Nach Baliye 8 4th June 2017 Written Episode

Nach Baliye 8 4th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nach Baliye will have Remo wala dance by the other participants with the best groups. Remo will like the performances. One Jodi will be eliminated today. Remo Fernandes perform with the Mark Crew group on the song Ab apni kya tareef karun…boss..Then Wild Rippers come on stage and perform with Remo, followed by V company. Everyone claps for their wonderful act and give standing ovation.

Karan Tacker welcomes Remo and compliments on his grand entry.

4. AASHKA GORADIA AND BRENT GOBLE with ‘I am Hop Hop Group’:

Aashka tells that Brent has flipped his leg while they were practicing dance and tells that he is a champ. Brent says he has come far and will not go back for some injury. Remo wishes the all the best.

They dance on the song Chaar Baj Gaye…Hello
Mr. DJ Gana Mera Gana please play ……………….from the film “FALTU”.

Judges Comments:

Remo : says this was amazing to do with this pair, actually the last flip. This was kick ass performance.

Sonakshi: says you shall thank this team as they brought in best in you. Brent thanks I am hip hop group and says they have lifted our spirit each and every day.

Mohit: says today you actually made me cry, as I could feel your pain. Aashka didn’t let you feel down, you both and whole dancers were connected. He says this go to winning level songs infront of him.

Terence: says I was always thought Aashka don’t like like Brent. He says today you danced well, and I want to give you a standing ovation and a hug. He says when people dance it like a play, they become good performers.

Scores: Sonakshi 10, Mohit 10, Terence 10, Remo 10= Total 40

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5. SANAYA IRANI AND MOHIT SEHGAL with ‘Banjara girls’:

Sanaya says I am representing their form and I shouldn’t do wrong. They don’t compromise on their dance moves.

They dance on the song Roshni Se Naina Tere Bhare Bhare ……………….from the film “ASOKA”.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says wow. She says Banjara girls are superb and says everyone waist were in sync. She says Mohit attempted Solo without Apsaras and it was amazing.

Remo : says your hardwork reached till there, I like this act. He says Banjara girls makes the mind go off, but it was missing in this act.

Mohit: No Comments.

Terence: No Comments.

Scores: Sonakshi 10 , Mohit 10 , Terence 10, Remo 9= Total 39

Karan Tacker asks bromance wali Jodi and calls on stage Remo and Terence. He asks them to answer questions and says if you answer wrong then you will be punished. He asks Terence, which song Remo likes choreographed by himself. Terence writes Bezubaan from ABCD. Remo writes Mastani. Karan says punishment type and asks Terence to dance on the song. He dances on Mastani song. Karan asks what is Terence DOB. Remo writes 10th April 1974. Terence writes 10th April 1975. He writes Remo’s birthday date also 2nd April 1974. Karan says it is pretty close, but you will get punished. He is asked to dance on the song choli ke peeche. Remo dances on the song Choli ke peeche. Terence also dance with him. Karan asks what is Remo’s name on his Adhaar Khan. Terence writes Ramesh. Remo writes Remo D Souza. Remo says it was correct, but now it was changed. Terence dances on the song Lungi dance. Karan asks what is Terence favorite song choreographed by him. Remo writes Ang Laga de. Terence writes Nach. Remo dances on the song I am a disco dancer. Karan says you both have a tie and asks tie breaking question. He asks who is Remo’s favorite bollywood dancer. Remo writes Prabhu sir. Terence also writes Prabhudeva’s name. Karan says both of them have same answer and takes their selfie.


6. ABIGAIL PANDE AND SANAM JOHAR with ‘13.13 Group’:

Sanam says we want to justify their style so that we don’t look odd. This will be level up for us if we justify with the dance.

They dance on medley song Mere Saamne Wali Khidki me, Bahar Banke Aawun Kabhi Tumhari Duniya Me, Tu Tu hai Wahi Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha ……………….from the films “DIL VIL PYAR VYAR, YAADON KI BARAAT, YEH VAADA RAHA”.

Judges Comments:

Remo: says I am feeling so proud seeing you here, as your journey started with me as a contestant and today you are standing here as a celebrity. He says this dance is not easy, and says they did smoothly. This is a killer performance.

Sonakshi: says it was simple act, but honestly it was nice, but I expect great performance.

Mohit: No Comments.

Terence: says this is basically urban style and it is also new school hip hop and have to do naturally. He says Sanam nailed this choreography and tells that Abigail couldn’t match up, though it was beautiful.

Scores: Sonakshi 8, Mohit 8, Terence 8, Remo 9 = Total 33


Remo says they did pure dance. Sanam says when I came here, my first Guru was Remo sir and even today he is my Guru. He promises never to let him down. He requests him to do a step with him. They dance on the song Bappa moriya. Karan takes their selfie.

Remo says all couples have completed the challenge, but one couple have perfect 40 and says that is Brent and Aashka. He gives trophy to Aashka, Brent and I am Hip Hop Group.

Karan tells that bottom two jodis are Siddharth-Trupti and Aashka-Brent. He says today’s score will not be added. He says Eliminated Jodi is Aashka and Brent.

Brent says we have profoundly blessed experience on the show and thanks everyone. Sonakshi asks them not to lose hope and says you are taking highest score of this show 40 out of 40.

Moment of the day: When Remo and Sanam dance on the song Aaya Bappa Moriya

No Precap.

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