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I have a confession to make. I am hopelessly addicted to Sudoku above and beyond reason. I have been creating and solving Sudoku’s for several years and have been helping Sudoku enthusiasts like you in Solving Sudoku Puzzles. I receive so many emails that I thought – why not create video tutorials which users can follow along and feed their Sudoku frenzy. Sudoku Solving Techniques for all types of users.

So regardless of whether you’re a rank newbie or a Sudoku buff, these tutorials are for you. These In-Depth Sudoku Video Tutorials will show you everything you will ever need to know about Solving Any Sudoku Puzzle.

30 Exciting Techniques from – Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced Levels:

 Sudoku Basics Rules of Sudoku
 Concepts and Terminology Single Choice (Naked Singles)
 Candidates Scanning
 Elimination Naked Pairs
 Naked Triplets Naked Quadruplets
 Hidden Pairs Hidden Triplets
 Interaction Part 1 (Locked Candidates) Interaction Part 2 (Locked Candidates)
 X Wing – Column Variation X Wing – Row Variation
 SwordFish – Column Variation SwordFish – Row Variation
 JellyFish XY Wing
 XYZ Wing WXYZ Wing
 Linked Pairs Grid Coloring Part 1
 Grid Coloring Part 2 Multicolors Part 1
 Multicolors Part 2 Bilocation Graphs
 Nishio (Guessing and Backtracking) Sudoku Variations


Want to master the science of Solving Sudokus??

30 Exciting Sudoku Solving Techniques – Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced
(Video Tutorials)!

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Customers Comments:

“by far the most complete guide to cracking these addictive puzzles ever produced …”

This is by far the most complete guide to cracking these addictive puzzles ever produced, with tricks even the experts won’t know. While most books are difficult to read, these videos make following along a breeze. This one covers it all: hidden pairs, naked pairs, X-wings, jellyfish, bilocation graphs, grid coloring, and much much more!

Jennifer King – Brampton, Ontario

“extremely clear way you make it all come over …”

I wish to let you know how much I am enjoying your videos. I admire your professional approach and the extremely clear way you make it all come over. Very many thanks.

Ramin Ganjavi – Rugby, England


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