Bigg Boss 11 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: HINA, VIKAS, SAPNA, SHIVANI and JYOTI are nominated only on

At night, Bandagi shows Puneesh her hand lines and says I am lucky. Bandagi says to Puneesh that you were so upset when he announced that I am leaving. Puneesh says I swear I would go mad here if you left.
Puneesh and Bandagi are lying on their beds side by side, she says I cant sleep, he kisses her hand and says go to sleep, she smiles and goes to sleep.

Day 8
Inmates wake up to rock song and dance.

Vikas says to inmates that Shilpa doesnt have anything else to do so she take entertainment from others, she doesnt have anything so she keep b*t*hing. Benafsha says Arshi is back to her first day. Shilpa comes there and Priyank got bang bang.

Vikas is eating breakfast, Shilpa eats from his plate. Benafsha asks Vikas if

likes to share? he says she is mental so she can do anything. Benafsha says to Shilpa that he calls your mental, stupid, dont you feel bad? she says I dont care. Shilpa starts singing he has become a dog.. dog.. dog. Shilpa taunts that Vikas is the kind of person who throws his friends out of house. Vikas asks her to remain away from him. Shilpa moves towards him to get food from his plate, Vikas holds her hand and pushes her away, she says dont touch me.
Vikas comes to clean his bed, Shilpa sits on his bed, he asks her to move away, she says your name is not written on it. Vikas puts blanket on her. Benafsha says dont know what is happening. Benafsha does commentary of their fight. Vikas laughs and says so sweet, he hugs her.Benafsha says Vikas is about to lose his mind.
Shivani says to Arshi that she is torturing him too much. Arshi says yes she irritates him too much.

Vikas says to Hina that Priyank asked me to not spare these people. Hina says but Arshi said sorry, Priyank left because of you, what you want to say? Vikas says you shouldnt have forgiven Arshi so soon. Hina says she would have said sorry to Priyank too, Priyank left because of you, I thought to end negativity. Vikas says to Hiten that she said dont spare us. Hiten says you can start over. Vikas says they wont change in three days. Hina says we know it will take time, Vikas says then we are wasting time.

Shilpa is singing taunting around Vikas. Vikas says to Shilpa that dont let me lose my mind, I will start saying things you dont wnat to listen.
Hina says Vikas is losing his mind because of Priyank and Shilpa. Puneesh says he didnt cry once for Priyank, he was notaffected. Vikas is in lounge. He throws water at Shilpa for irritating him. Hiten asks Shilpa to stop irritating him. Shilpa comes in kitchen. Vikas starts breaking eggs and says now cook Shilpa. Puneesh says dont waste food. Hina says this is not right,why you are wasting eggs of mine? dont waste food.Puneesh says who threw egg will clean. Shivani says I can clean it. Puneesh says no only Vikas will clean. Hiten says he did mistake so he will clean it. Shilpa says if he doesnt clean it then he will go to jail. Puneesh says send him to jail. Hiten asks Vikas to clean it. Vikas takes scoop and cleans egg he threw.

Shilpa taunts Vikas. Vikas asks her to take off mic, I dont want to say it in camera, I am controlling. Shilpa says I am not scared so say what you want. Shilpa says dont come closer to me, you know contract. Vikas asks her to shut up. Shilpa asks him to move away.Jyoti comes there and asks them to separate. Vikas says you keep shouting when you want. shilpa says he is attacking me. Vikas touches her and says I touched you,she says I will touch you too, you will go to jail now. All laugh seeing their antics.

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Hina reads nominations. Bigg boss says that for nominations, they have start a campaign. All inmates will run a campaign for themselves where they will ask for votes from inmates to save them, inmates who gets most saving votes will be safe from nominations, once an inmate for another inmate, they cant change it. There are pots of every inmate in garden, other inmates can put their pictures in that pot and that will be counted as vote for the inmate whose pot is that. Aakash is sleeping and not hearing instructions, all laugh.

Puneesh says to Bandagi that one vote can save.
Shilpa asks Vikas if he will vote for her? give me vote.

