Mahek 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Neev bringing Shaurya-Mahek closer only on

Karona comes to Shaurya in market and asks him to come with her and Vicky to mandir? he says no you people go. Shaurya thinks how to tell them that I wont have peace without Mahek.. Karona and Vicky are leaving but Shaurya stops them and says wait, I am coming, Karona smiles and says lets go.

Mahek is working in her new house. Her mother in law asks her about utensils. Neev is learning singing from his grandfather. Mother in law says they have my house music house. She brings tea for him, he asks her to make him drink with his hands. Mother in law says have shame, you are oldie now, dont have to show your romantic side. Mahek blushes seeing their romance. She says to him that you dont do anything, my son has sweet shop and it works a lot. Father says your son is a goon, he doesnt let anyone else

open sweets shop and thats how he is earning. Mother says you are jealous of my son, he says he is my son too. Father says I am taking Neev to mandir, we will sing bhajans there, he leaves with Neev and his music instruments, Mahek smiles.

Karona, Shaurya and Vicky comes to mandir. She gives wedding card to priest, she says to God that dont take more test of us, let us have peace now.
Grandfather and Neev(Mahek’s son) are outside mandir and singing bhajans. Vicky and Karona stops to listen them. Shaurya goes to pool, one baba comes to him, its same baba who came to Mahek one year back and warned her about danger she was in. Baba holds his hand but Shaurya jerks him away. Baba says I warned before and now new chapter of story is starting, there is nothing outside to find, open your inner thoughts and eyes, Shaurya looks on, Baba leaves. Karona and Vicky comes him. Vicky says that bhajan singer has such nice voice. Karona says call them, we will call them to sing in our house wedding, Shaurya says its not needed, lets go. Karona says wait for a minute. Vicky comes to Grandfather and Neev and asks if he can meet his aunt? They come to Karona. Karona says to Grandfather that you sing very nicely, I wanted to request for you to come in our house wedding and sing there, dont say no, we will arrange for you transport and everything, we will pay you too. Neev says my father just sings in mandir for gifts and rewards only, not payment. Vicky gives money to grandfather,he tries to deny but Vicky gives him and says we have given him gift, now happy? Neev says happy now. Neev sees Shaurya’s car and says its so big, can we go in this car home? Grandfather says we will take auto. Shaurya comes to Neev and asks his name? he says its Neev. Shaurya says I will drop you both home in my car, Grandfather says its not needed, its near, we can go, Shaurya says then its more easy, I will drop you both. Karona says to Vicky that I have seen Shaurya’s smile after so much time today, Vicky says this kid is magician. Karona asks Shaurya to drop them, they will leave.
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Shaurya brings Neev and his grandfather outside their house. Neev says this is my house, my mom makes very good pickle. Shaurya says to grandfather that your house is nice, grandfather says its very old of our ancestors. Mahek is on terrace and is putting clothes on rope for drying. Neev screams at her to down, he came in a big car. Mahek covers her face with veil and looks down, she sees Shaurya there. Shaurya is not looking her way and talking to grandfather. Mahek sees Shaurya and recalls how she saw him near lake, she says Neev is again with strangers, he will get us scolded by his father. Grandfather says I have some work, he asks Neev to take Shaurya inside for tea, he leaves. Mahek comes to doorsteps. Shaurya is about to turn to door but gets call, he says to Neev that sorry I have work, I will have tea some other time, he sits in car and leaves before Shaurya can see Mahek. Madhav comes there and sees Shaurya’s car leaving. He drags him inside house and asks if he found new father? I asked you to not roam around., Neev says I went to mandir with grandfather to sing bhajan, Madhav raises hand but Mahek hides him behind her. Madhav says he wants to beg people by singing bhajan, I doubt if he is even my son. Mahek glares at him. Madhav says how dare you look me in the eyes? look down, Mahek keeps glaring him, he says let me teach you lesson, he is about to slap Mahek but grandfather comes there and stops him, he asks Mahek to go in room, she leaves. Madhav says you couldnt do anything by singing bhajans, you are useless and making my son useless too. Grandfather says you earn money but your wife is not happy with you and your son is scared of you, I know why you dont let Vandana leave this house, there are secrets buried in this house and dont let me say them, he glares at him and leaves.
In room, Neev is in tears, Mahek hugs him and says dont be sad? do you want some sweets? what bhajan did you sing? Neev sadly looks at him, she hugs him and consoles him.

Scene 2
Shaurya is in market again where he went to with Mahek last time. He thinks Mahek you are with me everywhere I go, your memories are with me, I wish you were with me too, he recalls his sweet moments with her. Naina plays as he keeps recalling the moments. Shaurya thinks that Mahek promised to never leave but she left, why did you leave Mahek? he recalls how she said that she will never leave him and even if she went away, he will feel her presence near her.

Mahek is sadly working in kitchen. Granfather comes there, she asks when did you come? he asks why she is crying? she says I am cutting onions, not cry. He says forgive me, the pain that you are feeling is not your fate, its my sin too. Mahek says maybe 7 years went by, maybe I am used to bear this pain, maybe I will live remaining life like this, I am not miffed with you but I just feel that if I can ever take breath, live freely without any fear. Grandfather says soon it will happen, soon I am going to give you a good news, he leaves. Mahek thinks God keep my Neev safe, only your miracle and lesson our pain.

PRECAP- Mahek calls on phone that was with Neev. Neev forgot it in Shaurya’s car. Shaurya sees phone ringing in backseat of his car and takes it, he says hello.. Mahek says hello who is this? Shaurya is shocked to hear her voice and drops water bottle from his hands. He is in tears and says Mahek.. she looks on.


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