Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Maya suspicious on Deep only on

Scene 1
Arohi says I saw someone going. It was a girl. I couldn’t see her face. deep says how did you get to you bed? She says I don’t know there was someone. Where is my bracelet. She looks for it.

Tara says this was mine. I can’t give it to anyone. Deep gives her bracelet back. He says you left it near my blanket when you sneaked in there. She says there was someone. He says it might be wind. SHe says my head hurts. He makes her wear the bracelet. He says can we have breakfast? She says yees lets go. Arohi wonders is Deep right? Was it a dream?

Ridhi calls Arohi you have forgotten us. She says no there are people there. Ridhi says I understand. Is everyone good? Arohi says Deep’s parents treat me like mine.
She sees Maya talking to Raichand. Arohi says what are you fighting on? Maya says he is asking me to do arti. Arohi says lets do it. She does arti with them.

Deep comes to Tara and says you had failed the plan;. Thank God I found the same bracelet. She says calm down. It was mine. I don’t like fighting you. I know what am I doing. Deep says she is not a fool. Tara says you brought her in our plan. You handle her.
Arohi is thinking about last night. The paratha gets burned. Maya says what happened? missing home? I have called your brother and bhabhi. Arohi says okay. Maya says are you worried about something?
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Tara says we can still change the plan. I will handle the place of that duplicate. Deep says stop doing these mistake. stop scaring arohi. She says I am sick and tired of being here. We can’t go out and spend time together. You know that I can’t share you with anyone. I hate her. I hate her family.
Maya says you saw someone here? We have security here. No one can come in. It might be a dream. Arohi says no someone was here. Maya says maybe its because of adjusting in new house. Don’t worry we are all with you.

Deep says Tara I am doing all this for you. She says that girl is my problem. You are ignoring me. He says you are the only girl in my life since childhood. She says I know you always save me from all the problems since childhood. She hugs him and recalls when her father left her mom and her. Deep was there and hugged. Later in teenage Tara murdered the woman her dad left with. Deep saw it. He said what did you do? she says because of her papa left me and mama so I killed her. Police will take me. Please save me deep. THere is blood on my hands. DEep says promise I will protect you. He hugged her.
Tara says you said you will always be with me. And you were right. He says I remember and I will always be with you. I will save you. You have to help me as well. She says this plan is taking too long. He says wait and have patience. Your sins will be written on your doppelganger’s name. Tara says and she will be sentenced.

Scene 3
Maya comes to Deep and asks who is this Tara? He says you should know. Tara is the girl who left me in the wedding. Maya says this is what Arohi told me. Whats the real thing?
What was happening with Arohi last night? deep says what? She says I saw everything that happened with her. Arohi was fainted in hall. Deep came and took her from there. Maya says what is happening in this house? I saw Arohi in the hall and you took her from there? It scared me. Is she in trouble? Deep grasps her arm and twists it. He says a good mom always hides her son’s sins. She says this can’t happen. I tried telling arohi it was a bad dream. I need to know what is happening here. If your family isn’t with you, your secret will expose. Deep leaves her. Maya says Arohi is not an idiot. Be careful.
Deep says Arohi I brought you here to decrease my problems.

Scene 4
Laksh comes to Vishal’s parents. He asks them to help him to save Vishal’s name. He tells dates of all the murders. She says he was here on 12th it was my birthday. His father tells Laksh that during some days Vishal was with his business partner. Laksh says if his partner confirms it will be proved that he isn’t the murderer. Deep says for my Tara I will have to execute this plan.

Precap-Deep gives Arohi necklace. She fasts on Karwachaut. Tara dresses like Arohi.


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