Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd October 2017 Written Episode

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arohi and Deep engaged!only on

Scene 1
Laksh says I would have taken a chance but I will meet you soon Arohi. He leaves.
Media reports death of Vishal. Laksh comes there. Reporter says what would you say about the killer? Laksh says who is this? His constable says there was nothing with the body.
Laksh says we can’t tell media anything yet. We will catch the killer soon.

Deep and Arohi are on their way. She says I am sorry that I said Vishal didn’t because of you. He says its okay

happens. You were worried. This are weakness of any human. She says you are a good human.. He says not good enough for you maybe. Would you like to answer your family in your house or would you come to my house?
They both come to to Mehndi. Everyone is worried for them. Maya looks at them. Ridhi says where
were you? you could have called? Deep says she was with me. We went on a date. Maya says we were worried. Ridhi says but they shopuld have told. Deep says we wanted to talk to each other about something important before engagement. Maya says its okay take her to guest room so she can get ready.
Maya says to Raichand is he hiding something?
Deep says to Arohi call him again. Ridhi comes and says Arohi get ready.

Arohi says to Ridhi I want to talk. Ridhi says you can talk later after the function. People were talking so much. She gets her ready.
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Scene 2
Laksh says not sure if he drown in the water or someone did? He is from somewhere outside not Shimla. His shoes are different from what people wear in mountainous regions.
Arohi sits on the stage. She is worried. Deep looks at her.
Ridhi says lets do the engagement.
Laksh inspects Vishal’s body. He sees mark of the ring. He says ring mark but no ring? For sure the killer killed him. There are no stabs but it was the serial killer. Does she like collecting rings?

Arohi is worried. Deep makes her wear the ring. Everyone applauds. Aorhi makes him wear the ring too. Everyone is happy. Sanaya says mehndi now.
The mehndi starts. Ridhi dances with Sanaya.
Arohi is in tears, Deep swipes her tears. Sanaya says you two should dance please. She says there is mehndi in my hands. Sushant says please. Deep says sure.

Deep and Arohi dance together on tu ishq ishq sa mere.

Scene 3
Arohi looks at her mehndi. She says maybe someone else got his phone? She calls on his number. His phone is off. She says Vishal..

Laksh comes to hotel and asks list of calls from Vishal’s room. He gets Arohi’s number. She says Vishal is dead to me. He has been so bad to me. She turns off her phone. Arohi breaks her sim. She is crying and sobbing.
Laksh says this means she was daring. She never turned her phone off before.

Precap-Arohi says I came here to tell you I am leaving Shimla. He says I will wait for you in mandap even if you don’t come. Laksh comes to Arohi and says I want to talk to you. He asks lady constables to arrest her. Deep says to his dad I am sure she would come.


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