How to Hit a Golf Ball

Just by making a few small changes to your swing, you will radically transform the way you play golf.

“Why Can’t I Excel At This Game
I’m So Passionate About?”

Then just when I was ready to throw my clubs in the sea and say goodbye to the game forever, I had a light bulb moment. It occurred to me I had to change my thinking – in essence get smart. And as a result I learned the most important lesson in my life, quite simply it was this …

If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. If you want a different result then do something differently.

It struck me that I could achieve anything I wanted by learning how to do it and that included becoming a much better golfer.


The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf: (A Complete guide)

The course is divided up into 11 comprehensive sections that you can read and listen to:

Opening – 0:23 mins

Introduction – 6:56 mins

1. What You Can Do – 8:43 mins

2. Sweeping Out the Rubbish – 45:13 mins

3. Getting Set: The Grip and the Stance – 31:31 mins

4. The Backswing – 18:38 mins

5. At the Top – 14:48 mins

6. Starting Down – 35:40 mins

7. Through the Ball – 32:26 mins

8. The Short Game – 46:27 mins

9. In and Out of Trouble – 12:59 mins

10. The Early Break and the Late Hit—Secrets of Timing and Rhythm – 25:41 mins

11. Thinking Your Way Around – 33:55 mins

By reading and listening to each chapter you will be given a picture and an understanding of the swing, the golf short game particularly of the puzzling action of the club head, that will be entirely new to you.

After dealing with the full swing I go into a detailed description of play better golf, the short game, including putting, the trouble shots, and, finally, the mental or thinking side of golf.

With this you will have acquired the knowledge and the weapons for a golf game far better than any you have known. It will then be up to you to use them.

  • Whether you used to play, but got so fed up you cancelled your membership…
  • Whether you play when you can, but always regret it afterwards!
  • Whether you play three times a week…
  • Whether you play two or three times a month…
  • Whether you’re a brand new beginner or a seasoned low handicaper…

… This proven “step by step” easy to follow system provides you with the knowledge, skills and tools you need torapidly improve your golf swing.

Once you discover this revolutionary winning formula — You’ll learn how to change your swing more than you ever dreamed imaginable — for many years to come you will find this unbeatable “golf swing blueprint” an indispensable golf tool.

Plus, the entire course was created so that an average, golf training videos, ordinary golfer of any standard could learn to apply these techniques to their game.

With The Four Magic Moves you’ll also discover the only 4 magic pointers you definitely need to know to succeed at golf…

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