Jaat Ki Jugni 4th April 2017 Written Episode

Jaat Ki Jugni 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on ATechSky.com

Chaudry’s goons thrash Monty for befriending Munni and kidnaps him. Bitto runs sees that and runs behind goons’s car. Munni also runs. Her friends call Chaudhry about the incident. Chaudry rushes to the spot. Munni tries to hire auto. She asks her friends to inform bauji/Chaudhry. They say they already informed him. Chaudry and his brothers and goons reaches in cars and takes Munni home.

Bittoo follows goon’s car. Goons throw Monty out and speed away. Monty is about to fall into river when Bittoo holds his hand on time and pulls him up. He rushes Monty to hospital with his friends. Inspector comes and questions Bittoo. Bittoo says he and his friend fought and he trashed his friend. Inspector holds his collar and asks not to play oversmart. Bittoo warns nobody touches American

dollar and Bittoo’s collar. Inspector asks if he is threatening him. Bittoo says he is informing. Inspector asks doc to inform when Monty gets conscious and leaves. Bittoo calls his friend inspector and gives car’s number to him. Inspector says it is Chaudhry’s car and he should not mess with him. Bittoo says wait and watch, he will not take his name though and disconnects call.

Munni cries vigorously and tells she just gave him friendship rose as her friend rejected his friendship, he is totala/stammering and considers her as sister. She wants to know how is he. Chaudhry asks her to go and rest and he will get Monty’s info. She insists and says she will not have anything until she knows about Monty, she noted down car’s number. Pratap says when bauji is promising, he will fulfill it, she should go to her room and rest. Chaudry asks his wife and others to go with Munni. Pratap’s wife tells if she tells truth to Munni, Chaudry will kill her, so she will take care of kitchen and they both can take care of Munni.

Bittoo stops goon’s car and thrashes them badly. Chaudhry fumes to find out where the car is and bring Monty here. Bheem says their goons are not picking call and Monty is in hospital. Car speeds in breaking walls and rolling over goons. Bheem shouts who the hell it is. Chaudhry orders him to find out who is it Savita calls Chaudhry loudly. He rushes to Munni’s room with his brothers and reads a note by Bittoo fixed on mirror that he tried to trash his friend, so he is kidnapping his sister. Chaudry shouts Munniiiii.

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Precap: Bittoo kidnaps Munni and speeds in car. Seeing police, Munni says her brothers have covered whole city, it is not easy to mess with them. Bittoo breaks police security and speeds away. He says Munni that her brothers are so pampering that they can kill anyone for her, now they will feel how one feels when dear ones are harmed. He pulls Munni’s dupatta and throws it.


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