Nach Baliye 8 3rd June 2017 Written Episode

Nach Baliye 8 3rd June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan welcomes Remo Fernandes on the stage. Remo Fernandes comes on the stage and greets other judges. Karan says we have heard that you will give plus 1 to the Jodi whose performance you like. He says he will give plus 1 to that chosen Jodi. Upasana Singh comes on the stage wearing western attire. Sonakshi says you are looking like my saas. Upasana says she changed her attire for Remo.

1. DIVYANKA TRIPATHI AND VIVEK DAHIYA with Dance Plus winners ‘V company’:

Divyanka says when they got the task, she thought it is a different level. Vivek says I was demotivated, but everyone motivated them.

They dance on the song Bajne Ne Dhadak Dhadak ……………….from the film “BAJIRAO MASTANI”. They get standing ovation from the participant.

Judges Comments:

Remo: says it is a challenge to dance with them and it is an achievement. He says lift, flip and throwing Vivek up was difficult, but you people did it.

Sonakshi: says energy was nice. When music stopped, your music played. You guys did a very good job.

Mohit: says that he saw aggression in Divyanka and says she is superb.

Terence: says you didn’t take any step of Malhari. He says costume and entire choreography, dialogue delivery is good.

Scores: Sonakshi 9, Mohit 10 , Terence 9, Remo 9= Total 37

Vivek tells Remo that Vaibhav is your big fan and I want to show you what a fan could do. He shows Remo’s tattoo on the back. Vaibhav talks emotionally and says he will think that he is one step ahead if he hugs him. Remo goes on stage and hugs him. Everyone get emotional hearing this. Remo says he didn’t say me that he wants to work with me. He says I get scared when someone makes tattoos of mine. He says I have to do something till death and says people like you give me power and asks to move forward. He thanks him again with a hug.

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2. SIDDHARTH JADAV AND TRUPTI JADAV with formation group ‘Western Mark crew’:

They dance on the song Dil Mera Jaise Koi Dish Antenna tha…440 volts……from the film “SULTAN”.

Judges Comments:

Remo says says amazing choreography. It has dance, choreography, and all the elements.

Sonakshi: No Comments.

Mohit: says your sync with the group was perfect.

Terence: No comments.

Scores: Sonakshi 9 , Mohit 9, Terence 8, Remo 9= Total 35

Karan asks them what is their biggest challenge in life. Trupti tells that she came from a big house and stayed in his small house. Whenever they had any fight, she used to move to her parents’ house, but he always convinced her and used to apologise.

Upasana dance on her own song Sona ko manado. Sonakshi says Abba Dabba Jabba. Upasana gets happy. Sonakshi tells that she will discuss with her Abba, Gattu/Karan is a dabba and asks her not to stitch Jhabba. Karan says he will convince her.


3. DIPIKA KAKAR AND SHOAIB IBRAHIM with the best being boys group ‘Wild Rippers’:

They dance on the song Havan Kund Maston Ka Jhund ……………….from the film “BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG”.

Judges Comments:

Remo: says I have given you wild rippers, who can’t stay at one place. He says I am surprised how you pulled it off. He says choreography was amazing.

Sonakshi: says I would have been afraid of do that what they were doing. She likes Dipika movement on ground. She says well done.

Mohit: says it has choreography, concept, story and you have used every inch of the stage.

Terence: No Comments.

Scores: Sonakshi 9, Mohit 10, Terence 9, Remo 10= Total 38

Karan asks Terence about his relationship status. Terence says I couldn’t forget my first love and presents a dance honoring his first love (Dance). All the judges and participants give him a standing ovation. Karan says it was outstanding. Terence says this dance is my love and religion, I want to live and die with it. He says this is my company Terence Lewis Dance company.

Moments of the day: Remo thanking Vaibhav for giving him Power (motivation) to do something more good.


All the remaining jodis perform on the stage.

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