Nach Baliye 8 15th April 2017 Written Episode

Nach Baliye 8 15th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

This week Hritik Roshan comes as a special guest. All the participants will try to win his heart and give their best performance. Sonakshi tells that she has taken two actors autographs till now, one is Shatrughan Sinha and other is Hritik Roshan. One jodi will say good bye to the stage of Nach Baliye.

Comedian asks Sonakshi if she will become her Gattu’s bride. Sonakshi refuses and says she don’t get the feeling that he is the one for her seeing him. She calls on the stage Hritik Roshan. Hritik comes and dances on the song Jab Kisi Se kisi ko Pyaar Hojaye song…..with all girls’ participants. Karan calls the first jodi on stage.


They dance on the song Latpat Latpat Kamar Daamini Adhar Ragini

Ho …Pinga ga pori……from the film “BAJIRAO MASTANI”. Both of them dressed as a ladies. They get standing ovation from some of the participants.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says you have ignited the fire. She tells that it is not easy to wear saree and jewellery for a man and perform, but you didn’t let any discomfort shown on your face or dance. She says well done.
Mohit: says I am Bansali’s fan. He says he shoots the song with high level, and you both matched to his level.

Terence: says you went off beat, but your Ada at the beginning session was superb and loving.

Hritik: says he has danced with all Baliyes, but one is remaining. He says lets dance. He dances with Siddharth and Trupti.

Scores: Sonakshi 8, Mohit 8, Terence 7= Total 23

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They dance romantically on the song Bin Kuch Kahe……Chaar Kadam……from the film “PK”. At the end of performance, balloons are showered on them. Everyone claps for them. Karan gives roses and heart balloon to Bharti.

Judges Comments:

Hritik: says that you were absolutely brilliant. He says your expressions, to keep the co ordination happening. I am so overjoyed that you have done something like this. That is so beautiful.

Sonakshi: says Harsh has matched steps with Bharti and says you have entertained us with your romance. It was beautiful.

Mohit: says it was so sweet, you have created magical moment and superb concept.

Terence: says Bharti was impressive and her postures was firm and straight. He says I couldn’t believe that you can do such dance.

Scores: Terence 9, Mohit 9, Sonakshi 9= Total 27


They dance on the song Saree Ke Falls Sa ……………….from the film “R…RAJKUMAR”. Everyone claps for their wonderful performance. Vivek is dressed up as a Robot with lungi.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says Divyanka…you are looking true bollywood heroine. You gave a solid performance today.

Mohit: No Comment.

Terence: says I saw a robot who is wearing lungi. He says good performance. He says you have given controlled performance, well thought of and well done.

Hritik: says I really enjoyed this and I really admire that you are taking on challenges, keep it up.

Scores: Terence 8, Mohit 8, Sonakshi 8 = Total 24

Mohit asks Vivek if he has any problem with her popularity. Vivek says when he met her she was already a star and they have discussed all the probabilities. He says people asks how is Divyanka or Ishita. He says he wants to be suitable for her. Divyanka says he has no jealousy in him and she thanks God for him. Hritik gives them best wishes.

Sonakshi and Hritik dance on the song Saree Ke Falls Sa with DiVek. Sonakshi says her dream is fulfilled today to dance with him. Hritik says it is a honor for me to dance with you.



They act as a blind couple and dance on the song Janam Janam Saath Chalna…Alvida song……from the film “DILWALE”. They get standing ovation from all the judges and participants.

Judges Comments:

Hritik : says I could see that you both were nervous at the beginning. I thought you have worked hard and will do something. He says you have done well and proved me right. He says there is a depth and sensitivity in your performance and applauds for them.

Sonakshi: says it is the best performance and my favorite till date.

Mohit: says it was like watching a film, just like you emote the scenes, it talks about kind of your relationship and kind of people you guys are.

Terence: says there was many blind fold acts in last seasons, but it is very difficult to act blind and dance. He says Amanjot stole the performance in last episode, but today you was brilliant. I see you in the finale.

Scores: Sonakshi 10, Terence 10, Mohit 10 = Total 30

Sonakshi says she has taken two actors’ autographs, one is her dad and other is Hritik. Hritik says he has never taken anyone’s autograph and asks for Sonakshi’s autograph. Sonakshi gives him autograph.


They dance representing their emotions on losing a baby on the song Jo Bheji Thi Dua song ……from the film “SHANGAI”. They cry badly hugging a teddy after the performance. They get standing ovation from the participants.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says it was an emotional performance and I didn’t expect this from you. There was a story in the act, it was beautifully done.

Mohit: says I have a daughter and I can’t express that this can happen with anyone. He tells Vikrant that his role was good in the act.

Hritik : says your spirit and act was beautiful.

Terence: No Comments.

Scores: Terence 8, Mohit 9, Sonakshi 9= Total 26
Remaining jodis perform on the stage. Comedian dance with Hritik. Terence announces the name of the first eliminated jodi.


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