Mahek 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vandana was a lookalike of Mehak only on

Scene 1
At Sharma house, Ravi and Jeevan are talking about finances for food truck. Kanta gets sad and says Mahek took care of us till she was alive and now when she is not with us anymore, still her hardwork is helping us. Harish and Dolly comes to their house. Kanta turns to

leave seeing them, Jeevan asks what happened? Kanta says my work is finished here. Dolly asks how she is? Kanta rudely says fine and leaves. Dolly gives wedding invitation of Vicky to Jeevan. Harish says you all have to come. Jeevan says we will be there with family. Ravi says maybe Mahek is not here but our relation is still intact. Jeevan says Shaurya and Vicky are like our sons, they are Mohit’s brothers, we will come for sure. Harish thanks them and leaves with Dolly. Kanta comes to her room and silently weeps looking
at Shaurya and Mahek’s photo.

Vicky comes to Karona and asks if Harish and Dolly went to Sharma house? Shaurya comes there. Harish and Dolly comes there and says yes we went there. Shaurya asks if they met Kanta? Dolly says no. Shaurya says I am going there, Karona asks why? Shaurya says I will tell you later, he leaves.

Shaurya comes to Sharma house with giftx, he offers them to Ravi and Jeevn, who hesitate to tak them. Shaurya goes to Kanta’s room. He stops seeing Mahek’s photo on wall and recalls how Kanta blamed him for Mahek’s death and how she said she will never forgive him for not taking care of Mahek. Kanta comes there but doesnt look at him. She passesby him, Shaurya calls out to her but she says I am going out. Shaurya is in tears and says please give me a minute. Kanta hesitates but leaves without hearing him. Jeevan consoles Shaurya to let it go, some wounds dont heal with time too, Kanta doesnt know if she angry with you or God. He asks Shaurya to focus on wedding. Shaurya says Mahek used to believe that real happiness is making our own families happly, I am trying to hide my tears with smile. Shaurya asks if they will come in wedding? Jeevan says dont worry, we will there. Shaurya thanks him and starts leaving. Shaurya keeps looking around Sharma house and recalls his moments with Mahek there, Kanta loving him, ahsas khone ka plays. Shaurya looks at street board and how he dedicated street to Meera Sharma, how Mahek told him that she will always be with him, he thinks where are you Mahek?
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Scene 2
Mahek(as Vandana) is in room with Neev. She bandages his wounds, he is scared. Grandfather sadly looks at them and leaves. Mahek cries. Mandhar shouts to bring food. Maa brings food. Mandhar says I will make her pay, she has attitude. Maa says you are drunk. Grandfather comes there. Mandhar says you have no value and want to save my son and wife from me? You have stopped me enough from going to her, now she will get punishment and I will enjoy my time with her. Grandfather says dont try to go to her, I can raise weapon, dont try to molest her. I sacrificed one Vandana but I wont let this girl get sacrificed, remember what happened last year? Flashback shows Mandhar beating Mahek’s lookalike, she says you cant go to that bijlo, you cant cheat on me, i am your wife, he says Nobody can stop me, he throws her towards wall, she hits her head on wall and falls down. They bring her to hospital. Doctor says she is dead, this is police case, I am calling police. Doctor leaves. One nurse is hears their talk. Grandfather says what did you do? You killed her? Mandhar says I used to beat her daily, didn’t know she will die like this. Grandmother asks them to stop it, what will we do now? Nurse comes there and says I have an idea. He brings them to Mahek’s room. Mandhar is shocked to see she is exactly like real Vandana. Nurse says she was found near lake, she has lost her memory, if you give me 2lacs then I will change her body with real Vandana’s deadbody and on one will know, Mandhar sees unconscious Mahek. Grandfather says no she is someone else’s daughter, I wont allow you to destroy her life too, Mandhar asks him to shut up and asks nurse to start working. Nurse says she can gain her memory with seeing anything. Mandhar says I will not allow her to go out of house. Nurse changes Mahek’s body with Vandana and says I will throw your real wife’s body in lake and Mahek’s family will get it and thinks its Mahek died. Later they bring Mahek to house, mahek says this is me? Mandhar says yes and I am your husband. Mahek says I don’t remember anything. Grandmother brings photos of Vandana and says see this is you and your son Neev, you are Vandana. Mahek looks on and says I don’t remember anything. Neev comes there and says Maa where did you go? I didn’t even eat food, he hugs her, Mahek is confused but accepts him, Mandhar smirks. Flashback ends.

Precap- Mahek, Neev’s grandfather and Neev comes to Shaurya’s house. Neev asks guard to tell house owner that Neev has come. Shaurya is standing in balcony and looking out. Neev doesnt wait for guard and runs inside house, he comes to garden, gaurd runs behind him and tries to stop him. Shaurya sees him.. Mahek comes in house, she is covering her face with veil, she calls out to Neev and asks him to stop running. Shaurya hears her voice from balcony and is stunned.


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