Bigg boss asks Jyoti to start her campaign to ask for votes.
Shilpa, Arshi, Aakash and Puneesh discuss for their votes.
Jyoti asks Hiten to vote for her as she makes eggs for her, all laugh. benafsha says to Jyoti that you were illmannered but now you have changed so I will vote for you.
Bandagi comes to Jyoti and says I will not change my side, I will vote for you, Jyoti says deal then. Bandagi says dont change your side Jyoti, dont vote for Ben or Hina if I vote for you. Jyoti says okay.

Buzzer plays, Hina says I want to save Jyoti, she is changing and she takes stand for herself. Benafhsa votes for Jyoti too.Benafsha says I want to save Jyoti too, she learned the manners I told her. Hiten gives vote to save Jyoti too and says she is very nice. Vikas votes for Jyoti too and says she has most beautiful journey, she is changing, she needs to stay here and not go. Jyoti gets 5 votes.

Jyoti says to Hiten and Vikas that Bandagi and Puneesh were talking, Puneesh said that you people wont vote for us so we have to stay strong, (commoners) will not get (celebrity) votes so they all should be united.Vikas says its Puneesh’s game, do what you want.

Neighbors discuss. Mehjabi says they are saving Jyoti because she is not a threat, Hina is popular so she will get saved, Shivani will be in trouble.

Bigg boss asks Arshi so start her campaign. Arshi says note me, vote me, all laugh. Buzzer plays. Shilpa votes for her only. Arshi says you are close to my heart.

Bigg boss asks Aakash to start his campaign.hiten asks him to ask for votes. Jyoti says I would have supported Aakash but he is with Shilpa and co. Puneesh asks Aakash to give him a massage if he wants vote, Aakash massages his back.Buzzer plays. Puneesh votes for Aakash. Puneesh says he is biggest rapper.

Bigg boss asks Hina to start her campaign. Hina runs around and says vote for Hina. Sapna says dont run around, game is already set. Hina says when Zubair mistreated you, I made him understand, Sapna says yes you asked him to calmly take on me, you know my vote will change everything.

Buzzer plays, Hina doesnt get any vote. Hina pouts.

Bigg boss asks Shilpa to ask for votes. Shilpa runs to Aakash and says give this slave a vote owner please.Buzzer plays. Arshi votes for Shilpa and says she always bear my illmannerism. Sapna says seems like Arshi is putting flower on grave, not voting for Shilpa.

Bigg boss asks Vikas to start his campaign. Vikas says to Aakash that remember who insulted you most,remember that. Buzzer plays, nobody votes for Vikas. Vikas says they love me so much, I gave them so much love that they want me to leave.

Bigg boss asks Hiten to start his campaign. Hiten says to Sapna that you make such nice food. Sapna says Shivani does too, try your tactics somewhere else. Hiten requests Jyoti to vote for him. Buzzer plays, Shivani votes for Hiten and says says he knows how to manage things, even if I leave kitchen, I know Hiten will handle it.

Bigg boss asks Bandagi to start her campaign. Bandagi asks Sapna to vote for her.Sapna says no.Bandagi says I love you, Sapna says I trust you but I wont vote for you because you planned a game. Bandagi asks Jyoti to vote for her, Jyoti says sorry. Bandagi says what about her word? you promised to vote for me. Sapna says Bandagi you did this, you planned everything with Jyoti thats why I am not voting for you. Puneesh asks Aakash to vote for Bandagi. Aakash no. Arshi says we wont destroy our game for a girl, she will be safe. Sapna runs and votes for Bandagi, she says I love her. Sapna says to Jyoti that I could have gone first but I wanted to show you people that game doesnt work with planning, remember that. Hiten says very nice.

Jyoti says to Benafsha that Sapna changed game. Benafsha says you cant change sides. Jyoti says I would have given vote for Bandagi but I would feel bad for myself. Banefsha says I feel bad for Bandagi too.

