Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th September 2017 Written Episode

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Deep sends proposal for Arohi only on

Scene 1
Deep says to Arohi I will drop you home. She sees Laksh coming. She sits in the car. Laksh looks for her around. Her constable says we couldn’t find the woman. Laksh says shut up.

Deep says to Arohi if you don’t mind why were you running from police? Silence will make me thing weird things. She says I don’t care. If you think i am a serial killer I won’t care. He says you can’t be that. I judge people. Tell me why were you scared? She says I lost my parents. They were killed by a rich man and police took their side. They proved us wrong and saved him. This is why I avoid police. It reminds me of my parent’s death. He says I am sorry. She says we can never be one. She says I will go from here. He says this is not safe. She says I don’t

care. She leaves.

Scene 2
Laksh is looking at cctv. He sees a woman coming towards Sanjay’s house. Its Arohi. He runs towards her. Arohi sees the lock. Laksh comes there but she isn’t there.
Deep is boxing with his dead.

Laksh sees Aroshi’s coat on the old woman. He asks that old woman? She says that girl gave me. It was cold.
Arohi collides with sanjay. Her coffee falls on her. She says I am so sorry. He says its okay. she cleans them with her dupatta. He says you will be arrested for murder. I will die if you come so close. She says stay away from me you will stay alive.
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Laksh says can you recognize if it was her? The woman says she has long hair and pretty face. Her daughter comes and says she has loss memory case. She doesn’t remember who gave the coat. Laksh gives them money and takes the coat from them.

Scene 2
Arohi comes home. Her bhabhi takes her from back. She says what is it. Her bhabi says wear this dress and get ready. Arohi cmes donwstairs. Bhabhi says you look so pretty.

Deep’s mom comes to Arohi’s house with proposal. Arohi is shocked to see them. She says everything is fixxed with your bhai and bhabhi. You just tell me when do you wanna get married? I know you are nervous. girls are and this is all happening in a hurry. Arohi is silent. His mom says when to fix the date? She gives them diamond set. Her bhabi says it is so pretty. Ridhi says arohi touch her feet. Arohi says to her brother I want to talk to you.
She says thiss.. He says I know but this kind of proposal won’t come in ages. I think he will keep you very happy. She says but.. He says please trust me say yes.

His mom says so is it a yes?
Laksh says who could be the next target? Deepn Raichand? Deep says arohi my life depends on your yes.

Precap-A guy comes to arohi and says I missed you.
She says i love you so much and hugs him. Deep sees them. She calls him and says I hope you would say now. Ridhi tells arohi wedding is after two days. Get ready.


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