Mahek 27th September 2017 Written Episode

Mahek 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Ajay ready to finish Mahek only on

Scene 1
Shaurya finds Ajay’s riddle which says that he got bangles this time but will get Mahek’s hand next time he fails. Shaurya is tensed and tries to solve riddle. Mahek is in Ajay’s car. Ajay says I will bury her in trashcan.

Jeevan tells he was the one who rang the land line at the Tailor shop and Shaurya

shouts at him and then asks sorry after cooling down.

Harish says to family that we have arranged papers, we will give everything to Ajay but just want Mahek back. All family members come to mandir, Karona says God will listen to us on Navratri, we will pray with pure heart and she will listen. Sharma and Khanna family starts praying to Mata rani. Kanta cries while doing aarti.

Shaurya and others arrive at garage where Mahek is and Mahek is inside
Ajay’s car. They are in parking lot and looks around, Vicky says are we missing some clue? Ravi says I dont understand what is missing. Shaurya looks on.

Family is praying for Mahek.

Shaurya finds parking lot where Ajay’s car is and Mahek Shaurya and others are looking around. They see a car being lifted in air. Ravi shows it to Shaurya, Shaurya sees Mahek’s dupatta falling outside car’s trunk, Ravi says its Mahek inside. Car is pulled in air and taken away from that garage. Shaurya finds another riddle there, he reads it and tries to solve it.
Mahek is inside Ajay’s car. They arrive at some place. ajay comes out of car and looks at mandir and playland and wheel ride surrounding. Ajay and Rohit brings out tied Mahek out of car’s trunk. A play is going on there. Ajay says here nobody would be able to find Mahek Sharma, we will leave Mahek last bye here after getting property and Shaurya will go mad with trauma of losing Mahek and sharmas and Khannas will be destroyed.

Naren is looking around office. spies are there dressed as sardar. Naren is coming towards her side but other sardar calls him and says system is not working, please help. Naren starts working on PC. Sardar pours chloroform on tissue and is about to make Naren unconscious but he gets call and moves away. Naren gets call from Pooja and says Supariya is hurt after falling from stairs, come here, Naren leaves. One sardar says he wont be saved everytime.

Harish prays to lord and says keep Pooja and Mahek protected, I want her to be fine whereever she is.
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Shaurya is looking at footage of Ajay’s car on patrol pump. Shaurya comes to patrol pump and asks worker if he found ajay’s act mysterious? he says no. Shaurya says I dont understand that why Ajay would come to such big patrol pump where his footage will be recorded. shaurya says I am sure this is Ajay’s trap. Ravi says so you want us to not follow this car and let Ajay go? shaurya looks on.

Ajay locks Mahek in a trunk and starts taking her to playland. Mahek looks outside from key hole and says kids and rides? this seems like some festival. Ajay and Rohit are taking trunk Mahek is inside in playland.

Shaurya is with police. Policeman shows him a man that swiped card of Ajay on patrol pump. shaurya slaps him and beats him, he says are you involved with Ajay, did you get his credit card? he says I dont know Ajay, my wallet was swiped with him and I used at patrol pump, it was not Ajay but me on patrol pump swiping his car. Shaurya says I knew it was a trap, it was not Ajay on patrol pump, he says to inspector that you couldnt find this out before. Inspector says we have been with from last five days, what else do you want us to do? I cant give my life for this case. Ravi asks him to calm down and talk to them. Inspector sighs. Shaurya is worried for Mahek.

Ajay and Rohit brings Mahek’s box in a dressing room. Their friend is there too. Nikki says you all are useless. Ajay asks her to leave and enjoy festival, we will take care of Mahek. Nikki leaves. Rohit asks where is Pammi? Ajay looks on.

Pammi is in playland, she finds a TV reporter and pushes people aside so she can come on TV.

Shaurya is a a dhabba. Vicky asks him to eat something, he says I cant even drink anything, I am sorry, its all my fault, Vicky says we all do mistakes. Pooja calls Shaurya and asks him to watch AB news on Tv. Shaurya looks at TV which is showing report about playland, he sees Pammi on TV and notes name of playland, he thanks pooja. Vicky asks if we should take police with us? Shaurya says they will increase work, just lets go.

Mahek is in a dressing room. Ajay and Rohit have gone from there. Some kids come there for dressing. Mahek hears their voices and says they can help me, she starts knocking on trunk head but kids starts running away hearing noices. Ajay’s friend comes there and tries to sneak inside box, he opens trunk head but Ajay comes there and asks what he is doing? he closes it and says nothing. Rohit says all work is done, lets go. They leave Mahek in trunk there. Mahek is tired and thinks God save me.

Naren comes home thinking that Supariya is hurt. He finds function going on. Pooja asks if he is stunned again? he assk where is Mrs. Vyas? she was hurt? Pooja says you have some misunderstanding, flashback shows Pooja saving Supariya before she could fall from stairs. Pooja says all are waiting for queen of this house, come in front, he says you.. she says you are guest of honor so shh.. Naren looks on. All turn to see Supariya coming there dressed like she used to do. Pooja goes to her but she jerks away from pooja. Girls showers rose petals on her. Naren looks on. Harish proudly looks at her. Pooja says to Naren that she must be in peace away from closed door, dont show anger now, even your anger has something familiar, I have one more shock for you. Neelima comes there, Pooja hugs her. Naren is shocked.

Naren pins Pooja to glass door and traps her with his hands around her. Naren says I know your face behind all this welfare fake face, what was your intention with all this? Pooja says I wanted you to touch Supariya’s feet. Naren says its not going to happen, these rituals and traditions.


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