Nach Baliye 8 27th May 2017 Written Episode

Nach Baliye 8 27th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today on Nach Baliye, all the participants couples dance on the song Tukr Tukr Dekh Zalima. Karan Tacker tells that the choreographers will dance with the jodis today and tells that today is Kabab Me Haddi Special episode. Terence will applaud for the act. There will be no elimination this week, but there will be a shocking twist. Remo comes as a celebrity judge.

Upasana comes on the stage and pretends to be sad. Karan tells Terence that his mum have eaten kabab and the haddi got stuck in her neck and that’s why she couldn’t speak. He asks her to call the Jodi. Upasana says abba, dabba, jhappa. Karan explains that she is talking about Divyanka and Vivek.


They dance with their choreographer Vaibhav on the song Tune
Maari Entriyan, Gandi Baat ……………….from the film “GUNDAY & R. RAJKUMAR”. Divyanka and Vivek act as Basanti and Gabbar, while Choreographer acts as Veeru.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says this was really kabab me haddi performance. She says well done Vivek, and compliments Divyanka for her basanti look.

Mohit: says thinking of this act comically is brilliantly done.

Terence: says today also you have proved that you will go far because of your dance and not because of popularity. He says today it has dance elements, and tells that Vaibhav focused on the couple, fantastic act.

Scores: Sonakshi 9, Mohit 10 , Terence 9= Total 28

They dance with their choreographer Nishant on the song Chadti Jawani Meri Chaal Mastani ……………….from “Remix Album”.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says very hot. She says I am confused who is Kabab and who is haddi. She says it is not easy to dance with heels and says hats off to you. Overall great act, superb.

Mohit: No Comments.

Terence: says it is unique dance form with less dance and more styling. He says which models do, and praises Mohit for walking on the railing with heels.

Scores: Sonakshi 10 , Mohit 10, Terence 10 = Total 30

Karan asks other contestants to wear high heels and share their pain. Sonakshi says Terence and Mohit will dance too. She says she dance with high heels so she will judge them. Sanam wears ladies heels and dances with Sonakshi on the song Dard e disco. Vivek comes and dances around Sonakshi. Mohit comes then and dances with Sonakshi on the song high heels. Terence comes then and dances with Sonakshi. His pant tears while dancing. Sonakshi and others laugh. She says today’s winner is Terence.

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They dance with their choreographer Sneha on the song Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahooon Tum Mujhme Baqi Rehna ……………….from the film “MAIN RAHOON YA NA RAHOON”. Sneha acts as their daughter and they have an emotional act, where Sneha loses them. Their other choreographer joins them after the act. Sonakshi tells that she wants to give hug to Aashka and Brent.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: She says this performance touched me. There was a suspense till end. She says you tried to do something different and taking risk at this point is very courageous. She says for me it really paid off.

Mohit: No Comments.

Terence: says idea was very very good, but quality of dancing could have been more better.

Scores: Sonakshi 9, Mohit 9 , Terence 9 = Total 27


They dance with their choreographer Khusboo on the song Aaja Rasiya Mohe Ang Lagaale Bawali Si Preet ……………….from the film “KURBAAN”. They get standing ovation from the judges and participants.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: No Comments.

Mohit: says he felt as if one body is dancing. He says I genuinely feel that this is the act that we shall show to the world. This is truly Indian act.

Terence: says this was the beautiful, unique, high standard and superb. He says it was looking natural dance, and I saw more art. Sanam touches his feet, but Terence says he wants to touch his feet. He says this is iconic moment for him and he felt proud to be happy of Nach Baliye.

Scores: Sonakshi 10 , Mohit 10, Terence 10= Total 30

Karan takes their selfie for their perfect 30, third time.



They dance with their choreographer Omkar on the song Aarambh Hai Prachand Bol Mastakon Ke Jhund ……from the film “GULAAL”. Trupti as Goddess Durga. They get standing ovation from Sonakshi and Mohit.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: praises Trupti for her portrayal as Goddess Durga. She says hats off

Mohit: No Comments.

Terence: tells Siddharth that he is very impressed with Siddharth and gives him standing ovation. He says Trupti didn’t matched up.

Scores: Sonakshi 10, Mohit 9, Terence 9 = Total 28

Siddharth tells that when he was away from Nach Baliye, he saw Sanaya-Mohit, Abigail-Sanam performance. He says he will teach Marathi to Brent. Brent says Jai Maharashtra.


They dance with their choreographer Yash on the songDil Se Re…Ek Suraj Nikla Tha ……………….from the film “DIL SE”. They used fire stick ass props at the end of performance

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says it was quite literally hot performance. She tells that fire props was used nicely, but there was some mistakes, which shall not happen at this time.

Mohit: No Comments.

Terence: says even Sachin is out sometimes, and says this is that moment for you.

Scores: Sonakshi 8, Mohit 8, Terence 8= Total 24


Karan says we are just 4 weeks away from grand finale, and tells that next week you will get a challenge which will take away your sleep. He says this challenge came here. Remo Fernandes come there and greets the judges. He tells that Remo wala dance will happen, it will be serious dance, you will get professional dance groups, you have to dance with them, this is your big challenge. I will judge along with the other judges.

Moment of the week: Abigail and Sanam’s Rasiya act.
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