Ben from bed.

Arshi says to Shilpa that Puneesh and Bandagi are always cuddling and talking to each other, Shilpa says this is too much. Arshi says this is national TV, how to tell them that its not appropriate that they are in one blanket in daytime too.
Hina says to Sapna that Puneesh and Bandagi have started public display of affection in daytime too. Puneesh and is cuddling with Bandagi.

Ben says to Sapna that I have not stooped to Aakash’s level, Sapna why dont you call out to Aakash that he is wrong. Mehjabi says we dont know who is wrong, Ben says I am talking to Sapna. Sapna says Aakash says wrong things, nobody stops him. Mehjabi says some people misbehave with manners and others dont. Hina says let them talk, you dont know matter. Mehjabi says all are giving their opinions so why cant I talk? Hina says you dont know matter, keep involved in your matters, you dont know anything but you have to get involved in everything. Mehjabi says I was talking about that who have come for free, they dont care about winning prize, when Bandagi left rocket, you said that people who came here for free doesnt care about prize money. Hina says I didnt say it but you still left rocket, Mehjabi says you left rocket too, Hina says were playing game, Mehjabi says your game is shown. Hina says I cant stoop to this low, Luv asks Mehjabi to stop it. Mehjabi says Hina have too much high class, your high class is shown, I am wearing all clothes unlike you wearing small clothes. Hina says what about clothes? Arshi is your best friend. Ben says what is this clothes thing?
Puneesh says to Bandagi that they have messed with wrong people like aakash, Mehjabi, me, you..

Arshi says to Ben that Hina is a lizard, smelly lizard. She sings about lizard and says she got insulted so much. Hina is mopping living room and dancing. Arshi says go take shower and get ready otherwise people will start talking about your old age.

Mehjabi says to Puneesh and Sabya that I was playing individually but they always roast me, they dont et me talk and all, Puneesh says they just blame everyone. Sabya says Hina cried. Puneesh says Hina’s way is to keep attention on her, do anything to keep camera on them, they are camera expert. Sabya says dont give them attention. Mehjabi says we need attention too. Arshi comes there and says you didnt speak for weeks and now speaking? Mehjabi says Ben didnt speak too. Arshi laughs and says its better if she doesnt speak.

Hina is sitting in garden alone and cries, she says they all blame me, they all put in fix, I didnt tell Mehjabi about free thing, why everyone is behind me? Priyank loves Ben but I love their company and they love my company, I dont think about anyone lower than me. Priyank, Luv and Ben comes to Hina. Hina cries. Priyank hugs her. Hina says I am falling apart, all are talking about me doing this and that, I never do bad with anyone.
Arshi says to Mehjabi that Hina will not leave this house before I drag her, Mehjabi says I will drag her too.
Shilpa mimics Hina in kitchen.
Luv says to Hina that we can end all this once and for all. Hina says they are shameless, they will not behave. Priyank says dont let them come near you. Ben says I have already told them to not come near me, when Aakash did that, I did pull his hair.

Mehjabi says to Vikas that Ben played game. Vikas says Ben gets benefit from separating me and Priyank, Priyank is not with me, he is a fool.
Hina says to Priyank that Vikas starts fire and acts like he is disappointed.

Sabya talks to Hiten and Vikas and says Shilpa brought tea to me and said give it to Vikas, I know he loves to drink tea in morning but he wont take it from my hand. Vikas says you dont know what kind of an actress she is, she is very big player, I know she will be in top 2, I know she acts nicely infront of camera all the time.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time to choose worst player of task. Bigg boss says you can shout, you can fight but you cant pull other inmate’s hair, what Ben did with Aakash was wrong so as Punishment, she is nominated for next week and will be going to jail too. Bigg boss asks them to choose two inmates who were worst player in task, they can talk about referee Puneesh too. Inmates nod. Ben angrily leaves from there. Arshi says slow clap.. Priyank and Sapna says its Shilpa and Puneesh. Vikas says we didnt fail task because of Puneesh. Hina says he was sleeping.
Priyank comes to Ben and hugs her, he gives her kiss on head and says it happens. Ben says dont send Shilpa with me to jail, send someone to jail.
Bandagi says we cant punish Puneesh for others mistakes. Hina says money is gone, we can include referee in selecting worst player. Puneesh says you thought cheating was right? Hina says Vikas gave the idea about going down from rocket with Puneesh not knowing it. Vikas says I peed in bag, fine you can take my name. Priyank says to Hina that we can go to jail, we cant send Vikas to jail. Hina says okay we can go to jail. Vikas says dont change now. Vikas says I know who gave this idea. Vikas asks Hina why did you say that it was my idea to get down from rocket when Puneesh was sleeping? Hina says because it was, Vikas says no. Hina says you said that we can go behind jail or poster. Vikas says but it was not my idea, this is your unity? to blame others.

