Nach Baliye 8 17th June 2017 Written Episode

Nach Baliye 8 17th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today on Nach Baliye, there is a last chance for the top jodis to reach finale. Sonakshi’s challenge will take Baliye’s strict test. Sonakshi says you will be tied with each other for this round, and your theme is connection lakk baby saari raat se morning tak baby. Sridevi’s entry as celebrity judge will make the show more interesting. Sridevi performs on her popular chandani song. Divyanka sings for Vivek.

Super Singh actor Diljit Dosanjh comes to support the participants. Upasana asks how can he fly? He says all Singhs can fly and says your name is also Upasana Singh. She gets glad. Karan asks him to be seated along with the judges. He says today is the semi final’s night and says the top 4 jodis’s today score will added up to their last week scores. He says they will be connected

till morning as Sona said.

1. SANAYA IRANI AND MOHIT SEHGAL : (Sonakshi Challenge –tied by their legs and dressed as spider)

They dance on the song Tu Hai La Jawaab Tere Jalwe Hazaar ……………….from the film “KICK”.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says amazing. She says concept is very very nice, visually very cool, song selection is good. She says you have made spider limbs, it was good since its start. You have used the rope as a prop and appreciates their act. Sanaya and Mohit thanks her.

Mohit: says Sanaya is beautiful and hats off to Mohit for matching the steps.

Terence: says as a Jodi interms of presenting most creative and different acts, you are the only Jodi to do that. I want this level of dancing for finale.

Diljit: says performance was good. I was surprised and you both were looking good while performing.

Scores: Sonakshi 10, Mohit 9 , Terence 9= Total 28

Terence asks Sonakshi and Diljit to dance together. He asks them to dance on the paper sheet. Sonakshi and Diljit dance on the song move your luck. Terence asks them to fold paper and dance. They dance again. Terence asks them to fold paper again. They dance again. Terence asks Karan to fold paper again. Sonakshi asks Diljit to beat Karan and says we will sit. They go to their seats.

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2. ABIGAIL PANDE AND SANAM JOHAR : (Sonakshi Challenge – they are physically connected to each other while dancing)

They dance on the song Meri Bebasi Ka Bayaan Hai ……………….from the film “Rockstar”. They get standing ovation from the participants.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says honestly whatever you both have done was genuinely next level as you were not tied by any rope or prop. You both were not separated from each other even for a second, you were physically connected with the touch. She says you have portrayed a bad dream in dance well. She gives them standing ovation.

Mohit: asks which is difficult. Terence says it is a technique.

Terence: says very less people know this, there is a style called contact improvisation which started in 1970’s in America and it is an amazing dance form which didn’t come in India. He feels proud to have seen this style on Nach Baliye.

Diljit: says this is a limit. If I had numbers, I would have given all to you.

Scores: Sonakshi 10, Mohit 10 , Terence 9= Total 29

Sanam asks Diljit to do bhangra with him. They do Bhangra.

3. DIVYANKA TRIPATHI AND VIVEK DAHIYA :(Sonakshi Challenge- tied by their hands and blindfolded)

They dance on the song Chandariya Jheeni Re Jheeni..Judaai ……………….from the film “BADLAPUR”. They depict the emotions of prisoners before they are executed.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says you have increased your difficulty by blindfolding yourself. I think you can’t see each other till last, you were dancing with instinct.

Mohit: says this is the romance wala dance, where you both were connected without seeing each other.

Terence: says I like it conceptually. The connections was good today, but I guess dancing would have been more.

Scores: Sonakshi 9, Mohit 8, Terence 8= Total 25


Divyanka says they have done the best and thinks they will deserve the trophy. She sings song for Vivek. Karan asks Diljit to sing song for Sonakshi. He sings song for her.

Karan takes their selfie.

4. DIPIKA KAKAR AND SHOAIB IBRAHIM :(Sonakshi’s challenge- tied by their hands and act as blossomed plant)

They dance on the song Itni Se Khushi Itni Si Hasi ……………….from the film “BARFI”.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says she felt it was restrictive a bit, but you have always been a couple who gives 110 perfect in your act.

Mohit: No Comments.

Terence: No Comments.

Diljit: says the jodis dance on this stage and the audience feel like dancing seeing you dance.

Scores: Sonakshi 8, Mohit 8, Terence 8 = Total 24

Dipika gets emotional as they get the lowest score. Shoaib says Terence said that he wants to see us in finale. Terence says your simplicity in your relation is just superb.

Diljit Singh costar Sonam Bajwa comes on stage. Karan thanks them for coming. They leave.

Sonakshi says Sanam and Abigail deserve a gift hamper. She gives them gift hamper.

Karan says our first finalist is Sanam and Abigail. He says second finalist Jodi is Sanaya and Mohit. Sanaya thanks everyone.


Karan says two popular jodis are infront of us. Divyanka and Dipika are both popular bahus of Television. Karan asks Divyanka that if they will be eliminated. Vivek says may be, but she won’t be happy. Karan says third finalist Jodi is Divyanka and Vivek.

Dipika and Shoaib is the eliminated Jodi. Dipika gets emotional and says they have the best moments here. They hug each other.

Karan says the Top 3 jodis for the finale are Sanam-Abigail, Sanaya-Mohit and Divyanka- Vivek.

Moment of the day: Diljit and Sanam doing Bhangra.

All the Top 3 jodis perform on the stage for the semi finale round. Sridevi comes as a celebrity judge.

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