Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Deep already has a wife Tara only on

Scene 1
Maya says to Deep my son is starting his new life. God give him a lot of happiness. She does his arti. Deep does rituals from his side. Sheru says to Deep’s dad what if she doesn’t come. He says call at their house and ask them. Raichand calls Nikhil.

Ridhi says where is she? We should go and tell them that she isn’t home. What should we do. Our face would be blackened.
Sheru says they are cutting the call. Should I go there? Pandit ji says we are running out of time.
Maya says to Raichand what should we do now? he asks Deep. Deep says lets wait sometime more. People wait till last breath. I will too.

Arohi is crying in jail. She says why is this happening mama papa. Police never got you justice and they are now unjustified to me too.
Why have they locked me here when I didn’t do anything. Someone opens the door.

Scene 2
Nikhil and Ridhi come there. May says where is Arohi? Laksh comes in and says where is Arohi? She has fled. If she goes out of Shimla we can’t stop her. She might even kill Deep. We have to warn Deep.
Ridhi says I am sorry. Arohi has ashamed us all. She has gone somewhere. Maya says what are you saying? She ran? Deep says how can you say that mom? She might be in some trouble. She will come for sure. A woman says she is here.
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Arohi is standing on the door dressed as a bride. She says to nikhil see I am ready for you. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Deep holds her hand and they both sit in mandap. Arohi says thank you Deep.

Police is looking for Arohi. Laksh gets to kknow she went there.
Arohi and Deep do all the rituals. They take pheray.
Laksh comes outside but a car hits him. He gets badly injured.
Deep fills Arohi’s hairline. He makes her wear mangalsutra.

Scene 3
Deep comes to decorated room. Arohi is sitting there. Deep says you came to my life and everything changed. Love makes a man poet. I told you this would happen. He takes her ghughat off.
He says this is our new beginning;. The dream that we saw every day. All your dreams are now mine. He takes champagne and says cheers to our love. Arohi shoves him on bed. She picks the knife. Deep is dazed.
Arohi drops the knife. She says what? Aroho takes off her duppatta. She caresses his face and pulls him. She says so you knew it before that I am not Arohi but your wife Tara. She smirks. Deep hugs her.
Arohi is sitting in front of mirror. He says I can even recognize you with closed eyes. I can recognize you with your smell. We are one. To recognize you I don’t need face or eyes. She says I am impressed. Deep hugs her. He hugs her from behind. Arohi places the knife of his throat. He says my life is yours anyway. Kill me if you want. If I am not dead that means you don’t want that. He kisses her cheek. She says how dare you. You said you won’t even touch. What do you want to do with me? He holds her and says a lot of love. He says we are those who will die in your love. Tara Raichand. My dear wife. She throws the knife.

Maya says to Arohi you haven’t changed yet? Come with me. That time is gone when girls used to wait like this. Just wait like this. Arohi says everything went in so much hurry. I don’t know anything about deep yet.
Tara says you should have been with Arohi. Why are you wasting time? He says is this some test or joke? Deep only loved and married you. I will love you till my death. She says cheers to love.

Maya says you will know a lot about Deep soon. He is your husband now. Aroh smiles while deep hugs Tara.

Precap-Deep says arohi doesn’t even know what she is stuck in. Poor her. Inspector tells Laksh we have found the murderer. Deep brings Arohi somewhere. She says why am I here? this is so dark.


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