Hiten says to inmates that one person will go from my side. Luv says we can send Shilpa and Arshi as they went down first and had big amount in their name. Bandagi says they had right to leave rocket, it was not cheating. Hina says referee slept too, Bandagi says he was ill so slept. Luv says Puneesh didnt know anything in daytime too. Aakash says you people are lying. Luv shouts at him and says beat me, Hina asks Luv to move away. Priyank charges at Aakash and says you are nothing. Aakash says you people are actors, fake actors. Priyank says you will get scolding on weekend. Hina says most insulted on weekend will Shilpa. Puneesh says to Aakash that leave it, they cant mutually decide ever.

Bigg boss asks inmates to give two names that will go to jail with Ben. Puneesh says we couldnt mutually decide who should go to jail. Bigg boss says since you didnt have mutual decision taken so next contender for captaincy that are Sabya, Bandagi and Aakash can choose two inmates that will go to jail, they can discuss and decide.
Bandagi, Sabya and Aakash talks. Bandagi says for me it was Hiten and Sapna because they had high amount in their name and duty was on them and Hina’s name should be given too because she wanted to go to washroom and gave this idea.
Arshi taunts Bigg boss give me wrestling ring on saturday so I can beat Hina. Hina says to Arshi that I will answer you on weekend about what kind of Khan I am.
Aakash says to Sabya that Hina should be included, even Hiten went down from rocket by cheating. Bandagi says Hiten is confirmed. Aakash says we have to choose hina, we have to break their group, Hina is planning. Sabya says but they can talk from jail too. Aakash says Salman said that Hiten is most trusted and respected person in this house but Hiten lied to my Sindhi face that he didnt go to washroom. Aakash says choose Hina too,please I am requesting.

Bigg boss asks Sabya who they have chosen to go to jail? Sabya says first name is Hiten who is most calm person in house and the one who thinks herself always right that is Hina. Hina says same names again? Bigg boss says Hina, Hiten and Ben will remain in jail till next time, Puneesh lock them up. Ben says Aakash will run house now.
Hiten says to Hina that I dont know what wrong have I done, Aakash said that I let him down like I did some big crime. Sabya comes there and says sorry. Hina says no sorry needed now.

Hina, Hiten and Ben are going to jail. Arshi says they are getting punished for wrong things, they pulled your hair, they passed personal comments on me. Aakash says to Hiten that enjoy. Arshi says it was not Hiten’s mistake much.
Hina comes to jail and is cleaning inside. Arshi says you gave me dirty looks when I went to jail. Hina says time will show karma. Arshi says time is showing karma.
Aakash says Ben is going rightly, this is karma. Ben comes and asks Luv what shampoo you use? Aakash says she is taunting my hair pulling.

Puneesh locks Ben, Hina and Hiten in jail. Hina says to Sabya that if you had to take my name then you could have taken my name directly without saying that I am always right but wrong too. Ben says Sabya you did wrong. Priyank says I was ready to go. Sabya says its okay I wont talk to Priyank.
Sabya says to Mehjabi that they are taunting me.

Vikas, Luv and Priyank are sitting outside jail. They joke about Shilpa and Vikas. Priyank says Vikas is cooche coo infront of Vikas. Luv says Vikas sways infront of her, he mimics Vikas., Vikas says Luv I dont have joking relation with you, dont talk about me, I am telling you finally, Luv says I was joking, Vikas says I dont have joking relation with you, Luv says I am sorry, what happened. Vikas says move away, move away.

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vikas comes in house. Puneesh asks what happened? why he has sad face? did they curse? Vikas says to Arshi that dont let Luv sleep tonight, they all laugh. Arshi says I wont. Luv comes there, Arshi says Luv are you scared? he says what? Arshi says wont see(her chest) today?dont want to see it? Luv says move it. Shilpa says he is already scared, leave him Arshi. Arshi says he is scared, Shilpa says Aakash was scared from Luv too. Luv says who has guts, come and make me scared.Aakash says really? Luv says come on.
Hina says to Ben that they want to isolate me, Ben says they want to take Priyank and Luv on their side too.

Aakash comes to Luv, Luv says you too? Priyank comes there and says why Aakash is coming inbetween? you want to slap? you want to slap?

Vikas says to Arshi that Luv is like bouncers in club, Shilpa says he is Hina’s personal bouncer.
Luv comes in kitchen, Aakash says are you scared? Arshi says Luv wanted to beat my friend and now you are scared? Aakash says stay standing bouncer, Arshi says scared scared, they dance around him, Luv laughs. Aakash and Arshi starts singing bang bang bouncer.
Hina says to Hiten that we both are in jail so they will instigate them so they raise hand and go out of house.
Vikas, Puneesh and Bandagi laughs.

PRECAP- Vikas says to Luv that I wont do anything to you, I dont need to because you will get served in this house, it will happen to you yourself.
Sapna says she is doing very bad things. Vikas says who asked her to do all that? Hina.
Hina says to Priyank and Luv that who is Vikas? why he becomes dictator and rule everyone around? it wont work with me.
In captaincy task. Sabya, Bandagi and Aakash will have to keep birds nest on their heads and have to collect eggs from inmates, the one who get most number of eggs from inmates in his/her nest will become new captain. They start task. Hina says dont plan and plot, beg for eggs and get them.


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