Mahek 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mahek and Shaurya finally on honeymoon only on

Scene 1
Shaurya hides gift under blanket for Mahek. Mahek comes there and sees it, she asks what is it? Shaurya says I brought a special dress for you, he asks her to change. Mahek opens box and finds a modern red dress inside. She blushes and says I cant wear it, its small. Shaurya says you are wearing it for me, go, I am waiting for you. Mahek is shy. Shaurya seductively says that I have prepared many games for tonight as I will be a lion and you will be a deer which I will hunt down.

At Sharma house, Kanta comes to Mohit and Sonal’s room. She sees Mohit helping Sonal around. Mohit sees her and smiles, he says I promise to take care of family. Jeevan comes there and says we are happy that you are back, you should take Sonal to another honeymoon. Mohit thinks about it.

goes to washroom and wears the small dress Shaurya brought for her. She murmurs that he is becoming stubborn and spoiled day by day. She comes out but sees that Shaurya is already asleep. Mahek smiles, she kisses his cheek and says good night my lion. She sleeps too.

In morning, Shaurya wakes up and doesnt find Mahek beside him. He goes to freshen up. He comes in lounge and sees Mahek having breakfast with everyone. Mahek glares at him. Vicky looks at Shaurya and says you look tired. Mahek glares at Shaurya and says to Dolly that you know last night, I was watching animal channel and I saw a lion hunting a deer, Dolly asks if he hunted deer? Mahek says no, by that time he got old and couldnt hunt her. Vicky laughs. Harish asks when they are leaving? Mahek asks where are we going? Shaurya says you love watching animals on TV so I will take you and show you the real tiger there. Mahek says we can take whole family with us. Karona says no its time for you both to enjoy alone, when you will be pregnant then you wont get anytime for this. Mahek blushes. Dolly says no you go with him alone.
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Mahek video calls Sonal and Nehal and says I dont want you leave all of you alone. Sonal says liar, your tummy must have butterflies and saying this to us? Kanta and all join call. Mahek says I wish you all were coming with me. Kanta says have fun with your husband, once you have baby then you wont get time. Mahek blushes. Shaurya comes and says I was trying to tell her that. Mahek blushes and says I will talk later, she ends call. Shaurya sees her packing her clothes, he says what are you doing? she says packing clothes? he says these clothes on honeymoon? they are so boring that looks like some middle aged couple is going on family vacations. Mahek says I have these clothes only. Shaurya says dont worry, I will manage.

Shaurya and Mahek arrive to their honeymoon destination. They are in car to go to hotel. Shaurya says I will make this vacation memorable and special. Mahek says lets see. Shaurya stops car, hawain plays. Shaurya blindfolds Mahek and brings out of car near a lake. Mahek says why did you blindfold me? and where are you taking me? Shaurya brings her to walk through bridge over lake and says just wait. Mahek says I dont understand what youdo. Shaurya takes off her blindfold. Mahek is stunned to see the location, its a hotel near lake, there is a big garden and greenary surrounding it. Shaurya pulls her closer and says I thought to gift this to you, Mahek says what? Shaurya says I mean I am buying this paradise, this resort for you, this will be our summer vacation home, we will bring family here, I want to make you feel special else I may feel that you aren’t Happy with this marriage. Mahek says I used to be happy but I have headache after marrying you. Shaurya says I will tell you later at night how big of a headache I am. Mahek is wearing a small shirt and jeans. She blushes. Shaurya holds her waist and says listen you look around for some time and I will go to the reception for some formalities. He leaves.

Mahek looks around lake. She finds a couple fighting near a lake. Girl says how dare you do this? boy says I will take restraining order against you. Girl says police can never take you away from me, you cant push me away, I love you, he is irritated and leave. Mahek sees all this and says what is going on? Boy is trying to leave but girls pulls him and says if you are not mine then you cant be of anyone, I will kill you, I will murder. Boy says you dont even deserved to be talked, such a b*t*hy woman, he pushes her away and leaves. Girl says fine you can leave but you will regret this Sahil Waseel, you will repent. Mahek is tensed to see whole scene. Girl sees Mahek looking at them, she shouts hey you what are you doing here? are you spying on me? Sahil’s new girlfriend sent you to be a spy? Mahek gets tensed and leaves. Shaurya comes to Mahek and asks what happened? she says nothing. Shaurya asks sure? she nods.

At night. Mahek and Shaurya are dressed. Mahek is wearing red modern dress and asks where he is taking here? she says for a new surprise. Mahek says wow so many surprises in a single day? Shaurya says you will like it, lets go. they come to an open air restaurant. Shaurya makes sit. All congratulate Mahek and greets her. Shaurya looks at her and asks where she is lost? she says nothing, lets enjoy. Host says our new guest have gifted this resort to his wife, clap for him, he is going to perform now. Mahek is surprised. He goes up on stage, he takes guitar and smiles at her. Mahek smiles and thinks I am so lucky to get husband like Shaurya.

PRECAP- Shaurya plays guitar and sings Janam Janam for Mahek. Mahek is mesmerized by him. She goes to him and puts her hands around his neck. Shaurya and Mahek dances around and lovingly look at each other.


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