Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th September 2017 Written Episode

Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Deep gives tickets to Arohi only on

Scene 1
Deep meets Arohi. He says I know you are mad. She says I am so angry that I can even kill someone. You lied and fixed the wedding date. he says I am helpless. I didn’t want to do it. She says why didn’t you cancel. He says I will. You look pretty in anger. I will answer you. I can’t lie to your family and mine. I can’t back out. People will talk so much about you. They will investigate your past and what you are trying to hide will be public. He shows her photo with Vishal. She says what is this. How you got them? he says doesn’t matter. I wanna know if your brothers knows about him. She says so you want to blackmail me? He says not at all. I just wanna know if you love him. Arohi says yes I really love him.
After parents died he took care

of me. He is my life. I can’t live without him. I can’t go against my family. This time I will marry him no matter what happens.
He gives her an envelop and says go to Mumbai with vishal. No one would annoy you there. I will sacrifice my love for yours. He gives her tickets and money. He says all the best. he says this is not a joke. Believe it. Arohi says thanks. He says what happened? You are worried about your brother and bhabhi? You don’t have time. You have only this option. Take Vishal and go from here. She says I can’t hurt my family. Brother is dreaming I will settle here with you. He says its about your life and happiness.
Arohi says what about you? He says I will talk to my family. No one should know. Meet met at 4 and take my car to Mumbai and that will be new chapter of your life.
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Scene 2
Ridhi shows Nikhil her dress for mehndi. Nikhil says arohi why are you upset? Her nephew says she doesn’t want to live here. She wants to go to uncle’s house. Arohi says soon I will leave this house that is why I am sad. Ridhi says this is your mehndi dress. Try it.

Arohi calls Vishal and tells him everything. She says but I am worried about brother. He says forget them. She says what do you mean. They are my family. I can’t be selfish with them.
Deep tells everything to his dad.
Maya says to Dep check your clothes I have so many things to do. She leaves. Raichand says no one knows about your plan and they are so happy. Deep says I will handle everything.
Deep texts Arohi. She says I thought you would motivate me. You only care about your happiness. He says okay I would do what you say, She says you know I don’t like selfish people. Ridhi comes and says why are you not ready yet.

Laksh says these are the photos of the young girls from the party. We have names and we have faces. Now we have to attach them together.
Arohi says one thing is for sure everyone is remembering me because of Deep.
Laksh says there is someone who was not in the list of guests. He looks at the photos.
Arohi is packing up her stuff. Laksh says her name is Arohi. No one invited her but she was there. She was dancing with him and was trying to run away from me. Keep an eye on her.
Arohi says I have to go far away from this city. Laksh says we have to arrest her soon.

Precap-Laksh waits for Arohi. Arohi comes to a hotel and asks Vishal’s room. Later, Deep meets Arohi and says I want to meet the man you love.


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