Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd September 2017 Written Episode

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Scene 1
Arohi is doing meditation in the moutains. Dev sees her. He smiles. A man comes and picks her purse. He picks her purse and runs. DEv takes the purse from him and gives him moneyl. He says you are a good man. Dev says don’t steal then.
He comes to Arohi. She says bag looks good on you. He says you won’t call me theif? She says you have everything why would you steal? He says why are you avoiding me? She says I don’t like meeting with strangers. He says you can know them soon.
I can ask you a few questions. You like parties and lights? She says wrong. He says you hate rich people? She says wrong. I have other dreams and goals. She is about to fall. dev holds her. She goes. He has her watch in his hand.

Laksh says Sharma must have told his

His friend and his wife are leaving the city. Laksh and team come there and see lock on his house.
Laksh sees the whole CCTV. He sees the girl colliding with Sharma. But her face can’t be seen. He says I am sure she is the murder. She is intentionally hiding her face. Lets go to party in shimla. I am suer she will come there.

Scene 2
Nairi says to Arohi lets go to that party. Ridhi says yes you should go there.
The girls come there. Laksh comes there too looking for the girl. He says I am sure that girl would come here.
Arohi collides with Dev. He holds her. He says two meetings in one day. Our stars are colliding. A girl says to dev you hosted this party to introduce her. dev says thanks for coming. I don’t know why your friend brought you here.

Arohi looks for nairi. Dev says looking for something? he gives her watch back to her. he says one dance please? She says no.
Arohi says to Nairi how dare you bring me to his party. She sees police outside and goes back inisde. She tries to hide. She collides with Dev? He says are you okay? you look worried. Lets dance. He gives her mask and says lets dance. She takes it.

A woman says to Laksh would you dance with me? He says sure. He dances with her.
Arohi is dancing with Dev. Dev and his men are keeping an eye on everyone. Arohi is being twisted to Lakssh but she goes to Dev instead. Laksh looks for her but she has gone. She comes to a room and takes off her mask. She says is this Dev’s room?
She says everything on place? She looks at his certificates?
Laksh is looking for her. Her heels have left marks on his rug. She tries to clearn it. Someone is looking at her from window. She turns back scared. its a woman. She says you ruined this carpet. You are a thief. Dev comes there and says she is not theif. She is my guest. She is arohi. His mom says i ma sorry. You are my son’s love. She hugs him. Dev says I am sorry Arohi. His mom says when are you marrying? Arohi leaves.
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His mom says are you sure she is interested? Dev says she will be.
Arohi is leaving. Laksh comes towards her. She is scared. Dev comes there. He stands in front of Arohi. Dev syas do I know you? Laksh says inspector Laksh. Dev says did I invite you? Laksh says we don’t need invitation. The killer we are looking for might be here. Dev says you can’t say that. Laksh says you never know the killer is here. Arohi has gone. Laksh says this beauty can be scary sometimes. Be careful. He leaves.

Precap-Dev’s mom comes to Arohi’s house for proposal. Her brother says Arohi please say yes. Laksh says who is her next target? dev?


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