Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tara sees Arohi first time only on

Scene 1
Arohi says thanks and hugs him. Deep says easy or you will be charged with my murder. I mean when you get this close my heart stops beating. He comes back to his room. There is a secret room behind shelf where Tara is. Deep hugs him. She says why are you so late. I thought you would come back after wedding night. I am five years old. He says don’t you trust me? She says I can’t share you with everyone. He says you are so typical indian woman from inside. Deep says I will always be yours.

Tara says till the end Vishal kept thinking I was Arohi. I took him to river and shoved him there. And you could marry Arohi easily. Lets send her back to her Vishal. He says no please no more murders. Laksh is still not done with this case. You need rest. Leave it. Arohi is
our trump card. She says has to do a lot of stuff. We have to make her fall for me. So I can make her do things that will make it easy for you to get out of all this.

Scene 2
Arohhi is asleep. Tara comees there. She has a knife.
deep wakes up and sees Tara is not there. He gets worried. Tara comes to room. She says I felt like I was seeing my ghost. He says what did you do to her? did you.. She says relax. I can’t get you in trouble. Just wanted to see her. She was dead asleep don’t worry. Lets sleep.
Deep says why did you have to go there. If she saw you our game would have ended. This is our last chance.
She sleeps.
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Scene 3
Next morning, Arohi wakes up. There is a phone next to her. She says is it Deep’s? She goes to deep’s room. He is changing. Arohi says sorry I didn’t see anything. I should have knocked. He says its okay no formalities between husband and wife. She says I should have.. I promised I didn’t see anything. he says did you like the phone? She says its nice. He says get ready for breakfast.
There is breakfast in the lawn. She says this is all so new to me. He says this is your house. She serves her fruits. He says here is your favorite tea. You like it this way right? She says how you know? He says you would know. She says you are such a good human. He says do you know where I saw you first time? She says in mall. He says I saw you on mall road. I followed you and thanked God that he gave me the face I was looking for you. Before seeing you I thought love at first sight is just a joke. But seeing you changed my thoughts.
I installed a cctv camera in your house to record your choices. She says what? He says I was kidding. She says I got scared. It was just a guess because I drink the same tea. She says we will find more common things soon.

The newspaper has news of Vishal’s death. He says oh no I have to hide it. She sees the code behind the book. Deep is inside. He looks from the small whole.

Precap-Sanaya shows Arohi shelf.


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