Mahek 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vandana comes to Shaureya’s house only on

Scene 1
Vandana comes in the room where everyone is sleeping. She wakes dadaa up. She says now we will write our fate our way. After so many years you are getting the respect you deserved. I have decided no matter what happens I will get you your respect. You have always done things for me its my turn. You will come forward and make name. You will never give up. With God’s blessing we can start life anew. Step ahead. Lets go.

Shaureya is in tears and drinking. He recalls his time with Mahek. He looks at their wedding album and relives every moment. He recalls everything that happened between them. The song kehta hai dil yeh plays in background. Shaureya says Mahek people say you are not here. You have gone but I know you are around. In my dreams, in my heart, in my soul. Mahek. Please

come back to me. Or take me with you. Without you I am nothing. The song aik baar tumko plays in background.
On the other hand, Vandana is going with her father. She recalls Mandhar asking them not to leave the house. She steps out. They all flee from the house.

Scene 2
Bua tastes the sweets and says these are so tasteless. Karuna looks at the kitchen and recalls mahek cooking there.
Vandana, Neev and dada come to bus stand. They sit in an auto and leave. Vandana sees some flashbacks.

Mohit and Sonal are coming ghere. He says everyone one would be so surprised to see us. They sit in the same auto as Vandana but Vandana’s face is hidden. Vandana keeps looking at them. She tries to recalls something but she can’t. Driver says to dada your stop is here. Vandana says Neev lets go. Sonal looks at her but her face is hidden. They get off the auto.
Mohit says what happened? She says her voice.. nothing.

Karuna comes to Shaureya’s room. He is nowhere. He is in balcony. Karuna takes his phone. She says you don’t have time for mom. He says I am busy. SHe says you are always busy. Do I need an appointment. He says it was important call. I will talk to you after it. She says why are you doing this? Besides you everyone is participating in the wedding. He says i am doing everything you asked. I can’t pretend to be happy. When you need me ask me I will wear clothes and come downstairs don’t expect much. Karuna says all I want is to see you happy? for how long will you live like this? He says happiness left my life last year. I don’t know for how long will I live like this now. She says come downstairs.
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Scene 2
Banwari lal, Vandana and Neev come to a house. he says we have been invited to sing here in the wedding. Go tell your boss. Watchman says come later I can’t disturb them. Neev says go in and tell them Neev came. I will throw you in ganga. Watchman says go from here idiots. Vandana says talk politely. Neev runs in. Vandana and Banwari lal run after them. Vandana shouts neev.. Shaureya hears her voice. He is dazed.

Mandhar looks for Mahek and Banwari everywhere. He says to his mom your husband has lost his mind. He loves that fake daughter in law more than me. If she knows she is mahek i will be arrested. She says calm down we will do something. Mandhar says what if someone sees her or she recalls something. I will kill this man. She says calm down he is your dad.

Banwari says calm down Neev. Shauerya comes and says what the hell is going on. What is all this?
Watchman says he was saying that you called them. Neev says the watchman might need some work. Shaureya says I am sorry come in please. Neev says such a big house is your dad very rich? He says I am rich. He pulls neev’s cheek. He says only my mom can pull my cheek. Or if you want to you have to become my friend and make me eat gol gappy. He says okay I will take you to chandni chowk to eat gol gappy. The woman who showed me that shop made even better gol gappy. Mahek sees flash backs.

Precap-Pandit ji says call the groom. Two grooms come downstairs. Everyone says what is this?


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