Bigg boss asks Puneesh to start his campaign. Puneesh says to Jyoti that dont vote for me now, if you do then I will break and throw it away. Jyoti says I was not going to vote for you. Puneesh says I would have thrown you vote in swimming pool. Puneesh asks aakash to vote for him. Aakash hugs Puneesh. Puneesh says Jyoti cheated so much. Jyoti is in tears. She says I gave my words. Bandagi says dont worry, next time you can vote, its fine. Jyoti says I gave a word. Bandagi dont promise till you are not sure next time. Hina asks what happened? Jyoti cries. Bandagi says it was for me and I am fine, I am not complaining, I will ask Puneesh to not taunt. Jyoti says I didnt plan, I voted with my heart. Jyoti cries.
Aakash votes for Puneesh. Aakash says he is my brother, he always help me, I will give him life.

Luv says to neighbors that we can save Sapna and nominate Jyoti. Sabya says she got votes but she cheated and will get punished even after 5 votes.

Bigg boss asks Sapna to start appealing for vote. Hina says Jyoti’s vote is left, she says I dont want to ask.Shivani says to Hiten that commoners are together. Shivani says they are intact. Hiten says she is making hits on boys, she did with me too but couldnt get anything.

Bigg boss asks Shivani to vote for her. Shivani asks Jyoti to vote for her, she says people are playing game with me because I am with celebs. Buzzer plays, nobody votes for her.

Benafsha asks for votes. Buzzer plays, Jyoti votes for her. Benafsha thanks her.

Bigg boss says nominations has ended with this. As per your votes, nominated inmates are Hina, Vikas, Sapna, and Shivani. Hina says superb. Bigg boss says neighbors havent decided so this is not final, we will finalize after neighbors decide.

Bigg boss calls neighbors and says we are giving you an opportunity to nominate one more inmate along with these four. Bigg boss says to neighbors that this time, you people will go in house and then announce results of who is nominated, they are stunned to hear it. Bigg boss says you will enter wearing masks but you have to keep up the story of MP siddiqui, if you keep inmates believing in your story then your mask will remain intact, till you keep up the story till then you are safe, it means even if you get nominated but inmates still believe in your story then you wont get eliminated, you have to protect your mask using your story. Mehjabi says Bigg boss has given us such big advantage. Luv says if we are able to keep up the story for whole season then we will remain safe till the end.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time to complete nominations. Bigg boss asks neighbors to nominate one inmate.Luv says Jyoti promised Bandagi that she will vote for her but she didnt and went back on her words so we nominate Jyoti. Bigg boss says HINA, VIKAS, SAPNA, SHIVANI and JYOTI are nominated this week. Bigg boss says neighbors keep changing your decisions, you must be curious of them. Bigg boss says to inmates that this is happening for first time in history that four people that are related to each other and have same story background is entering house, they are your neighbors. Hina says are they family? Inmates are infront of TV. Neighbors are on TV with masks covering their faces. Benafsha says they look bad guys. Bigg boss says you only listened their voices but now its time to welcome them. First one is Mehjabi. Mehjabi comes in house. Arshi says aslam walekum aapa. Bandagi aks if she can take off her mask? Mehjabi says yes, she takes off her mask, Arshi hugs her, all welcome her. Bigg boss says next one is Luv. Luv enters house. Arshi says I will bring him. She brings him inside. Next one Lucinda, Arshi hugs her and says I missed you so much. Sabyasachi comes in last, he says hello to everyone. He meets Hiten and Hina. Arshi meets him, he says hi pretty girl. Aakash starts singing rap for them.

PRECAP- Vikas says to Hina that you did wrong. Hina says enough Vikas, we are fighting for you, I think Shilpa is right to fight you. Shivani says we are fools to fight for Vikas. Hina says now you will have only Shilpa to talk to, I will make your life hell here now.
Puneesh gets in fight with Vikas, Puneesh asks Vikas to not dare touch him, Vikas charges at them, they both holler at each other. Puneesh says get lost you casting couch.
Shilpa says Vikas you will bear more now, you are stuck in a cage now. Vikas goes to washroom and cries. Shilpa is outside and says Vikas cry, you will cry more. Vikas comes out crying, he says I cant live with jerks, he takes off his mic and leaves from backdoor. hina says he left? all look on.


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