Mouni Roy’s presence in ‘Bigg Boss Season 11’ lights up the concept

Salman Khan and Mouni Roy look amazing together..

We are just over 5 days away from the launch of Bigg Boss Season 11 with Salman Khan and one after the other promos are being launched which continue to increase the curiosity levels.

And the latest promo makes things even better as it features none other than actress, Mouni Roy herself.

What is is about?

The promo begins with Salman Khan enjoying a cricket match when he is interrupted by a neighbour who asks if he can join him.

Being a good neighbour, Salman agrees and the next thing we know, he is invaded by an a bunch of people who come home to watch the match. Salman is clearly not impressed but still is fine with it.

But things get interesting with the entry of a hot and sultry neighbour in the form of none other than Mouni Roy herself, who asks if she can join too.

Needless to say, Salman is more than welcoming and invites her to sit next to him and enjoy the match.

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That’s when Salman explains about the concept being on how the show is about how some neighbours will come not welcomed, while for some we wait for them to come and this how this season is going to shape up to be.


The Highlights

The Presence of Mouni Roy certainly lights up the promo and this is evidently not the first time we have seen Salman and Mouni share amazing chemistry. The duo have shared a lot of fun-filled moments in the previous seasons too.

The concept of neighbours couldn’t have been explained in a better manner in the promo with how the show will actually exhibit some unwelcoming and some awaited guests-cum-neighbours.

This just makes the excitement levels go even bigger, isn’t it?

Rating – **** (4/5)

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