Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th September 2017 Written Episode

Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Vishal Dies! only on

Scene 1
Arohi is going out. Ridhi saays where are you going to with this bag? She says I am going to parlour. Ridhi says I want to come as well. Arohi says someone from our family should be there. Nikhil says she is right. Arohi looks at them and leaves.
Deep is waiting for Arohi.

Arohi comes to Vishal’s hotel. She asks for his room. After a while Arohi comes to Deep. He says why you look worried? She says I had to take a big step that is why. He says lets go.

Scene 2
Maya welcomes Ridhi and other guests at the mehdni.
Arohi says I brought a small gift for you. She gives him a crystal ball with a prince and princess. He says I can’t take it. She says you have to. She keeps it in his car. He says this would make forgetting you difficult.
She says keep it for now. She says i will throw it away if you don’t want it. He says no I will keep it. She says I am sorry and thank you. He says thanks but no thanks. He stops the car and says Vishal must be waiting for you and a lot of happiness. Arohi says thanks and bye. she hugs him.
Deep comes after Arohi. He says where is Vishal? i want to meet him as well. She says I don’t know why he isn’t here yet. I am sure he must have walked ahead. He says I will not go unless he is here. They wait on suspension bridge.
Deep says call on his hotel. Arohi says he left from hotel at 4:30 then where did he go? deep says can he change his decision? Arohi says no I don’t think he can go. He won’t betray me. his dead body is flowing in the river. Arohi sees it. Arohi pretends to cry. He says lets go. I don’t think he would come. Come with me you can call him later. He takes her with him.
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Arohi says how can you say he won’t come. Nothing happened to him. The mehndi drama must be going on. You knew he won’t come. He says maybe I am trying to help and he has his reasons not to come. he says where will you go? Vishal could save you but he isn’t here. Lets go to mehndi. I will drop you when vishal calls. She says no I won’t come with you. She says don’t follow me. Arohi leaves.

Scene 3
Sanaya says to Ridhi we had no plan to go to parlour. Ridhi says she might have gone alone. Let me talk to her.
Arohi is walking on roads. She recalls Deep saying go with Vishal for your happiness. Police stops Arohi.

Laksh stops Arohi and says where are you going in a hurry? She says what do you want? he says want to talk to you. Lets sit for a tea. The policewomen catch her.

Mehndi has started. Everyone is trying to call Arohi. Maya says everyone is asking where is the bride. Ridhi says don’t worry she will come. but where is Deep? Laksh says your face is so pretty that its memorable. Lets go. Deep stands in front of her. Deep says I am enough to praise her. she is my fiance and we were going to our mehndi. Laksh says she doesn’t look happy. Deep says stay in your limits. Laksh says after some investigation everything would be a lot clear. Deep says one missed call can get you transferred from here. Laksh’s man calls him and says we have found another dead body near lake.

Precap- Deep makes Arohi wear the ring. Laksh comes to Vishal’s room. He calls Arohi from his phone. Arohi picks the call.


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