Mahek 29th September 2017 Written Episode

Mahek 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Shaurya banned to reach Mahek only on

Scene 1
Play is going on in playland. Sharma family is passing through security gates. Shaurya passes it. Policeman asks Karona to show her bag. shaurya thinks they are checking my family’s bag only. Policewoman checks Karona’s bag and finds scissor inside. Karona says this is not mine. Nikki comes there and says they are a scam, they cut pockets, all people start chanting against them. Shaurya says we are a family. Ravi says we are no gang, he starts fighting with policeman. Harish says let me call commissioner and then you will know. Shaurya says I am Shaurya Khanna, let us go. Policeman says you all are blacklisted here, you cant go inside, Nikki smirks. Policeman takes their snaps so they cant go inside. Shaurya comes out and is angry.

Ajay says to Nikki that I am proud of

you. Ajay says they wont find Mahek. Rohit says nobody can defy Ajay. Pammi says to Nikki that they have gone mad.

Play is going on. Mahek is tied somewhere.

Shaurya is breaking things in room. Vicky comes there and takes Mahek and his picture before he can break it. shaurya break downs and looks at picture, he recalls his moments with Mahek, he says where are you Mahek? kyun hota plays.

Dolly comes to playland, she looks at Sharma and Khanna family images and how they are prohibited to go inside raam leela, she takes ticket.

In house, Jeevan says to family that we have to go inside. Dolly comes there and says we all are strictly not allowed here. Ajay calls Shaurya and says you and your family cant enter raam leela, he laughs and says dont call police otherwise your wife will be pain, this is your last chance to save your wife but come alone and if you by chance enter ground then bring property papers, Mahek will live till this raam leela goes on, as soon as it ends, Mahek will die. He ends call. Harish asks Digvijay to call police and ask them to stay away from Mahek’s case, we will give property to Ajay. Karona gets call from Harsha, Harsha says we are praying for Mahek to be found, she will be found soon, mata will bring her back, Karona says we pray she comes back, she ends call. Dolly gets call, she mistakenly drops her raam leela ticket. Shaurya takes it and says I have found a way to go inside.
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Pooja’s brother says I will marry her only. Rachel’s mother says my daughter wont go to guy like this, Rachel says you didnt take care of me as mom and now saying all this? Rachel’s mother says thats she is so insulting. Pooja takes Naren aside and says why you are trying to break my house? Naren says I am just trying to do what you are trying to do with my family, I thought to play family family with you too.

Ajay is outside playland. Pammi says they didnt bring property papers. Ajay says shaurya will try once more to go inside but then we will get property, he cant enter there as my security is tight.

Mahek is tied in a tent, she thinks Shaurya my strength is breaking, she sees kids outside and knocks on tent, they are about to peek inside but Ajay comes there and shoo them away. Ajay says to Mahek that only her death will go from here, you are alive till now because I want property papers from your husband, lets see how your husband will save you.

Sharma and Khanna family comes to playland, they are all disguised as Raam leela characters.


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