Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arohi sees Deep and Tara’s wedding card only on

Scene 1
Arohi says it takes time to build relationships.
Arohi is about to read the newspaper. Maya comes. She says I need the newspaper. Raichand says give it to me. Arohi says mama papa used to fight over newspaper too. Mays swipes her tears and says don’t cry. We are your parents.

Tara is angry. Raichand says you don’t have to follow any rules here. You can do whatever you want. Sanaya says did he annoy you? Sushant says she was sleeping in another room. Deep says Sushant I don’t like it behave. Arohi says she is joking. Sushant says I am sorry brother. Deep leaves. He texts Tara. He says SAnaya show her whole house.
Sanaya says lets come bhabhi. He goes to Tara’s room. She is hyper. She says would you cheat on me? He says I am sorry calm
down. I have a family. They ask questions. She says family or that Arohi?
You were only mine before. Now you share your time with that Arohi. We should have killed that Arohi with Vishal.
Deep says Laksh is still investigating. He knows it was a woman.

Scene 2
Arohi collides with a horse sculptor. She asks sanaya why so many sculptors? She says brother like fast moving things.
Deep says to Tara to keep you alive we need to keep Arohi alive. Calm down.
Sanaya says Deep is strict with rules but he loves his family.
Deep gives Tara her meds. He says take rest and relax.
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Sanaya says see this Deep’s library. Arohi checks the books.
Deep and Tara are behind it. Deep looks outside..
Arohi sees the keypad. Deep is scared. Arohi sees another book.
She sees Vishal’s flight tickets. Arohi recalls her moments with Vishal. She goes to her room. Sanaya says what happened? Tara says she is still crying for Vishal. When will she know he is dead.

Arohi says why did you cheat on me Vishal. Deep comes in. He says you can’t hold your tears back. Share your pain with me. Show me. He sees the tickets. He says I booked them before I knew he would flee. Whatever happens is for our good.
After today you won’t cry at all. He burns the flight tickets. He says in heart Vishal your chapter is closed. He says lets eat momos I know you like them. I like them too. He shows her new dresses. He says please wear these pink ones. She sees a card.
Its wedding card of Tara. She says deep weds tara? Who is Tara? Deep says.

Precap-Deep says Tara is the girl who left me. I kept waiting for her in the wedding hall. Arohi se2s a bracelet on Deep’s bed. She asks Maya is it yours? She says no, and not even Sanaya’s. Arohi says first Tara’s wedding card and now this. Maya says Tara who?


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